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Al-Qaeda leader Killed In US Drone Strike Check CCTV Footage Video Clip

Ayman al-Zawahiri, the leader of al-Qaeda, was taken out by the United States using a drone in Afghanistan, according to the revelations made by Vice President Joe Biden. It has been reported that he was killed on Sunday, July 30, 2022, in Kabul, the capital city of Afghanistan, during a counterterrorism operation that was being conducted by the CIA. They worked together to carry out the attacks of September 11th, and he was one of the “most sought terrorists” in the United States. Mr. Biden asserts that Zawahiri “created a path of murder and brutality against American civilians” in the course of his actions. The information has been widely disseminated across the internet and has become a topic of conversation as a result. Permit me to direct your attention to the article below for more information.

Now, the terrorist organization has lost Ayman al-Zawahiri, who was supposed to take over for Osama bin Laden after the latter’s death. Ayman al-Zawahiri was killed by a drone strike carried out by the United States in Kabul on July 30. Since May 2011, when al-founder Qaeda’s and former leader, Osama bin Laden, was killed by US special forces in Pakistan, this is the most significant defeat the terrorist organization has suffered. Zawahiri’s death was confirmed by President Joe Biden, who had served as Vice President under Barack Obama during the search for Osama bin Laden. Biden made the announcement from the White House on Monday night (local time), stating that Zawahiri had also been eliminated.

Who Was Ayman al-Zawahiri?

The Central Intelligence Agency was responsible for carrying out the drone attack that resulted in al-death. Zawahiri’s (CIA). The following are the methods that the leading intelligence agency used to hunt down, find, and ultimately eliminate the terrorist commander: According to the officials, Zawahiri was on the balcony of a secure home when he was targeted by the drone, which fired two missiles at him. They also stated that other members of Zawahiri’s family were present, but none of them were injured, and that Zawahiri was the only person who was killed in the incident.

After a number of months spent planning and preparing, Mr. Biden asserted that he had finally given the “precise hit” on the 71-year-old Egyptian his final clearance. According to Mr. Biden, now that he has passed away, the nearly 3,000 families of 9/11 victims will finally have closure. If you pose a threat to the people who live in the United States, Mr. Biden has promised that the United States government will find you and eliminate you. He also added that “we shall never waver from defending our nation and its people.”

According to Mr. Biden, Zawahiri was also responsible for a number of other violent crimes, including the suicide bombing of the USS Cole naval warship in Aden in October 2000, which resulted in the deaths of 17 United States soldiers, and the attacks on the United States embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998, which resulted in the deaths of 223 people. He was absolutely certain that terrorists would never again be able to use Afghanistan as a safe haven. On the other hand, a spokesperson for the Taliban described the operation carried out by the United States as a blatant violation of international principles. On the other hand, Zawahiri was not mentioned at all.



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