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Did Aqib Talib Got Arrested In Lancaster, Texas? He Shot Mike Hickmon To Death At Youth’s Training Camp

On August 13, 2022, at a Pee Wee Football Game in Lancaster, Texas, a relative of Aqib Talib’s, Mike Hickmon was killed by a gun fired by the relative.

While he was surrounded by a large group of people in the field, a video that was uploaded to a number of different social media platforms shows the moment when he was shot many times.

Is Aqib Talib Arrested In Lancaster, Texas?

It is thought that the individual who shot Mike is the brother of Aqib Talib, who plays cornerback for the NFL. This information has not been verified by the official sources, but whomever was responsible for shooting and killing coach Mike would suffer harsh penalties.

In the past, Talib has played the position of cornerback in American football. During his time playing college football at the University of Kansas, he was named as a unanimous All-American, and in the first round of the 2008 NFL Draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers picked him up to join their team.

As a result of the various allegations leveled against him in 2011 and 2012, he was also a well-known figure within the law enforcement community. Even after that, he was shot, and he needed to be admitted to the hospital in order to heal from the wound completely.

It has been stated that one of his close associates shot a football coach following an argument while they were both on the field in Texas. This has once again brought him into the center of controversy.

Coach Mike Hickmon Was Gunned Down At Youth’s Training Camp On 13 August

Late on Saturday evening, one of the parents who was supervising a minor game in Texas pulled out a gun and fatally shot Mike Hickmon. There are a number of videos of the incident that can be found on the internet. These films reveal how he was savagely shot five times while he was surrounded by a mob. In addition, a Twitter user who goes by the handle @FlyteBlack has published a video that is exactly 29 seconds long and contains all of the information regarding the occurrence.

Mike Hickman

A fight can be seen taking place between two people in the footage, with one of the participants carrying a ball. The background commotion then suddenly becomes much louder, and we can see people in the background beginning to fight with one another.

After then, there are five rounds fired that we can hear. After that, everybody starts to freak out and start running in all different directions. Another voice may be heard from a distance shouting, “Get down here.” The video comes to an end as the camera shakes and the focus shifts to the ground below.

Aqib Talib’s Wife And Net Worth

Gypsy Benitez is the name of Aqib Talib’s wife. They have been married since 2016, and they now have three children together as a family. Aqib and Gypsy got married in front of a huge group of NFL players from other teams after Denver’s triumph in the Super Bowl. The wedding was a celebration for the entire league.

Aqib and Gypsy have three children together; however, the oldest kid, Kiara, is the product of a previous connection that Aqib had when he was a college student, and the name of one of the sons is unknown. Kiara was born as a result of this relationship. The name Jabril belongs to the child who is the second oldest in the family.

Aqib is a well-known NFL athlete who is projected to have a net worth of approximately $20 million in the year 2022. When he was still in school, he first began to play. He played cornerback for the Richardson Berkner High School football team during his time there. Talib participated in college football for the University of Kansas, where he was named to the first team of All-Big 12 in both of the years in which he was named to the All-American squad. In 2007, Talib was named a unanimous All-American.



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