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Does Christos Lardakis (Shaina Hurley Husband) Have A Daughter? The Child On His Instagram

People speculate that Shaina Hurley’s present spouse Christos Lardakis has a child from “prior scenarios” due to the presence of a little girl in his Instagram images.

His engagement to Shaina piqued the curiosity of those who were curious about his personal life.

Over the course of two years, “Love Is Blind” has introduced us to a variety of ideal couples. Immediately following the conclusion of the show, a number of couples disbanded, although some have remained faithful.

Due to the program’s growing popularity, participants and their movements are routinely photographed. Season 2 contestant Shaina Hurley left the show after deciding to end her relationship with the very popular and demanding Kyle Abrams.

Her recent engagement to her partner Christos Lardakis is garnering more notice. Learn more about this celebrity husband who maintains a quiet profile.

Does Christos Lardakis Have A Daughter? The Members of His Family

The Love Is Blind actor Christor Lardakis is currently being questioned about his daughter. He is currently Shaina Hurley’s lover, and he is 39 years old.

On March 10, 2022, he proposed to his significant other. Fans remarked that the proposal appeared to be straight out of a fairytale and was originally rather charming.

In addition, he shared a photograph of a little girl who is allegedly his daughter. According to reports, he claimed he was carrying a child from a “prior scenario,” referring to the girl in his Instagram pictures.

Christos Lardakis uploaded a photo of himself and his daughter on Instagram

In July 2013, he posted an Instagram photo of a beautiful infant, then on August 13, he posted a photo of a baby girl wandering along the street.

As a result, a large number of his followers and well-wishers have asked inquiries about and posted positive comments on this snapshot.

Lardakis, a restaurateur in Chicago who owns a series of brunch restaurants with a Greek influence, was having difficulty dealing with COVID’s affects on his business. His father had just been diagnosed with dementia.

More About His Family

Christos K. Lardakis was born to Sia and George K. Lardakis. His mother gave birth to him at the age of 78. Sia is the owner of Devon Hair Design and House of Beauty in Chicago, Illinois.

His father preceded George, who was born in December 1948 and is now 74 years old. Peter Lardakis, the older brother of Chris Lardakis, is married to Kayla Sanford, who is also his wife.

After a few months working at the Peter and Kanela Breakfast Club in Lakeviews, Phil, a mutual friend of Peter and Kayla, introduced them. Sia is at least one of their children.

It is said that Chis’s sibling has provided him with a great deal of support throughout his entrepreneurial endeavors. It is considered that having siblings provides the most drive for success.

Who Is Christos Lardakis? His Career And Net Worth In 2022

Christos Lardakis’s birthplace is Chicago, Illinois. Chris Lardakis’ mother is Sia Lardakis, and his father is George K. Lardakis. Panagiotis Lardakis and Dora Drake are his siblings.

Chris, whose real name is Christos, recently visited the Greek island of Mykonos with Shaina.

Little is known about his childhood. His date of birth is April 8, 1982. Chris Lardakis will be 40 years old in September 2022. He is 5 feet 11 inches tall and approximately 65 kg in weight.

His hair is dark, and his eyes are quite appealing. Chris Lardakis is of Caucasian descent and holds American citizenship. Chris Lardakis received a BBA from DePaul University. Regarding his educational background, little is known.

Until now, he has been an ambitious and diligent businessman. In addition, he is a television personality.

His Career As Restaurateur

Christos Lardakis developed and manages Kanela Breakfast Club, a Greek-themed restaurant with four locations in the Chicago metropolitan area.

According to the Source, “We put a new spin on mama’s recipes and serve them with the same love and a smile as she always does.” Coincidentally, Deepti and Kyle were spotted entering Kanela’s Wicker Park location in a March TikTok video.

Since September 2011, Chris Lardakis has been working with CL Development as a general contractor supervising the design and construction of homes and businesses.

After the company was founded in July 2015, he maintained his position as founder and CEO.

As a member of CL Development, a company that supports clients with new construction and renovations of both residential and commercial properties, I assist clients with both types of projects.

From 2012 through 2019, he owned the upmarket sports bar Municipal Bar + Dining Co. in Chicago’s River North neighborhood. “Chicago’s streets” served as inspiration for the restaurant’s cuisine.

His Net Worth In 2022

According to Gossip News Door, Christos Lardakis has a net worth of more than $500,000 in 2022 as a result of his successful business and television careers.

He began his professional life as a marketing executive at Apple Home Health. In November 2012, Chris also created Municipal Bar and Dining Co. In May of 2010, he began working for the corporation while residing in the Chicago metropolitan region.

He maintained his efforts till December 2013. After leaving Apple Home Health in December 2013, he joined Providence Home Health Care in Northbrook, Illinois as the director of marketing in December 2013.

Christos Lardakis’s Wedding Photographs And His Relationship With His New Wife, Shaina Hurley

Shaina Hurley became engaged to her boyfriend Christos Lardakis following the dissolution of her relationship with Kyle Abrams.

The September 16 premiere of the second season of “Love Is Blind: After the Altar” provided viewers the opportunity to meet Hurley’s lover in person.

After the reality TV star acknowledged their relationship during the second season’s reunion, some fans are interested as to when exactly they began dating (apparently, they knew each other before Hurley appeared on “Love Is Blind”).

On March 10, 2022, Christos Lardakis proposed to Shaina. They also wish to marry in Greece this summer. The two are rumored to have met paths a few months after the filming of Love Is Blind concluded.

They began dating in 2021, but Lardakis was “very forthright” about not being ready to commit due to numerous personal problems.

His Relationship With New Wife Shaina Hurley

Shaina, the new wife of Christos Lardakis, revealed on the Viall Files podcast that she was in a “very serious” relationship and that her boyfriend had been “nothing but a support” during the airing of her on-again, off-again affair with Kyle in March, shortly before Netflix released the season reunion episode.

Several weeks later, she made her relationship with Christos Instagram official. Later in March, her partner posted a photo of them on Instagram with the comment “#soulmate #grateful #happiness.”

In June, the future bride published images of what appeared to be an engagement party. In her letter, she thanked everyone of her loved ones who attended her celebration. I feel extremely honored and adorned,”

Shaina’s Love Is Blind co-star Shayne Jansen replied on her post, denying rumors of a romance between the two.

He wrote, “Third times a charm,” and she responded, “Third.” Shayne further stated, “Insert Shaina eye meme.”

His Wedding Photos On Instagram

Christos Lardakis and Shaina Hurley were married in advance of a grander ceremony. Their wedding photo was posted to Instagram on July 31.

The couple is now legally wed, and they look absolutely stunning in their wedding dress. Chris is dressed in a suit, while Shaina is in a gown.

According to the sources, Shaina, 32, and Christos, 40, have a marriage license and plan to wed later this summer in a larger ceremony abroad.

Photographs of the couple strolling through a Chicago courthouse broke the news first.

The bride wore a short, long-sleeved, wrap dress with coordinating heels, a pillbox hat, and a birdcage veil. The groom wore a suit without a tie.

What is the age of Shaina Hurley’s boyfriend, Christos Lardakis?

Christos Lardakis, the boyfriend of Shaina Hurley, is 39 years old. On March 10, 2022, he proposed marriage to his significant other. Followers remark that the proposal appeared at the very least fairytale-like at first.

Shaina Hurley, 32, from ‘Love is Blind’ stated that she had never been so happy before and that it was the greatest moment of her life.

According to her TV image, her past relationship with Kyle Abrams on the show was not a smart idea. Nevertheless, ‘All ends that end well,’ our favorite television personality has finally found her life partner.



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