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Everything You Need to Know About Bernard Looney’s Ex-Wife Jacqueline Hurst, & Her Net Worth

As a result of his astounding earnings, Bernard Looney, CEO of Bernard Looney Associates, has recently become the talk of the business world.

He currently holds the position of Chief Executive Officer at the century-old oil and gas conglomerate BP plc. BP is one of the seven “supermajors” in the oil and gas industry, which refers to companies that control a significant portion of the global fuel market.

As of the month of August 2022, users of social media platforms have gone into a frenzy after learning what the BP CEO made in remuneration over the previous year.

Despite the fact that Looney is currently hard at work, Twitter is currently rife with threads discussing the amount of money he has made.

Bernard Looney And His Ex-Wife Jacqueline Hurst have a Strained Relationship

Jacqueline Hurst was the former spouse of the wealthy and prominent CEO who is the subject of much rumor. After getting divorced, the two have become estranged from one another and do not have a healthy relationship.

It is common knowledge that Ms. Hurst is among the best life trainers in all of London. The success of her book “How to Do You” helped her become the best-selling British novelist of all time on the international market.

When being married for two years, Looney and Hurst decided to divorce after the former broke up with the latter via a text message sent through Whatsapp.

Life coach, published author, and GQ magazine columnist Jacqueline Hurst hails from the United Kingdom.

Ms. Hurst revealed that she was naturally devastated when her marriage ended without warning in her book that she self-published titled “How To Do You: The Life-Changing Art of Mastering Your Thoughts and Taking Control of Your Life.” Ms. Hurst wrote the book to help people learn “The Life-Changing Art of Mastering Your Thoughts and Taking Control of Your Life.”

She believes that the only reason Looney married her was so he could advance his career at BP. Hurst has gone on with her life and is currently occupied with her career and other obligations.

The woman who used to be Mrs. Looney has been married twice, but she doesn’t hide anything about her personal life on her official business website or her Instagram name.

The Net Worth of Bernard Looney, CEO of BP, Is in the Billions

Looney has been referred to as both a “business man” and a “cash machine,” thus the estimates of his wealth are certainly not to be taken lightly.

According to Forbes, BP plc has an astounding revenue of $158 billion, assets worth $287.3 billion, and an annual average profit of $7.6 billion, thus it stands to reason that Looney’s net worth is also extremely amazing.

Bernard Looney FREng, an Irish businessman, has become a multi-billionaire due solely to the earnings he has received from BP.

The current CEO of the company started working there when he was just 20 years old. During his three decades of service at BP, he worked his way up through the ranks to eventually become the company’s CEO.

Therefore, it is safe to assume that his net worth is in the several billions of dollars; nonetheless, the self-described “workaholic” Looney has avoided discussing his accumulated money in public.

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What Will Bernard Looney’s Salary Be in the Year 2022?

According to a report that was published recently in the Daily Mail UK, the CEO of BP was awarded a salary of 4.5 million pounds in 2017.

As a result of the enormous profits that the company made of £6.9 billion, it was able to lavishly compensate its CEO and dominate the business world. The increases from the previous year represent the highest level in the past fourteen years.

While Bernard Looney was still helping out on the family farm when he first started working for the company in 1991, he was hired on as a drilling engineer. In 2020, he was given the position of CEO of BP in order to collect such enormous remuneration amounts from the firm.

In the meantime, it has been speculated that his earnings will shortly exceed £11.7 million by the time the year 2022 comes to a close.

The public’s reaction to the announcement of his pay has been largely comical due to the fact that the populace as a whole and their households are currently dealing with the effects of rising inflation and the expense of living.



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