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April Banbury Relationship With The Cabins Ryan Darvill Explored

April Banbury and The Cabins are a duo. Due to the lockdown situation, Ryan Darvill’s romance could not progress further.

She is a contestant from Married At First Sight UK 2022 who had the courage to walk down the aisle and marry a complete stranger.

Banbury, a 32-year-old fashion designer, exchanged wedding vows with George Roberts, a British-born financial advisor. George, a father of four and a previously married man, suffered in his previous relationship but now desires a long-term partnership with April.

Before appearing on MAFS, April attempted to find love on several previous dating shows, but her efforts were unsuccessful. Despite the fact that she had a fantastic connection with Ryan Darvill, a London-based model, the whole lockdown situation ruined everything.

Fast Facts Regarding April Banbury

Name April Banbury
Country Great Britaiin
Age 33
Birthday February 18, 1989
Husband George Roberts
Known For Married at First Sight
Pageantry Ms. Great Britain 2020
Previous Dating Show The Cabins & The Bachelor
College Oaklands College
University Arts University Bournemouth
Degree Bachelor in Fashion Design
Ambassador SEED Lancashire
Profession Fashion Designer

April Banbury’s Relationship with Ryan Darvill of The Cabin

April Banbury was also a cast member of The Cabins, where she began dating Ryan Darvill. However, the relationship could not survive because to COVID and other challenges.

April’s appearance on Married At First Sight was not her only experience on a dating show; prior to MAFs, she appeared on a number of other dating shows. She appears to have accomplished her purpose at MAFs, as she agreed to marry George.

In 2011, April Banbury was the runner-up on the Channel 5 dating show The Bachelor, in which she competed for the affection of Hanson. Gavin, the ex-boyfriend of British singer and rugby player Charlotte Church, did not choose the former Ms Great Britain because she placed third.

Similarly, in 2020, the wedding gown designer starred alongside Ryan Darvill in the ITV dating series The Cabins. Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, their relationship could not endure for very long.

In March, she admitted to Dailymail UK that she had a difficult time finding a suitable mate. Even after dating over 100 guys, April was unable to locate one who was ready for a committed relationship. Instead, the majority of them would ghost her after a few dates, which hurt her, and she desired to watch reality television. April desires a spouse who has no problem with her being a “bossy” businesswoman and with her independence.

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April Banbury Won Ms. Great Britain in 2020

The 32-year-old designer of bridal gowns won Ms. Great Britain in 2020, becoming the first woman to win in over 28 categories. However, this was not the first time the Hampshire beauty queen had participated in a beauty contest. In 2014 and 2016, she participated in the Ms. Great Britain competition, but to no avail.

She never considered giving up since she had always known she could achieve her goals if she continued to fight for them. Her father became the youngest cyclist ever to win an Olympic bronze medal. April currently operates her own fashion design company, April Banbury Designs. Her father and grandmother raised her alongside her sister when her parents divorced when she was young.

April Banbury won Ms Great Britain 2020

April’s Brief Relationship With Ryan Darvill

In November 2020, April participated on ITV’s The Cabins, a dating show in which singles abandon dating applications for an old-fashioned approach to finding love. The Cabins expert linked her with Ryan Darvill, a fitness enthusiast from London. The couple shared a cabin, and there was initial affection between them, but it did not last. After the show concluded, they began dating, but their romance did not last long.

The couple exchanged many passionate kisses on the sofa and in the hot tub of their log home. After the performance, they went on more dates with one another. Ryan assisted April with her holiday decorations and introduced her to her friends. Ryan and April were still together and seemed happy during The Cabins’ reunion. However, due of the escalating pandemic, their relationship began to wane and they decided to separate.

Ryan Darvill is The Cabins’ April co-star

Ryan is a 32-year-old British model and fitness fanatic from Winchester. Ryan resides in London and currently works for EST Models. He is six feet and one inch tall. He enjoys frequent gym exercises and occasionally prefers skating to surfing.

Ryan Darvill
Ryan Darvill

The freelance model has previously worked for Bureau model Management. Ryan is a trained electrician and carpenter, and he posts photos of his work on Instagram. In addition, April’s The Cabins partner is a London-based event planner. In 2015, he made his debut as a freelance model.

April and George in the movie Married At First Sight

April Banbury was partnered with George Roberts, and it appears that they have found a life partner.

George Roberts, a financial counselor from Worcester, United Kingdom, is 40 years old. The financial expert was previously married for 12 years, during which time he and his ex-wife were blessed with four children.

George, a father of four, is devoted to his children and desires a happy ending when he enters Married at First Sight. George understands what it takes to be a significant other, despite his concern that he may not be suitable for the partner chosen by MAFS. Since his divorce, he has struggled to find the “ideal person” with whom he can spend the rest of his life.

April was somewhat apprehensive to enter the marriage, as she was aware that George was previously married and had four children from his first marriage. April felt fear and enormous anxiety regarding her ability to perform the role of stepmother. In contrast, April felt at ease after learning that George is the father of three daughters. Her friends frequently refer to her as “always the bridal designer, never the bride.” She proved her pals wrong on MAFS by marrying George Roberts.

April walked down the aisle with her father as she said “I do” and decided to marry George, a 40-year-old financial advisor; her fantasy wedding would have been enhanced if her grandma had been present.

April just posted a photo with her husband George to Instagram with the caption “How it began versus how it’s going.” In the first photo, the couple appeared pleased, while in the second, they appeared sorrowful. MAFS fans were perplexed by her remark, asking if the couple planned to end their marriage so quickly.

While April’s husband uploaded a stunning wedding photo with the remark, “I would love to see both of you smiling as the honeymoon period winds down.” We might therefore deduce that the celebrity pair remains together. Time will tell if they will remain together forever.

The Kissing Scandal Affecting Her Mental Health

April, who shared a kiss with another lady on the show while still being with George, was criticized on social media by MAFS viewers for her actions. As her social media was swamped with hateful remarks, she was a target of online harassment and abuse.

She later calmed the situation down, asking supporters to be ‘gentle,’ and reminded them that it’s just a television show. George felt deceived and shed tears during the show, which may explain why the audience was so enraged. April experienced mental distress as a result of the scandal and had difficulties leaving her residence.

April Banbury is affiliated with the anti-bullying charity Bullies Out UK, whose mission is to alter the attitudes and behaviors of adolescents.

In addition, she serves as an ambassador for the mental health service organization SEED Lancashire, which provides assistance to persons with mental health concerns. April suffered from anorexia as a child, thus she has a strong motivation to assist and support young women with eating problems. So, via her partnership with SEED Lancashire, a non-profit organization, she endeavors to reach as many young women as possible who may be experiencing the same difficulties she did throughout her early years.

April Banbury studied Fashion & Apparel Design at Oaklands College in 2005. 2007 saw her college graduation with a Foundation degree in Fashion.

April continued her education by attending Arts University College Bournemouth in 2010 to achieve her Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design. As a prominent gown designer located in London, one of her designs fetches approximately 1,500 euros.

April Banbury Facts

  • April Banbury was born in the United Kingdom city of London.
  • April Banbury was born under the sign Pisces.
  • She is a trainee pilot with aerosparx as of 2022.
  • She has been crowned Miss Great Britain 2020 and is a model and reality TV star. She has collaborated with some of the most renowned fashion designers, photographers, and periodicals.
  • She is a bespoke luxury designer headquartered in London. April has designed her own outfits. She created and constructed her Miss Great Britain gown.
  • She represents ‘BulliesOut UK’ and ‘S.E.E.D Lancashire’ as a brand ambassador.
  • In 2022, April appeared on Channel 4’s new season of the British dating show Married At First Sight UK 2022.
  • Due to her popularity, April’s Instagram account, @aprilbanbury, has tens of thousands of followers.
  • Her official website may be found at

Some FAQs

Who is April Banbury on the television show Married at First Sight?

April Banbury is a London-based bridal gown designer on Married at First Sight. The name of her business is April Banbury Designs.

Who is the husband of April Banbury?

George Roberts is a 40-year-old financial advisor and the spouse of April Banbury.

Does April Banbury have a significant other?

No, April Banbury does not have a significant other. She is currently married.

Where else has April Banbury appeared?

April Banbury starred in 2011’s The Bacehlors and 2020’s The Cabins.

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