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Debra Jeter Death And Daughter Kiersten Jeter Netflix Documentary Case

Kiersten Jeter was assaulted by her mother, Debra Jeter, on June 5, 2009, in a run-down house close to Hillsboro off of I-77. Despite suffering severe wounds, she was able to survive the attack despite the setting.

Because it was determined that Debra was responsible for the deaths of her daughters, the judge decided that she should spend the rest of her life in prison without the possibility of parole.

As a result of the plea agreement, her daughter was not required to give a deposition in court, and the threat of the death penalty was removed from the context of the situation for the family. Over the course of several years, there have been a number of indicators suggesting that there may be some kind of risk.

There have been warning signs present for a considerable amount of time. In 2004, Debra Jeter was arrested and charged with physically abusing her older daughter Kiersten; however, the charges were eventually dropped after Debra Jeter received treatment for her mental illness.

Debra Jeter’s Death And Daughter Kiersten Jeter’s Case Netflix Documentary

After almost ten years, Debra casually disclosed to the dispatcher that she had been the one responsible for the deaths of her children. Previously, during the horrific call to 911 that went down in history. The horrifying nature of the call has caused it to gain notoriety, and Netflix is currently documenting the event.

This call has a reputation for being harsh, which is entirely due to the fact that it is so. Kierstan, who was 13 years old at the time, is currently battling for her life as a direct result of the tragedy that took place on June 5, 2009. On the other hand, Kelsey, who was 12 years old at the time, lost her life as a direct result of the incident.

On the day of their visit, she did this to her daughters in order to get them into an abandoned farmhouse that was located near Interstate 35. This was done for her convenience, so that she could see her daughters. The girls eagerly followed their mother into the house, but they were completely oblivious to the terrible and malicious plans that their mother had devised for them.

After Debra had successfully escorted the children into the building, she revealed to them the surprise that she had brought along by producing a knife from her bag and displaying it to them. Kierstan was the first person Debra attacked, but she mustered the strength to warn her sister to run away so that they could both be safe. Kierstan was the first person Debra injured in her attack.

Debra Jeter Terrifying Story

Kierstan was the first person Debra attacked, and Kierstan reacted bravely by yelling at her sister to flee the scene. After that, Debra went from Kierstan to Kelsey as her next destination. Kiersten was trying to protect her sister when she was attacked from behind and stabbed.

Kelsey suffered a fatal injury as a result of Debra’s continued attempt to slit her throat. Debra went back to Kierstan, who had maliciously attempted to slit her throat while she was in a state of extreme fear and pain. A little over four hours ago, Debra had only recently picked up the two children.

After being released from the hospital, Debra took her two daughters to an abandoned house located off Interstate 77 in Milford, just before Route 35. According to the available information, Jeter initiated the attack by stabbing Kiersten. Kiersten pleaded with one of her siblings to run away as she fought for her life with their mother.

Kiersten took up the defense of her sister and was subsequently stabbed in the back. Kelsey’s throat was slashed by Debra, and then she abandoned her body for her to bleed to death in the abandoned home’s bathtub. Debra came back to Kiersten and slashed her across the channel, severing a vital artery as well as her airway. Kiersten was left for dead.

Debra Jeter’s Relationship Issue With Her Husband Started This Drama

The recent divorce that Debra Jeter’s husband, Lee Jeter, went through left her in a state of utter devastation. Debra was embroiled in a contentious dispute with Lee over the custody of their two children, Kiersten and Kelsey, ever since Lee initiated the divorce process.

The next day, which was Mother’s Day, May 21, 2009, she made an attempt on her own life while she was spending the day at home with her two young daughters. She was unable to bear the idea of losing both her husband and her children, so she decided to take her own life.

When Lee first noticed that Debra was having difficulty, he became concerned to the point that he filed a petition for a restraining order against her. His primary concern was for the safety of their children.

Unsupervised visitation was granted to Debra by the courts the day after Debra’s failed attempt to commit suicide, which occurred less than three weeks after the restraining order had been lifted.



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