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Australian Human Rights Lawyer Rabia Siddique’s Husband Face Domestic Violence Charges

Rabia Siddique, who specialises in human rights law, recently initiated legal action against her husband, Anthony Jenner Bell. The issue at hand is one of violent behaviour in the home.

When it comes to Rabia’s professional history, she has built a name for herself around the world as a thought leader, a change agent, and a profoundly motivating speaker.

According to the most recent information, a magistrate in Fremantle has overturned a suppression order that had prevented reports of domestic abuse against a prominent WA doctor who is accused of hitting his wife, human rights attorney Saddique, from being filed. Saddique had been accused of hitting her husband.

What Can You Tell Me About Rabia Siddique’s Husband, Dr. Anthony Jenner Bell?

Anthony Jenner Bell is widely regarded as one of the best physicians in Western Australia. At the moment, he is working for St. John of God Health Care, which is recognised as being among the most important Catholic healthcare organisations in Australia.

However, he is primarily recognised for his union to the well-known legal professional Rabia Siddique. It is believed that the pair is parents to triplet sons.Domestic violence charges have been brought against Dr. Anthony Bell by his wife, the prominent human rights lawyer Rabia Siddique.


“… committing a terrible act of domestic abuse on his public figure wife…”

As a result of the allegations of physical abuse made by his wife, Dr. Anthony is currently receiving a lot of attention on the internet.

Aside from the court case, the authorities have not provided any additional information on his personal life up until this point in time.

On the other side, in 2016, his wife Siddique was given the opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors of the International Foundation of Nonviolence. She was also rewarded with the 2017 Professional Speakers Australia Breakthrough Speaker award.

Update On Dr. Anthony Jenner Bell Domestic Violence Charges

Per THE WEST AUSTRALIA, renowned WA doctor Anthony Bell is accused of domestic assault against his spouse, human rights advocate Rabia Siddique.

However, he has entered a not guilty plea to the Mount Pleasant aggravated assault on Ms. Saddique, ABC News said.

This morning, Magistrate Adam Hills-Wright revoked the temporary suppression order that had been in place.

According to the testimony submitted in court, Dr. Bell requested the suppression order to keep his identity a secret.

In an affidavit, Dr. Bell alleged that the accusation against him was presented in terms of a separation, as per Magistrate Hills-Wright.

Also, Anthony said that the complainant had exhibited a wish to “ruin his life” and that the claims were “baseless.”

He stated that media had got in touch with St. John of God to inquire about whether his standing was in doubt.

The doctor indicated that even if his employer was still behind him, he might lose his job and be unable to treat some patients if the incident made the headlines.

Is WA Doctor Anthony Bell Arrested?

Anthony Bell is thought to be innocent as per Magistrate Hills-Wright and he hasn’t been detained.

Meanwhile, the doctor will reportedly show up in Perth Magistrates Court next month to secure a trial date.

According to Adam Hills-Wright, public understanding of the judicial system increased community comprehension.

The court also needed to be convinced that there were extraordinary circumstances in order to grant a suppression order, he continued.

The trial proceedings applied “equally for all” notwithstanding the fact that widespread publicity could result in “substantial embarrassment.”

Hills-Wright commented the possible larger repercussions for patients and organisations were being addressed by the court.



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