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All About Abbi Jacobson’s Fiance As The Two Get Married

A recent engagement has been announced for Abbi Jacobson and Jodi Balfour. Jacobson was observed to be donning a ring on her finger as the two of them made an appearance together on the red carpet for the Los Angeles premiere of A League of Their Own.

While Jacobson was seen wearing a red dress, Balfour, an actress from South Africa, wore a pink gown with a drop-waist and paired it with one pair of white boots and one pair of red boots.

Everything that is known about the woman who is engaged to Abbi Jacobson

Jodi Balfour, an American actress, was born on October 24, 1987, and she was raised in South Africa. She became well-known for her work as Gladys Witham in the television drama Bomb Girls, which was broadcast in Canada, and as Ellen Waverly Wilson in the science fiction drama For All Mankind, which was broadcast on Apple TV+.

The woman, now 35 years old, was born and raised in Cape Town, where she later attended the University of Cape Town and competed in the Miss South Africa pageant in 2008. After graduating in 2009, she went on to star in a number of films and television shows in both Britain and Canada.

She rose to prominence after making an appearance in the film Bomb Girls in 2013, and in 2015, she was honored with a Canadian Screen Award at the ceremony known as the Canadian Screen Awards. She was recognized for her work in the television movie titled “Bomb Girls: Facing the Enemy,” for which she received the award.

Quarry was a neo-noir crime drama series that aired on Cinemax for only one season in 2016 before it was canceled the following year. Balfour played an important part in the series. After that, she made an appearance in the series For All Mankind, which airs on Apple TV+. The show has been praised by critics and was just recently given a fourth season order. Jodi made an appearance in another show, Ted Lasso, that is available on Apple TV+.

After allegedly keeping their relationship a secret for a whole year, Abbi Jacobson and Jodi Balfour finally came clean about it in October of 2021. On Instagram, Jacobson posted the following at the time:

“One year spent with this remarkable individual. I don’t understand how I got to be so fortunate.
In a later post, Balfour described her relationship with Jacobson as the “best surprise” of her life, along with a picture of herself and Jacobson sharing a kiss.

Jacobson came clean about her bisexuality in 2018, stating that she dates both men and women and that the person she is with must have a sense of humor and be engaged in an activity that they enjoy.

Balfour declared that she is prepared to accept and investigate her queerness after coming out in June of the previous year, which marked the end of Pride Month. In addition to this, she mentioned:

“Even though it took me a very long time to get here, it feels like coming home to myself in a way that has blown the doors of life right open. I pray that you’ve had a wonderful month so far! I’m going to keep celebrating. #pride.”



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