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Anthony Stevens Is Married To A Longtime Love. Kelli

For his contributions to Australian rules football, Anthony Stevens won the prestigious All Australian award in 1998. He also played for Victoria in the State of Origin game that year, and in 1997 and 1999, he won his club’s Best and Fairest award twice.

For his time with the North Melbourne Kangaroos from 1984 to 2004, Stevens is best remembered. This was the only team he ever played for.

He was a well-liked individual on the football field, but a scandal in his personal life had an impact on his career.

Kelli, Anthony Stevens’ partner, betrayed him by using Wayne Carey

In 2002, Stevens’ wife Kellie and teammate Wayne Carey were discovered in the restroom of a birthday party.

Carey was humiliated as a result of the two’s affair becoming public, forcing him to join Adelaide FC prior to the 2022 season. One of the most contentious incidents in Australian football history is still this one.

Widespread debate and criticism have been directed at Kelli and Carey for their betrayal of Anthony.

Given that his pursuers continued to pursue him, Carey described the incident as “the biggest regret of my life as an adult” in an interview with SAS: Australia on Channel 7.

In 2004, for personal and medical reasons, Stevens and Carey ended their football careers. The horrific incident seemed to have affected all three, but the latest Perth Now report indicates otherwise.

At a premiership reunion on Saturday at the Yarraville Railway Hotel in Melbourne, the greats of the Kangaroos reportedly got into a heated argument and had to be separated by other attendees.

Despite prior reports claiming that the two’s relationship had improved as a result of the cheating scandal, it appears that things have taken a turn for the worse.

River and Ayva are the children of Anthony and his wife, the kangaroos

The Stevens family, which includes two kids named River and Ayva, was rocked by the cheating scandal in 2002.

Like his father, River plays football as well. He managed to distance himself from mainstream fame and recognition, unlike Anthony.

Ayva, the daughter of the eldest child, is pictured on her Instagram account living life to the fullest with her friends.

She was close to her father and brother as she grew up and became a lovely lady. Despite the incident from 2022, the four Stevens still have a strong relationship.

The estranged Stevens couple demonstrated their parental responsibility by continuing to raise their children despite the scandal over the years.

In 2008, Anthony Stevens and Kelli got divorced

Although the incident in 2002 had an effect on Stevens’ marriage, it did not end there. Anthony and Kellie gave their marriage a second chance and remained together until divorcing in 2008.

However, both did a good job raising their two kids, and they only became more content.

In 2020, Kelli fully discussed the incident on her social media and addressed the subsequent repercussions.

She overindulged on alcohol to dull the pain and began to cut herself until she made the decision to stop. Since then, she has chosen to live a healthy lifestyle and launched her own business, F45 Gym.

She gave birth to their daughter Leni in 2017 with her new partner, Andrew Hall, and the family of three has prospered as gypsies.

Kellie is an advocate for fitness, a healthy lifestyle, and the rights of women. She also gets along well with her ex-husband and her previous marriage’s children.



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