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Did Paulo Costa Undergo Hair Transplant Surgery? Relationship With Girlfriend Tamara Alves Explored

Paulo Henrique Costa is a professional competitor in the sport of mixed martial arts, and he is a Brazilian fighter. The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) places him in the Middleweight category at this time due to his current weight. As of the 21st of February in the year 2022, he is currently ranked in the middleweight division in the UFC at the fourth spot.

His dedicated fans are all over the internet debating the new style of hair he has been sporting recently.

Did Paul Costa Get Hair Transplant?

Paulo Costa, a potential contender for the middleweight division of the UFC, withdrew from the matches scheduled for 2021 because it appeared that he and the promotion had different interpretations of a contract. And throughout that period, Paulo kept himself occupied by going through the process of getting a hair transplant.

Paulo did not consider it necessary to conceal the fact that he had a hair transplant treatment from the general public by using social media. It takes over six months before one is able to notice a discernible change in the rate at which hair is growing. It will take a whole year before you will be able to observe any obvious results from the hair transplant. A great number of individuals are curious to find out how long the results of hair implants will continue to be noticeable. The results of having healthy hair follicles transplanted into areas of thinning or receding hair can potentially last a lifetime. This is because the transplanted hair follicles are placed directly into the scalp.

Paulo Costa Hair Transplant

People hold the misconception that males who do not have hair are less successful, less robust, and less physically fit compared to men who do have hair. This is one of the primary reasons why hair implants have gained in popularity in recent years. However, because of this operation, the receding hairline and thinning crown on his head are no longer visible. It’s possible that this is the reason why so many people think that Paulo pulled out of his fight against Jared Cannonier. On the other hand, considering that he has been posting pictures of himself having fun and working out on Instagram, it is highly unlikely that this is the truth.

As soon as they heard this information, Costa’s opponents in the middleweight class started making fun of him because of his receding hairline immediately after hearing it. Derek Brunson and Kevin Holland poked fun of Paulo Costa on social media by posting a photo that they had altered in Photoshop and sharing it with their followers. Even though it took place more than a year ago, the hair transplant continues to be a topic of conversation among many people.

The reason for this is that they have noticed that the MMA fighter has had some difficulty with it, and this is the reason. Even though he underwent a hair transplant earlier this year, his hair is already beginning to show signs of thinning despite the treatment. His hair is starting to look thinner than it did before. When you compare the photographs he took before and after the change, you can clearly see the difference. The athlete, on the other hand, is allowed to express their views on anything at all that is connected to the topic.

Paulo Costa’s Girlfriend Tamara Alves

Paulo Costa refers to Tamara Alves as his girlfriend. Tamara Alves is a Brazilian woman.

Tamara is a successful entrepreneur and the proud owner of the MundoFit gym that she and her husband opened. It is a brand that specialises in both dietary supplements and exercise-related accessories. In addition to that, it is mentioned in her social media bio that she works as a civil engineer. There is not a lot of information available on Tamara because she is known to keep a lot of things to herself. In addition to this, there are rumours that she is quite concerned with her physical well-being.

The year 2013 marked the first time Paulo Costa and Tamara Alves spoke to one another. Since then, they have remained close friends throughout the years. When they initially met, she was rather taken aback by his dedication to the discipline of mixed martial arts (MMA), which is largely responsible for the fact that they went on to become friends. Since the moment they first met one another and recognised the instant connection they shared with one another, Tamara has been there for him through the highs and lows of their relationship.

It is very evident that Paulo and Tamara are enjoying success in their relationship now that they have been married for a number of years. It is yet unknown whether or not the couple has any intention of getting engaged. Despite this, it seems as though they are inseparable from one another. It would appear that they are more interested in advancing their careers than in starting a family together.

Paul Costa Professional Career

In February of 2012, Costa made his debut in the world of professional MMA in his home country of Brazil. In the end, his brother was successful in persuading his mother to provide financial support to Paulo for an entire year so that he may pursue a career in professional martial arts. In the subsequent five years, he established a new record of eight wins and zero losses, with seven knockouts and one submission.

It was decided that Costa would compete on the third season of The Ultimate Fighter Brazil. In the first round of the elimination tournament, he won the fight against Jose Roberto by forcing him to submit in the second round. Coach Wanderly Silva chose Costa to compete in the middleweight division after he had already chosen another competitor. The following fight that Costa had was against Marcio Alexandre Jr., and he was defeated by a split decision after three rounds.

At UFC Fight Night 128, which took place on April 21, 2018, Costa was scheduled to compete against Uriah Hall. However, Costa withdrew from the fight in the middle of March citing an arm ailment as his reason. In response, the promotion officials decided to reschedule Hall’s appearance and remove him out of the event entirely. The matchup that will take place on July 7, 2018, at UFC 226. The bout was stopped in its second round due to a technical knockout that was scored by Costa. The victory earned him the Performance of the Night award for the second time.

Romero was ultimately Costa’s opponent at UFC 241, which took place on August 17, 2019. He was victorious in the fight according to a unanimous vote. This battle was the one that earned him the prize for Fight of the Night. At UFC 253, which took place on September 27, 2020, Costa competed against Israel Adesanya for the UFC Middleweight Championship. Costa came into the fight riding a five-bout win streak in the UFC. The bout ended in the second round with a technical knockout, marking the first time he had been defeated in a professional competition.

On the 17th of April in 2021, Costa was slated to compete against Robert Whitaker at the UFC on ESPN 22 event. However, on March 16th, Costa announced that he was pulling out of the battle due to illness. At one point, the fight between Costa and Jared Cannonnier was slated to take place at UFC on ESPN 28 on August 21, 2021. On June 4th, Costa announced that he will no longer be participating in the fight for unclear reasons. Later, Costa stated that he had never signed the bout agreement and blamed problems with his payments; however, he did not confirm that these concerns were the cause of his withdrawal from the fight.

At UFC Fight Night 196, which took place on October 23, 2021, Costa competed against Marvin Vettori in a light heavyweight event. When Costa arrived to the fight, he was twenty-five pounds over the middleweight limit, which resulted in tremendous criticism. The fight was originally scheduled as a middleweight match, but it was later changed to a catchweight bout. The bout was decided by a unanimous decision against Costa.

Paulo Costa Family

Costa was born in 1991 to Carlos Roberto, who worked as an odd jobber, and Maria Augusta. Costa is the son of Carlos Roberto and Maria Augusta.

His older brother Carlos Costa is a veteran of mixed martial arts and currently acts as one of Paulo’s trainers. Carlos is also a fighter himself. Paulo spent his youth in Contagem participating in several sports, including football. Muay Thai training was the first thing he did when he was nine years old. He wanted to develop discipline and find a way to avoid the regular street fights he was getting into at the time. Both Paulo and his brother started taking jiu-jitsu classes together.

They were both youths at the same time, but Paulo stopped playing soccer after their father passed away from throat cancer when Paulo was just 17 years old. After waiting a few more years, Costa eventually went back into jiu-jitsu and started competing once more under the guidance of his older brother. At that point, the latter had already attained the rank of purple belt thanks to their accomplishments. Costa provided for his family by working in real estate and also serving as an instructor of computer technology. In this capacity, he instructed students on how to utilise software such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

Paulo Costa Height And Weight

The current weight and height of Paulo Costa is 185 pounds and 6 ft 0 in for him. Paulo Costa’s shoe size 4 (US) & dress size 8 (US). There is currently no information available regarding Paulo Costa’s full body measurements. Both of their eyes are dark brown, and their hair is brown. The colour of Paulo Costa’s eyes is black, and the colour of his hair is brown.



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