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Ex-Financial Advisor – Peggy Fulford Wikipedia Bio And Age

Peggy Fulford was a former money manager and financial counsellor. She was found guilty of fraud and sentenced to ten years in prison.

Recently, Fulford has been in the headlines due to the fact that she was caught defrauding a number of individuals. After her actions were brought to light, the former financial adviser was found guilty and sentenced to about ten years in jail.

A number of well-known sportsmen, such as former NBA basketball players Dennis Rodman and Travis Best, former Heisman Trophy winner Ricky Williams, and NFL football players Lex Hilliard and Ricky Williams, were taken advantage of by Fulford and had millions of dollars stolen from them.

Who Is Peggy Fulford?

Fulford portrays herself to the public as a professional money manager and financial counsellor. She was recently sentenced to a 10-year jail term in the state of Texas for scamming a large number of famous athletes.

Fulford, who also used the names Devon Cole and Devin Barard, as well as the last names King, Williams, Simpson, Rivers, and Barard, admitted that she had deceived her former customers by claiming to have degrees from Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School as well as having earned millions of dollars on Wall Street. She also went by the last names King, Williams, Simpson, Rivers, and Barard.

She claimed that since she was already wealthy, her victims did not have to pay her a fee because she merely wanted to help them in protecting their financial stability because she was already wealthy herself. Fulford, who was in charge of managing their accounts and paying their bills, stole millions of dollars from them in order to sustain her lavish spending habits.

What Is Peggy Fulford Net Worth?

Before she went to jail, it was believed that she had a net worth of ten million dollars. Even after paying restitution to her victims, her net worth is still about 4 million dollars.

During the time that the fraud was being perpetrated, she had numerous homes, one of which was located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, a collection of costly automobiles that included a Rolls-Royce, and almost $2 million in charges on her American Express card.

Her past transgressions are now public knowledge, and as a result, people are less likely to put their faith in her. At this moment, she is serving her sentence at a correctional facility.

Who Is Peggy Fulford Husband?

It would seem that Fulford has been married a total of five times during the course of her existence. Her last name, Fulford, comes from her husband’s family, so you can tell where she got it. Peggy had already tied the knot with her ex-husband, an emergency department physician named Forrest King.

The name Stanley Williams is also included on the list that her husband has. Their wedding took place in 2002, and they finalised their divorce in 2008. Her first spouse was killed in an accident with a DC-6 on September 6, 1985.

There is evidence to suggest that Peggy was involved in three different marriages and gave birth to a total of four children. On the other hand, her present situation in terms of romantic relationships is unknown to the public.

Due to the fact that she was born in 1958, she is now 61 years old. Due to the fact that she was born in New Orleans, she is a citizen of the United States. She follows the teachings of Christianity and is of African American ancestry. The whole form of her name is Peggy Ann Fulford.



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