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Brad Pitt praises ‘amazing’ Ana de Armas in ‘Blonde’ amid criticism over Cuban accent in trailer

According to Brad Pitt, one of the producers of the film, “it wasn’t until we met Ana that we could bring it past the finish line.” [Case in point]

The biopic ‘Blonde,’ which is based on a fictitious version of Marilyn Monroe’s life, has Brad Pitt attached as a producer via his business, Plan B Entertainment. At the premiere of the actor’s new action movie, “Bullet Train,” which took place on Monday in Los Angeles, the actor had nothing but kind things to say about the main actress, Ana de Armas. Before they settled on de Armas, 34, to play the main role in the project, it took 10 years of development. The concept was based on Joyce Carol Oates’ book of the same name, which was published in 2000. Although there have been critics of de Armas, a Cuban actor, taking on the role of the renowned celebrity, Pitt is not one of them.

It was finished after a period of 10 years. Before we located Ana, we were unable to cross the finish line successfully. She looks incredible in it. “Those are going to be really difficult shoes to fill,” Pitt added.

When the trailer for “Blonde” was released on July 28, a lot of Marilyn Monroe admirers were not pleased with it. They complained that de Armas’ version of Monroe had a Cuban accent instead of her signature breathy tone when she spoke. On the other hand, representatives from the official Marilyn Monroe Estate supported the casting of the actress in the film.

According to Marc Rosen, head of entertainment at Authentic Brands Group, which controls the estate of Marilyn Monroe, “Marilyn Monroe is a distinct Hollywood and pop culture figure that spans decades and history.” “Every actor who takes on that part is well aware that they must fill some very large shoes. Only the trailer is available at this time, but it seems like Ana was a good choice for the role of Marilyn since she manages to embody the star’s allure as well as her humanity and sensitivity. We just cannot wait to see the movie from beginning to end!

In addition, the film stars Bobby Cannavale, Adrien Brody, Evan Williams, and Xavier Samuel. Julianne Nicholson also appears in the film.

In a recent interview with ELLE, De Armas discussed diversity in Hollywood and how she subverted expectations around casting by portraying Monroe in the role of a Cuban actor.

“I do want to play Latina. On the other hand, I don’t want to have to wear a basket of fruit on my head at all times. “So that’s my aim, that I can demonstrate that we can do anything if we’re given the time to prepare, and if we’re given just the opportunity, just the chance,” she added. So that’s my hope, that I can show that we can do anything if we’re given the time to prepare. “You can do any film—blonde—you can do anything. The issue is that there are occasions when you are not even allowed to enter the room where the director is so that you may sit down and demonstrate your worth.

The actress spent an average of two to three hours every day on set having her hair and makeup done for the film, and she conducted a significant amount of extra study prior to the beginning of filming.

In June, she gave an interview to Netflix Queue in which she revealed that director Andrew Dominik’s “ambitions were quite clear from the start: to offer a version of Marilyn Monroe’s life through her lens.” De Armas continued, saying, “He longed for everyone to know what it was truly like to be Norma Jeane as well as Marilyn. He wanted everyone to have that knowledge.” That was the most brazen, unrepentant, and feminist presentation of her experience that I had ever seen, in my view.

“We laboured on this movie for many hours each and every day for the better part of a year. I read the book by Joyce and researched a large number of images, videos, audio recordings, and films along with whatever else I could get my hands on. Every single scenario was conceptualised after an already existing image, she said. “We would analyse the picture in great depth, debating what was going on in each and every pixel. The very first thing anybody wanted to know was, “What was Norma Jeane experiencing at this very moment?” We wanted to focus on the more personal aspects of her life.”

On September 28th, Blonde will become available to watch on Netflix.




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