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Does She Wear A Wig? British New PM Blonde Hair And Twitter Memes Explored

It is widely anticipated that Liz Truss will be given the position of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. She won the most votes in the battle to become the next leader of the Conservative Party, therefore she will take over from Boris Johnson. Johnson submitted his resignation in July 2022, as Great Britain was facing a growing economic crisis at the time.

Truss won the vote among party members 81,326 to 60,399, giving him the victory over Rishi Sunak. On the Tuesday, September 6, 2022, she will assume her role as the leader of the group. During her speech on Monday in London, the leader of the Conservative Party made a commitment to take action to address the situation.

Even though Truss is about to take her oath as the new prime minister, there are some persistent rumors that continue to circulate about her hair. Continue reading till the very end if you want to get an accurate picture of her.

Liz Truss Is Known For Her Signature Hair Style

The distinctive way that Truss wears her hair has made her a household name. The vast majority of the time, she wears some trendy suits while letting her hair down.

Truss used to have shoulder-length hair when she was younger, and it was thick and covered both of her ears. The length of her hair reached up to her shoulder. At the moment, Truss like to have her hair reach almost halfway down her ears. In addition to that, the gorgeous politician has shed a considerable amount of weight in comparison to her younger self.

In July of 2022, Truss made a promise to impersonate Margaret Thatcher, complete with a costume and voice impersonation, if she were elected Prime Minister.

The politician had been quoted as saying, “While the other candidates are worrying about policies and economics and whatever else, I’m going to deliver what the Tory faithful really want – a Maggie tribute act! I am a masterful Margaret Thatcher impersonator! Take a look at this!”

Following this, Truss began speaking in his best Mr. Bean impression. It was said, “This lady’s not,”” Now I am in a better position to convey my meaning when I say, “This lady’s not for burning.” Haha, see? She stated, “But I’ll truly get my hair done like Thatcher – it won’t be a wig.” referring to the former British prime minister. And I already own all of the appropriate attire.”

British PM Liz Truss

Does Liz Truss Wear A Wig?

The hair that Liz Truss has is completely unprocessed. Although she has blonde hair at the moment, the natural color of her hair is brown. Despite this, she does not use any sort of hairpiece or wig.

We can observe a minor decrease in her hair quantity as a result of her advanced age. As a consequence of this, internet users have the suspicion that the lawmaker is disguising her identity by wearing a wig. In light of the fact that she was victorious in the election, some internet users have even developed memes in which comedians can be seen imitating her speeches while wearing blonde wigs.

Truss will be the third woman to hold the position of Prime Minister. She garnered the greatest support from members of the Conservative party, and as a result, she has subsequently taken over as party leader from Boris Johnson. Unless an election is held before then, the next election is not slated to take place until the month of January in the year 2025.

Despite the fact that it was anticipated that Truss would earn a higher proportion of the vote, Truss won the election with ease. She then subtly put an end to rumors that there may be a snap election by making a vow to “deliver” during the subsequent two years after the vote.

Twitter Memes As Liz Truss Is Set To Become New PM

As Liz Truss prepares to go on a new adventure, her memes that went viral are currently receiving a lot of attention.

Everyone, it seems, is looking for her memes, in addition to asking questions about her plans for the future of the nation and her policies.

According to Google Trends, two of the most popular search terms being used right now are “Liz Truss memes” and “Liz Truss gif.”

The majority of her memes depict Truss as she is giving one of her speeches. One of her memes that went popular also showed her applauding in a formal manner.

Matt Dent, a councilor for Southend Labour & Co-op, had developed a number of movies, and one of them used a sequence from The Simpsons that had been edited to include speeches.

In a similar vein, numerous passionate discussions on the internet meme known as Truss can be seen on Twitter. The following text appears in a popular meme: “Boris Johnson, unquestionably the worst Prime Minister we have ever had.” Hold My Cheese! is a song performed by Liz Truss.

Another meme that has been circulating on Twitter reads the following: “Liz Truss being Prime Minister is comparable to when Apple forced everyone to have that U2 music in their iTunes library, even though they didn’t want it.”

Liz Truss Wikipedia

Her birthday is July 26th, 1975, and she was born in Oxford, England. Therefore, take a look at the Liz Truss Wiki as well as the other material contained in this article. In fact, Elizabeth Mary Truss is a British politician who has held the position of Member of Parliament for South West Norfolk since the year 2010. Since 2021, she has served as the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, and since 2019, she has been Minister for Women and Equalities. She is a member of the Conservative Party and has served in the cabinet under the leadership of David Cameron, Theresa May, and Boris Johnson, among other Prime Ministers.

Liz Truss Biography

On this page, we have included information about Liz Truss’s biography, including her height, age, date of birth, family information, and weight, as well as the most recent data we have available about her. This post covers everything there is to know about Truss; if you found it interesting, please spread the word about it using as many different channels as you can think of.

Liz Truss Career

Her professional career included serving as the chairperson of the Lewisham Deptford Conservative Association from the years 1998 to 2000. In 2006, she won a seat on the council of the London Borough of Greenwich, but she decided to step down in 2010, just a few years before the end of her term.

Truss began her campaign for the retention of the RAF Tornado based at RAF Marham in her constituency shortly after she was elected to the House of Commons on May 6, 2010. Over the course of seven months, she asked 13 questions in the Commons about RAF Marham, and she was successful in securing a special debate on the subject. She also wrote dozens of letters to ministers, and she gathered signatures on a petition that was delivered to Downing Street. Additionally, she was successful in her efforts to get the A11 slowed down west of Thetford. She opposed the proposal to sell off woodlands and was helpful in preventing the development of a rubbish incinerator in West, both of which were done with the Thetford Forest in her constituency in mind.

Liz Truss Parents

Liz Truss is a well-known politician in the United Kingdom. People who are candidates like him and people who check Liz Truss Wiki are well-versed in the knowledge regarding her family that is provided on this page. This information may be found in its entirety on this page.

Her parents both go by the name John Truss, and she has a number of siblings whose names are not currently known to the public. At this time, we only have this information, but we will update it as soon as we learn more about her family, including her parents, siblings, and other relationships.

Liz Truss Husband

Posts on several social media platforms indicate that she is currently married. Hugh O’Leary is the name of her husband, in case you were wondering. Keep reading to find out more about her way of life, and go here to get more information about her family.



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