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Emily Symons of Home and Away has lost weight before undergoing jaw surgery.

Emily Symons of Home and Away has lost weight before undergoing jaw surgery.

Fans of Emmerdale should be realistic about their hopes for the return of Australian-born actress Emily Symons for the 50th anniversary of the programme in October.

The multi-talented actress, 53, indicated that she might return for the momentous 50th anniversary of Emmerdale. The actors Danny Miller, Amy Walsh, and Elizabeth Estensen recently made the announcement that they will momentarily resume their roles, with the producers promising big storylines.

“Not right now,” It has been 14 years since Louise Appleton, who is played by Emily, left the show. The Australian native had her stage debut in 2001 and left the country in 2008; she doesn’t currently have any intentions to return.

Emily Symons, a star of Home and Away,

The 53-year-old Emily Symons has admitted that she has struggled with weight her entire life. She has therefore undergone numerous weight loss operations and therapies throughout her career.

Since she made her acting debut in Richmond Hill in 1988 as Anne Costello, Symons has graced our television screens with her blonde, positive attitude. When she was 22 years old, she noticed some weight gain. She began doing it habitually over time, and she eventually gained weight.

She started her first serious exercise programme. She used to frequent the gym five nights per week. She lost a lot of weight, but her thighs grew larger. She exerted every effort to reduce the weight around her thighs. Thighmaster, a home-purchased gym membership with a personal mentor.

For a guest appearance on Channel Seven’s The Morning Show in 2018, Symons disregarded the unique appearance of her character in favour of a casually chic appearance and a smaller body.

In a black pantsuit that was carefully tailored to highlight her distinctly small figure, the Home And Away actress impressed. Emily said in the interview that her admirers had publicly scolded her for being overweight even though she appeared to be in better health than ever.

Emily Symons uderwent jaw surgery.

Symons, an Australian actress who played Marilyn in Summer Bay thirty years ago, doesn’t seem to have aged a day. Fans have observed that her jaws are somewhat misaligned in comparison to earlier photographs. They wonder if the strikingly attractive actress underwent jaw surgery.

It is unclear, though, whether she actually did something similar. In all of her interviews, she has never brought up her jaw surgery. She would deal with it, just like she did with her weight loss metamorphosis, if she had one.

She rose to fame in 1988 playing the brief character of Anne Costello in the soap drama Richmond Hill. In 1989, following the end of that run, she started as Marilyn Chambers-Fisher in Home and Away. After more than eleven years, Symons came to the UK and was immediately hired as Louise Appleton in the British serial opera Emmerdale.

She started dating football player Matt Le Tissier following her divorce. In addition, Tissier will be 53 years old in 2022, and HAQ Express estimates that he will have a net worth of $2.5 million. Her first marriage, which lasted from 1992 to 1994, was to the 64-year-old British historian and novelist Nick Lipscombe.



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