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Bruno Krupp: Who is He? Video Reveals Influencer Speeding On Bike

Unsettling security footage shows a Brazilian influencer riding a bike at a high speed before colliding with a 16-year-old and killing him. The incident took place in Brazil. Bruno Krupp, a model and influencer who was twenty-five years old, was seen tearing down the road on his Yamaha motorcycle just moments before the fatal collision that took place on Saturday. Joao Gabriel Cardim Guimaraes, who was 16 years old at the time, was struck by the rider’s bike as he crossed the street with his mother.

The schoolboy’s leg was reportedly severed on impact and flung approximately fifty yards away onto a grass verge, as reported by Globo. It was reported that Krupp had been going extremely fast on the Yamaha motorcycle in which he was riding without a valid driver’s license or license plate.

On the video, Joao can be seen slipping in and out of consciousness as he lies in a pool of blood next to his horrified mother, who is clinging to her only child. A heartbreaking video shows the woman sobbing while cradling the body of a 16-year-old girl who passed away before anyone could help. In the event that he managed to pull through, his severed leg was put into a thermal container and preserved. His bereaved aunt, Débora Cardim, expressed her thoughts as follows: “The loss has taken its toll on my sister. We are all of us. annihilated by the death of their sole grandchild and child, who was also their only child.”

In the aftermath of the fatal collision, Krupp was taken into custody on Wednesday morning and charged with murder with premeditation. He was also taken to the hospital for treatment of his injuries. He will be held captive at the hospital, where he is scheduled to have surgery on his clavicle, until the attending medical staff decides to let him go.

The release of Krupp, the judge Maria Isabel Pena Pierant stated, “would endanger public order, being the necessary constraint to avoid the commission of crimes of the same sort.”

Joao and his mother, Mariana Cardim, had just left a birthday party and were taking a quick stroll on the beach before returning to their home when they were involved in a collision with Krupp, who was moving at a speed of more than 90 miles per hour.

According to published reports, the discredited influencer had been issued a monetary penalty for driving without a valid license just three days before the fatal accident. Residents of the neighborhood claim that Krupp had a reputation for speeding and reckless driving on his gray motorcycle. An employee of the kiosk who witnessed the incident and spoke with Globo stated, “He is well known; he spends every weekend here,” when asked about the man. “When we look in that direction, we can tell those loud motorcycles are already quite a distance away. They come close to landing here every so often.”

Sarah Poncio, a model and an influencer, was a former girlfriend of Krupp.



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