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Did Lisa Helou Undergone Plastic Surgery? “Selling the OC” Star Gio’s Mother Transformation Photos

There are a lot of people who are interested in knowing more about the plastic surgery that well-known actress Lisa Helou has had. Let’s get to know her family history and find out how much money she made from her plastic surgery procedures in this article.

Lisa Helou has a well-established track record of being conscientious and dogged in her advocacy for her customers. Helou received their education from the California State University in Los Angeles.

Helou takes great satisfaction in her time-honored strategy and methods, which enable her to provide her customers with talents that are both valuable and well-known. besides paying attention to good character and the natural world.

The actress appeared in further episodes of the first season of “Selling the OC.” In the sixth episode, she performs the position of a mentor to Gio, Alexandra Jarvis, and Alexandra Rose. This is her final part in the show.

In addition, she updates her Instagram profile with real estate listing spins on a regular basis; nevertheless, one of the captions she added to a photo with Gio particularly caught our attention. The goal was not to travel as much as possible in a certain time period. The goal is to design your life so that you never need to take a break from work or your responsibilities.

Lisa Helou Plastic Surgery Details

On the internet, Lisa Helou has not disclosed any details about her recent plastic surgery to the general public.

However, despite our extensive efforts, we were unable to locate any data pertaining to Helou plastic surgery that is now accessible on the internet.

Lisa Helou

It’s possible that the rumors about actresses getting plastic surgery aren’t true. If she had surgery, she might have provided her followers and audience with more recent information.

In addition, the actress is somewhere in her forties, and as of right now, she has garnered a massive following because to her stunning appearance. Helou’s natural beauty eliminates the need for her to have any sort of cosmetic work done.

How much money does Lisa Helou make, and what is her net worth?

Real estate agent Lisa Helou has been in the industry for twenty years and has accumulated a net worth of $15 million.

In addition, while working for Engel and Volkers, she was successful in closing a landmark sale for $1,880,000 on the most luxurious home in all of Corona del Mar. She made the transaction with the Chief Executive Officer of MedXM.

In 1975, Helou was successful in obtaining her license to practice real estate. She ran her own real estate agency and became an expert in the San Gabriel Valley over the course of fifteen years, during which time she was also the owner of the business.

In 2011, Lisa made the move to Newport Beach and began working for Engel & Volkers in the local office located there. She concentrates on the areas of Balboa Peninsula, Lido Isle, Corona Del Mar, and Newport Heights while working alongside her daughter Fionna.

Additionally, she worked in conjunction with constructors and developers. She has previous experience in the sales of new homes and in the development of subdivisions.

Lisa Helou Married To Her Husband, Carl Helou

Together with her husband, Carl Helou, Lisa currently calls the Balboa Peninsula home. Together, they have a wonderful appearance.

The happy couple, Carl and Lisa, were given the gift of three children. Their son, Gio, was born in 1988 and started working as an advisor and Realtor in the real estate industry in 2016. He has previous experience working for Coldwell Banker Global Luxury and Engel & Volkers Newsport Becah, among other companies.

Lisa is now active on Instagram, where she can be seen posting under the account @lisa Canta Gallo Helou. She currently has 1,241 people following her, and in return, she has 443 people following her. She has now contributed to 326 threads.

In addition, Helou has a wealth of expertise working in sales and providing excellent customer service. She is someone who is driven by her own internal desires, is goal-oriented, and is consistently seeking to better herself.

In addition, as an entrepreneur in the real estate industry, she would love nothing more than to be able to help other people find their ideal home, the place where they will make their happiest memories.

Lisa Helou Family

Lisa was raised in the United States by her American family after she was born there. When she required assistance or attention, her family was there for her every step of the way.

In addition to that, she has a wealth of experience in the fields of sales and customer service. She is self-motivated, has definite goals, and is consistently working to improve her skills.

She was continually trying to better herself in all aspects of her life, including her work and the relationships she had with other people. She has aspirations of becoming success and starting her own company.

In addition to this, one of her goals in life is to become a successful real estate agent who assists others in acquiring the homes of their dreams, places where they may raise their families and create cherished memories.

34 years old is the age. Gio Helou is a real estate agent who hails from the United States and was born on March 20th, 1988. He deals in luxury homes and other pricey real estate. He is an agent who works for Jason Oppenheim and is a member of the team. In point of fact, we learned that he was the very first employee to start working for the Oppenheim Group at their Newport Beach office.

It was in 2022 when he appeared on the reality show “Selling the OC” that he first gained widespread recognition. People consider it to be a spinoff of “Selling Sunset,” which was produced by The Oppenheim Group and was renewed for a second season in 2022.

Because this brand-new show will focus on the personal and professional lives of 11 agents, viewers should expect to see emotional upheaval, some tears, and even some salacious moments. Therefore, you should give it a shot if you enjoy watching reality shows that are full of conflict and suspense.

Getting in with the Oppenheim Group

In 2016, Gio Helou began his search for a career that would allow him to earn money in a short amount of time. After some time, he made the decision to pursue a career in real estate. In the same year, he was hired by the Engel & Volkers office in Newport Beach to work as a luxury real estate advisor.

The new position that Helou took on was quite fruitful for him. He generated enormous commissions by selling properties that were worth millions of dollars. Giovanne learned a great deal from his mother, Giovanna, who has been active in this industry for a very long period. In February of 2021, Gio started working for The Oppenheim Group. At that point, he had been working as a real estate agent for a period of five years.

He has a strong passion for vintage motorcycles as well as luxurious automobiles. His collection of high-end automobiles includes some flashy rides such as a scarlet Triumph Street Twin and a Porsche 911. He makes varying sums of money at various points in time, but according to some accounts, he makes more than USD 1.5 million annually.

What is Gio Helou’s age?

On March 20, 1988, Gio Helou was born in Southern California, in the United States of America. He is currently 34 years old. His mother, Lisa Cantagallo Helou, is an excellent professional in the field of real estate. We learned from Giovanne’s Instagram account that she has two sisters, one who is younger than she is and one who is older.

Gio, who was born and raised in California, planned to attend acting school after completing his secondary education. In order to achieve his goal, he took the necessary steps. In 2006, he enrolled at Pepperdine University and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree with a double concentration in film and marketing. After graduating from college, he started working for Curtis Birch Inc. as a business manager and associate producer. He worked at that job for two years before he came to the conclusion that he was no longer enjoying it.

Who does Gio Helou marry?

There is no doubt that Giovanne has tied the knot with Tiffany Helou, a stunning lady with blue eyes. She spends a lot of time on Gio’s Instagram account. Tiff is a significant factor in Helou’s decision to become a member of TOG, but many people are unaware of this fact.

During a walk in the park that Tiffany took with her boyfriend, she showed him the TOG logo and proposed that he join Brett and Jason’s team. Helou’s wife had encouraged him to give it a shot, so he did. Gio and Jason have collaborated on projects in the past due to Jason’s favorable impression of Gio’s character.

If you’ve been keeping up with Selling the OC, you probably already know that many of the 11 realtors on the show have a family history in the real estate business. For instance, Gio Stanaland’s father is a property tycoon, and Gio’s mother, Lisa, is a real estate magnate. Tyler Stanaland’s father is also in the real estate business.

Gio is well known for his fascination with pricey properties, a trait that he most likely inherited from his mother, who has extensive experience in the real estate industry.

Who is Gio’s mum, Lisa?

Since Gio’s mother, Lisa Helou, has a staggering amount of transactions under her belt that total more than one million dollars, she is more than qualified to claim some of the credit for her son’s success in the real estate industry.

Lisa Helou
Lisa Helou

The year 1976 was the year when Lisa received her driver’s license, and she is a member of the O group. According to the website for the O group, she has “a long-standing reputation for being forceful and working hard for her clients.” This reputation dates back many years.

On Instagram, the mother and real estate agent is known by the handle @lisa cantagallo helou. She uses this social media platform to inform her followers about her most recent listings and to share adorable family photos, particularly those of her son Gio, who assists her in her real estate business.

Gio has followed his mother’s lead and gone in the same route.

Gio is currently operating his own real estate business with great success. The man is well-known in the field of luxury real estate and focuses his practice on Newport Beach real estate specifically. He hails from Southern California. Additionally, he resides there. In the course of a confessional that was broadcast on television, he stated:

I just want to demonstrate to everyone that this is my level, and that they should not mess with me because I am not someone to be trifled with.

It is clear from watching the broadcast that he is confident in his ability to close deals. We have no choice but to acknowledge his talent. In an interview with People magazine, which took place in August 2022, he stated that the most memorable moment of his professional life was when he successfully closed a $12 million deal for the O Group. “I got to ring the bell 12 times, once for each million,” he boasted with a smug sense of accomplishment.



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