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Does Advocate Charles Kanjama Have Any Disease? Health Issues After Weight Loss Details

Because Charles Kanjama looks to have dropped a substantial amount of weight, internet users are concerned that he may be suffering from a medical condition.

Kanjama is a notable Kenyan attorney. In addition to being one of the original members of Muma & Kanjama Advocates, he is also currently serving on the council of the Law Society of Kenya.

Kanjama has more than twenty years of expertise in a variety of legal fields, including but not limited to: commercial law, employment law, public law litigation, criminal law, and others. At the moment, he is attending classes at the University of Nairobi in order to earn his Master’s degree.

According to his profile on LinkedIn, Kanjama has also been employed with Strathmore Educational Trust as an administrator since the year 2005. In addition to being an advocate in the highest court in Kenya, he holds certification as a company secretary.

Does Charles Kanjama Have Any Illness Or Health Issues?

Charles Kanjama does not suffer from any illness or sickness. He is functioning as efficiently as a machine and is in the best shape of his life. He is lively and active. On the other hand, there are rumors circulating on the internet that Kanjama is sick, with some people believing that his illness is the cause of his weight loss.

The report that Kanjama was sick first surfaced in the year 2021. When he was appealing the findings of the Court of Appeal, internet users noticed he had changed in appearance for the first time.

The Kenyan lawyer is currently forty years old at the time of this writing. It is impossible to refute the fact that he has a few relatively minor health issues. The attorney, on the other hand, does not suffer from any form of persistent ailment. Additionally, he has not made any statements concerning the issues in the past.

The attorney has chosen not to comment on his illness or the rumors that he has lost weight. Kanjama’s physical appearance remained consistent over the course of his career, and he gave off the impression that he was both wonderful and healthy on the floor.

Learn More About the Weight Loss Journey of Charles Kanjama

In recent years, Charles Kanjama has shed a substantial amount of weight and looks much healthier as a result.

We can tell that the attorney has shed at least 8 to 10 kg of body fat just by looking at his most recent images. In the past, he measured everything on a scale that went up to the nineties.

The path he took to lose weight has been viewed by Internet users, and they have tweeted a great deal about it.

A user on Twitter with the handle @Missy peculiar sent the following message: “I watched Charles Kanjama today on @KTNNewsKE, and man, his physique has transformed.” I hope and pray that he is okay, and that his weight reduction isn’t just temporary. Was absolutely astounded!’

Another person by the name of @MohMuigai has shown their curiosity by asking, “What happened to Charles Kanjama? He is wearing an over size suit! This weight loss is not attributable to getting up earlier and going for a run!

What Happened To The Advocate Charles Kanjama?

Charles Kanjama seems to be in good health and is still actively employed in Kenya. On his Twitter handle, he discusses a wide variety of social topics on a regular basis.

On the platform, the attorney can be seen posting under the handle @ckanjama and has racked up more than 22.4 thousand followers.

Kangana’s most recent tweets were on elections and votes taking place in many counties. It was written here:

“Here’s a fun fact: It is mathematically IMPOSSIBLE to win more than 50% of the votes cast but LOSE by less than 25% of the vote in at least HALF of the counties. Therefore, article 138, Katiba, which was taken from the Bomas Draft, is a redundant part of the constitution. However, you are still able to view the distribution of votes among the contenders.

Peter Alfred lreri Kanjama and Bertha Kanjama are Kanjama’s parents, and Kanjama is their son. Kanjama was named after his father. His father was a veteran who advocated for veterans’ rights.

There is not much information available regarding Kanjama’s personal life; but, according to his LinkedIn profile, he is now residing in Nairobi. His family has lived in Kithimu, Embu for generations.



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