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Does Blake Shimanek (Former Sgt) Have A New Job? Keller Officer Resigned After Controversial Video

Blake Shimanek is a former Keller officer who gained notoriety after being involved in the pepper spraying and arrest of a dad who was recording his son’s traffic stop at the time. Shimanek is the officer who was responsible for the incident. Prior to the officer’s resignation, he was demoted two ranks and removed from patrol duty before the incident.

During the month of August in the year 2020, Dillon Puente was stopped by a police officer in the Riverdance neighborhood when he was on his way to visit his grandmother. When Dillon Puente was pulled over and started filming the incident, his father, Marco Puente, was tagging along behind him on the way to his grandmother’s house.

Shimanek may be seen on the bodycam film threatening to arrest Marco Puente if the latter does not move his truck from the lane. After complying with the order to move his vehicle, Marco pulled out his phone and started recording the arrest of his son.

An officer is shown on bodycam footage ordering Dillon to exit the vehicle before placing him in handcuffs. The footage was captured by the officer’s body camera. After that, Shimanek gives the order for Officer Ankit Tomer to also arrest Marco.

After that, Shimanek attempted to place Marco under arrest by forcing him to the ground and pepper spraying him in the face while doing so.

Blake Shimanek Indictment- What Did He Do?

An official oppression charge has been brought against Blake Shimanek in connection with an arrest that took place during the summer of 2017 and involved him authorizing another cop to pepper-spray a father who was filming his son’s traffic stop.

On Friday, an indictment against Blake was brought forth by a grand jury from Tarrant County. The allegations made against him in the indictment state that he unlawfully arrested the victim and treated them inappropriately.

Sgt. Blake Shimanek

The public voiced their disapproval in response to the occurrence. According to the statement made by Keller Police Chief Brad Fortune, it “created significant disappointment and regret.” The circumstances caused Brad a great deal of regret.

Following the results of an internal investigation, Shimanek was demoted. He handed in his resignation to the police department in February. Officials claimed that the officer who pepper-sprayed the parent was merely doing his job and so should not be held accountable for his actions.

Not only did Blake end up losing his job as a result of this occurrence, but he also came under intense scrutiny. Following the disclosure of the evidence from the body camera, Shimanek was found guilty.

New Job Of Blake Shimanek: What Does He Do Now?

After being indicted for the contentious arrest of a father, Blake Shimanek was relieved of his duties as a police officer and fired from the department. Since Blake is not active on LinkedIn, there are currently no openings for his new position.

After Blake was let go from his department, there is a possibility that he will find work elsewhere.

Following his arrest, he may currently be located somewhere in the United States. This is a possibility. In connection with an arrest made during the summer of 2019, he was taken into custody and accused of being a victim of governmental oppression.

In addition to that, Blake was given a penalty punishment of $4,000. Blake Travis Shimanek tendered his resignation from the job he held in February.

Blake Shimanek Case With Father Marco & Son Dillon Puente

After assaulting his father, Blake Shimanek, a police officer, Marco Puente, the suspect was charged by Shimanek.

Dillon Puente was pulled over for a driving violation as his father was across the street filming it on his phone. Shimanek was seen giving orders to Officer Antik Tomer to pepper spray and arrest the father for photographing the incident.

Shimanek asserted that Puente had blocked a roadway, but a subsequent investigation determined that Puente had not violated any laws.

Later on, Keller Police Chief Brad Fortune remarked that the department was “disappointed and regretful” about how they treated Puente and his child because of the harassment they received. The recordings caused widespread uproar all across the world.

Blake Shimanek Wiki/Bio

According to a recorded Keller Complaint, Blake Shimanek pursued Dillon Puente, who was 22 years old at the time, when he made a wide right turn. The cooling system on Dillon’s automobile broke down on August 15, 2020, and he needed to get it repaired at his grandmother’s house. Shimanek yelled at him to pull over because the police car that was enforcing his parole was following him. The event rapidly escalated into a more serious problem, and as a direct consequence of the unethical attack, the official has been formally relieved of his duties as a result of the occurrence. Sgt. Blake Shimanek, a former police officer with the Keller Police Department in Texas, was reprimanded for beating Dillon Puente and his father.

Former Sgt. Blake Shimanek
Former Sgt. Blake Shimanek

Blake kept a daily journal in which he detailed the events of the day, including his pursuit of Dillon’s automobile as it made a wider right turn in the junction. As the officer moved closer to the front window of the vehicle, Dillon made an attempt to roll up the car’s windows, which the officer interpreted as a hostile gesture against him. At that same moment, Blake requested that Dillon open the window and questioned the specific acts he had taken. Dillon made no more comments in response. The next thing that happened was that Blake requested Dillon to get out of the car, and when Dillon’s father saw them on the other side of the street, he handcuffed Dillon.

Sgt Blake Shimanek Age: How Old Is He? 

Blake Shimanek, the individual who is being sought, is 22 years old.

Sgt Blake Shimanek Family & Career Info

Dillon told him that the official had arrested him for adjusting the vehicle windows on them while they were driving, and that Dillon’s father had filmed the incident. The official had taken him into jail for adjusting the vehicle windows on them while they were driving. Blake did not approve of this strategy, so in a fit of wrath he went after his father and was able to bring him under control by pepper spraying him. When the group was transferred to the seating arrangement located in the back of the police car, Dillon’s father continued to call out for assistance, but the officials did not reply to any of his cries. He pleaded for help as he attempted to clear the pepper spray from his eyes. However, the officials did not reply to any of his calls despite the fact that they heard them. The entire Police Department was sued for the assault, and Official Blake was arrested for his part in the inappropriate assault that was conducted against the Puente family. The Puente family filed a lawsuit against the entire Police Department for the assault. In addition, the Director of the Keller Department made an apology for the incident and removed Blake from his position as an agitator as a result of the incident.

The act of persecuting Puente that Officer Blake carried out without first obtaining Puente’s agreement has been determined to be a Class A violation by both the Texas Jurisdiction Court and the legislation that is relevant to the situation. The cop has been brought before a judge and faces the possibility of receiving a fine of up to $4,000 and a possible prison sentence of up to one year if he is found guilty. The two people who witnessed the harsh capture and assault of the official were given a payment of $200,000 by the Keller Department in the month of February 2021. This payment was given to them by the Keller Department. The Wikipedia article that is supposed to serve as an authority has not yet been updated to include Sgt. Blake Shimanek’s biographical information. His situation became more problematic when the general camera accounts were checked out by the Keller police department in order to compare the underlying statement with the actual occurrence that had taken place. Blake was terminated from his post and stripped of his authority after the lawful case that was documented by the death of a member of the Puente family.

Keller Officer Resigned After Controversial Video

A Keller Police officer by the name of Blake Shimanek became the topic of conversation that everyone was talking about online when his controversial video was published widely across a variety of social media platforms in the month of August 2020. Now, many people are asking where the police officer could possibly be hiding. Please continue scrolling down the article to find out more about him, including his exciting new employment, as well as other interesting information.

Keller, Texas police have been charged with the event after being captured on tape pepper spraying and detaining a guy who was filming his son’s traffic in the city. The man was simply documenting his son’s traffic. In the end, it was determined that the officer was responsible for the incident, and he was charged with official oppression, which is a class A misdemeanor that carries a possible punishment of one year in jail. The officer faces a maximum sentence of one year in jail for this offense.

Where is Blake Shimanek Today?

Blake Shimanek was terminated from his employment as a result of the infringement he committed, although it is likely that he is already employed somewhere else as of the present day.

Because he eluded capture following his detention, it is conceivable that he is now residing in the United States. This is supported by the fact that he was detained in the United States. In connection with an arrest that was made in the middle of the summer of 2019, he was brought into custody and charged with participating in oppression by the government in the year 2020.

The officer then gave orders to another cop to pepper spray the father, who was at the time photographing the traffic stop that his son was involved in with his son.

An indictment was brought against Blake Travis Shimanek, who is 32 years old, by a grand jury in Tarrant County, Texas, on Friday. The allegations made against him in the indictment state that he unlawfully detained the individual in question and then subjected them to harsh treatment, both of which are violations of the law.

It was not possible to gain an immediate response from Shimanek, and the court filings disclose that he is not being represented by an attorney at this time.



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