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Did John Barilaro (NSW Deputy Premier) Had An Affair With Girlfriend Jennifer Lugsdin Before Divorce?

An affair with Jennifer Lugsdin is alleged to have taken place between John Barilaro, a former politician in Australia, and Jennifer Lugsdin prior to Barilaro’s divorce from his wife.

Barilaro served as the leader and chairperson of the New South Wales division of the National Party between the years 2016 and 2021.

John served as the head of the National Party in New South Wales from 2016 until 2021. His term ended in 2021.

Beginning in April 2019, he was appointed to the position of Minister for Regional New South Wales, Industry, and Trade in the second Berejiklian ministry. Prior to that, he served as a legislator for the Monaro electoral district in New South Wales beginning in 2011 and continuing until he resigned in October 2021.

John Barilaro was born on November 14, 1971, in Queanbeyan, to parents who had immigrated to Australia from Calabria, Italy.

After completing his education, he went to work for the firm that his family owned, Ryleho, which manufactured timber windows and doors that were efficient in terms of energy use. He finally worked his way up to the position of manager.

The native of Queanbeyan was instrumental in the establishment of the Queanbeyan Macedonia Football Club and has been a champion in his community for the establishment of a high school in the Jerrabomberra area, which is seeing rapid population growth. In addition to that, he presided over the club for a total of eight years.

Did John Barilaro Cheat On Wife Deanna Barilaro?

Is It Possible That John Barilaro Cheated On His Wife, Deanna Barilaro?John Barilo’s ex-wife Deanne is known as an ex-wife of the former Deputy Premier of New South Wales. She was often spotted attending various events and parties alongside her spouse, which was very common. The woman and her partner raised their three girls together as a unit.

The family had a wonderful life in New South Wales until a peculiar set of events ultimately resulted in John and Deanne splitting up.

Prior to their mutual decision to part ways, they had a lot in common and appeared to be inseparable.

It has been widely speculated and rumoured that the 51-year-old man is unfaithful to his wife of many years by having an affair with his purported lover.

John Barilaro Had An Affair With Girlfriend Jennifer Lugsdin

It has been believed that John Barilaro has ended his marriage to his ex-wife and is currently in a relationship with Jennifer Lugsdin. A lot of people were curious about John and Jennifer Lugsdin’s relationship during the time that he was married to Deanne Barilaro, his ex-wife.

Despite the fact that John had stated in the past that he did not have a relationship with Jennifer while he was still married, the two of them now share a connection. The public was made aware of the relationship between Jennifer Lugsdin, who had been Bariloro’s longtime media advisor, and Bariloro in the month of December 2021.

Before making an abrupt exit from the House of Representatives, The Australian was instrumental in helping a female colleague secure a leadership post. This has resulted in additional questions being asked about him.

The woman, who was working for him at the time, is now dating the person who used to serve as the deputy premier of New South Wales.

Mr. Barilaro has admitted that he assisted Jennifer Lugsdin, who had previously served as his senior media advisor, in locating a new job opportunity.

He provided testimony in front of a commission, “My media adviser confided in me that she was submitting her application for a position in trade investment and asked if I would be willing to serve as a referee for her. I made the decision to inquire about the position, therefore I reached out.”

Jennifer was ultimately hired for a comparable post at Investment NSW in August of the previous year. John, who was the trade minister for the state, was in charge of the division.

Mr. Barilaro objected to questions about Ms. Lugsdin when he was testifying in front of a legislative committee investigating his controversial nomination as trade envoy to New York.

In addition, John contended that he phoned Brown on her behalf as her employer even though the two of them were not together, and he stated multiple times that he did this for a number of employees while he was in politics. John and Brown were not together at the time.

John Barilaro And Deanna Barilaro Marriage & Divorce Update

John Barilaro And Deanna Barilaro The Latest on Weddings and Separations An ex-politician from Australia named John Barilo has been married to his wife Deanne for the past 26 years. In spite of this, the couple divorced the next year in 2021.

After more than twenty years of marriage, John and his wife Deanne filed for divorce in October of 2021, making public their decision to end their union.

Even though the specific reason for the divorce was never disclosed, the general consensus was that Barilao had been unfaithful to his wife by having an affair with another woman. During the course of his marriage, his name was linked to more than one beautiful woman.

Alleged instances of corruption have dogged him during the past decade of his political career. It seems as though his life is falling apart bit by bit.

However, he is going to place blame on Friendly Jordies for this mess, despite the fact that it was a primary factor in Deanne’s decision to file for divorce from him. In 2021, it became public knowledge that the two had discreetly broken up the previous year.

Although Deanne has kept out of the public eye since her divorce from John, there is little evidence to suggest what her future plans are. However, there have been rumours that John has been having an affair with other women during this time.

It was rumoured that John was having an affair with his former long-time media assistant Jennifer Lugsdin in the month of December 2021, which was only a little over two months after he had publicly announced that he was divorcing Deanne.



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