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Everytime The Beat Drop Tiktok Song Lyrics, Meaning and Viral Dance Trend Explained

When the song Tha Beat Drop from TikTok gains popularity, it always has.

Find out more about the lyrics and meaning of the TikTok song, as well as the dancing craze and video collection, in the article that follows.

The American recording artist Monica has a track titled “Everytime Tha Beat Drop” that can be found on her fifth studio album titled “The Makings of Me” (2006). The song was written by the rap trio Dem Franchize Boyz, as well as Johnta Austin, Jermaine Dupri, Robert Hill, Charles Hammond, Deangelo Hunt, and James Phillips. Dupri was in charge of production, while LRoc’s name is also on the credit list.

The song has only recently begun to gain popularity on TikTok, and already a large number of users have created humorous videos in response to it. This should not come as a surprise given that numerous lyrics, dances, or music clips gain popularity and a large number of followers on the internet on a daily, or even more frequent, basis. In addition, the song lyrics to “Everytime Tha Beat Drop” are most likely already known to the global community of TikTokers that make use of the programme.

Every Time the Beat Drops: Lyrics and Meaning of the TikTok Song

A lyrical and melodic departure from Monica’s earlier tracks, “Everytime Tha Beat Drop” was the first single to be released from the album in the United States, and it was released in July of 2006. However, the majority of music critics gave it negative reviews, calling it “untypical” and “avoidable” in their assessments.

However, the song’s beat is currently seeing a resurgence in popularity through Tiktok, and as of the year 2022, it seems that everybody is singing along. However, the song’s moment has become popular on Tiktok, which has made people of the internet inquisitive about the song’s actual content. So, to summarise, here is how the song’s lyrics go:

Every time the beat drops, I’m going to rock, and then I’m going to get down on my knees.

Every time the beat drops, I’m going to rock, and then I’m going to get down on my knees.

You know how to pimpin’ make the beat drop, and all you need is a laptop for that.

I force them to do it, and they have to start as soon as the beat starts.

Could do what Nick did and just toss my towels.

I like to wyle out, and I’m going to play this game till I get eliminated.

I start by bending down, then I grab a ball, and then I pop with it.

I am going to rock with it when they bring the mics and the crowd.

And licks, trying to acquire it as fast as possible

They respond to the music by saying things like, “That’s my —”

When they play my saxophone, I can’t help but be who I am.

I just can’t help but go down whenever the beat drops.

I just adore getting drunk and having a good time while shaking it up all night.

Hey, once the beat drops, the song is always one of my favourites.

Each and every Time Tha Beat Drop Explains the Latest Viral Dance Trend

Whenever Tha Beat Drop comes in at three minutes and forty-one seconds, rap melody. It has rhythms that pack a punch and lyrics that flow easily. The opening line of the song is “Rock, then bow my knees, everytime tha beat drop.” This line is repeated throughout the remainder of the song.

There is a little of beat mix, in addition to a plodding beginning. The beginning of the song’s rhythm may be found after the second lyric, which is “Faded.” The lyrics “I told her to send me a selfie, duh with no filter fast” may be found in the fourth verse as well as in the middle of the song.

The lyrics “DFB, y’all are aware of what this is whenever the rhythm drops…” serve as the song’s final line.

At each and every drop of the beat… Let’s get it… Every time the music drops the beat. Please watch the video above to get the lyrics in their entirety.

Compilation of Every Time Tha Beat Drop Videos Every Time

Whenever the Beat Drop video compilation achieves widespread popularity across the internet. In addition to that, the videos are rapidly becoming widely distributed. The dancers are also utilising some hip movements, which are very similar to these. The lyrics “Rock, then bow my knees” are repeated in the Tiktok video song each time the rhythm changes. I rock back and forth before bending over at each and every break in the pattern.

In addition, after the music slows down, the dancers in the videos break out into some impressive routines. One individual uploaded the remarkable dance talents, which resulted in 505.3 thousand likes and 7264 comments being left on the video. In a manner comparable to this, approximately 61.5 thousand videos are accessible for the music each and every time Tha Beat Drop.



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