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A Tribute to Coreus Group Exeter on Twitter

Megan Thornton may have been involved in a collision, as suggested by rumors that have circulated on the internet and specifically on Twitter.

She had been working as an assistant marketing manager at the Coreus Group when she was involved in a terrible accident on the 31st of July, which led to her untimely death at the age of 23.

She finished her master’s degree at the University of Exeter, where she also won awards in Bristol, London, and Exeter for her work, which she regarded as her greatest accomplishment. She was a woman who put forth a lot of effort every day.

About The Accident 

It is believed that she passed away at the scene of the accident, despite the fact that she was transported to the hospital and pronounced dead there. The official report from the police is not yet available. The authorities appear to be conducting an investigation at the location of the accident; however, the conclusive report of the investigation and the circumstances behind the accident have not yet been made public.

Paul Thorton, a member of her family, stated that they are in a great deal of agony. Megan loved her work with Coreus and took a great deal of personal pleasure in both her own accomplishments and those of the company. She would like to express her gratitude to everyone for their love and support.

Megan was such a bright ray of light, and we are going to miss her terribly. Ellie Bird, one of her other coworkers, expressed her condolences to the entire staff as well as to the family of the deceased, saying, “My sympathies are with you all and, of course, with her family at this dreadful time.” She was wonderful in many ways: she was humorous, beautiful, smart, and devoted to her profession in an infectious manner, going above and beyond the requirements of her position.

The news that our amazing Assistant Marketing Manager, Meg Thornton, had departed suddenly at the age of 23 as a result of a horrific accident on Sunday, July 31st, has left us in a state of profound grief and we are saddened to share it with you.

We ask that you be patient with us as we struggle to adjust to life in Coreus without Meg.

Andrew Clancy, the managing director of Coreus, expressed that the entire Coreus team was stunned by the news and hoped that Megan was aware of how much we loved and admired her. Our deepest sympathies go out to Paul, Jacqueline, and Sophie on the loss of their kind-hearted daughter and sister. While we try to come to terms with what has happened, we ask for your patience and understanding. Please know how devastated we are. Meg embodied Coreus in every way imaginable.

We offer our condolences and prayers to those who are going through a tough time as a result of her passing, including her family and friends. This is unfortunate for all of the families who have been impacted. Please accept my condolences; rest in peace. Tricia Davis stated.

One of her coworkers noted that working with Megan had a great impact on their lives, and they hoped that in time they would be able to carry on the legacy that she had begun at the company.

We are in a lot of pain. This is going to be a trying period for each and every member of our staff. According to the LinkedIn profile of the company where Megan previously worked, “please bear with us while we come to terms with life in Coreus without Megan.”



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