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Does Model Jho Rovero Have Celebral Hypoxia? Health Condition Updates Of Actor Andrew Schimmer’s Wife Now

Since a couple of months ago, Jhon Rovero, the stunning wife of Andrew Schimmer, has been battling cerebral brain hypoxia. Jhon is married to Andrew Schimmer.

Andrew Schimmer is a Filipino actor who was born in the capital city of Manila on June 10, 1986. Because she is suffering from cerebral hypoxia disease, his wife is currently being treated in the hospital.

When there is an inadequate supply of oxygen reaching the brain, a condition known as cerebral hypoxia can develop. For proper functioning, the brain requires a steady supply of both nutrients and oxygen. This disease affects the hemispheres of the brain, which are the most important parts of the brain.

In light of the ongoing situation, Andrew’s supporters are becoming increasingly concerned about Jho Rovero. She has been attending appointments for treatment for more than a month now.

In addition, Rovero spent her birthday in the hospital this year, where Andrew posted heartwarming pictures of the two of them along with well-wishes for a speedy recovery and a happy birthday to Rovero. The devotion that Andrew has for his wife has won over the hearts of many.

Let’s go over some information regarding Jho Rovero’s Cerebral Hypoxia disease and her current state of health.

Does Jho Rovero Have Cerebral Hypoxia?

The lovely Jho Rovero, who is married to Andrew Schimmer, has been afflicted with a condition known as cerebral hypoxia.

In November of 2021, Jho Rovero experienced brain hypoxia and suffered from its effects. The video that Jho took while she was in the hospital has gone viral on the internet and is causing a lot of people to cry because she is in such a critical condition. Everyone is keeping their fingers crossed that Andrew’s wife will make a speedy recovery.

Andrew was unable to cope with John’s illness and medical condition because of his deep love for John and his desire for her to recover from her illness. In addition to this, his emotional appeals made via his social media platforms have broken the hearts of everyone, and people have been sharing them.

However, he is responsible for paying the hospital bills that her wife racked up during her stay there because medical costs have skyrocketed in just a few short weeks. There are a lot of people who want to help by donating money to pay for their medical expenses.

Jho Rovero: Where Is She Now?

At this time, Jho Rovero is undergoing treatment for the cerebral hypoxia disease that she has.

To be more specific, Jho has been receiving treatment in the emergency unit of St. Luke’s Medical Center in Bonifacio Global, City for over a month now. The severe asthma attack that Rovero suffered from led to heart failure and hypoxia in the cerebrum.

The illness and infection that Jho was suffering from drove a wedge between them, but Andrew remained hopeful that Jho would recover. Fans of Andrew are saying prayers for her to have a speedy recovery from this illness.

Furthermore, accidents, heart attacks, and strokes are all potential causes of cerebral hypoxia because they can deprive the brain of oxygen. Cerebral hypoxia is a medical emergency that has the potential to cause irreversible damage to the brain.

Jho Rocero Health Update: Is She Hospitalized Or Not?

The intensive care unit of St. Luke’s Medical Center in the Bonifacio City neighbourhood has taken Jho Rocero in as a patient.

After she suffered a severe asthma attack, she went into cardiac arrest, and then her brain began to lose oxygen. This began her current medical issue. When Andrew found out that his wife needed to be admitted to the intensive care unit, he lost it.

In addition, Andrew has asked his fellow celebrities and fans to assist him in raising money to pay his wife’s medical bills so that he can be there for her during her treatment. He let it be known that the total amount of his wife’s medical expenses had nearly reached three million pesos.

We are praying for a speedy recovery for both of them and are keeping our fingers crossed for Rocero.



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