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Facts On Brother Of Sonny Bill Williams & Sister From Rugby Sevens

John Arthur Williams was once a rising rugby talent. Sonny Bill Williams, a well-known player, has two well-known sporting siblings

Big brother John Arthur and sister Niall; she plays rugby sevens for New Zealand. Sonny Bill Williams has long been renowned as a versatile athlete. He is an outstanding heavyweight boxer with a great rugby career.

Sonny is one of only twenty-one players in rugby history to have won the Rugby World Cup twice. Furthermore, he is only the second player in New Zealand history to represent the country in rugby union after first representing his country in rugby league.

The winger played three seasons in the National Rugby League (NRL) and has 12 caps, including two World Cups. He retired in March 2021 and afterwards began his professional boxing career. Sonny Bill Williams has competed in nine heavyweight fights, all of which he has won. He has held the titles of New Zealand Professional Boxing Association Heavyweight Champion and World Boxing Association (WBA) International Heavyweight Champion.

Few people are aware of Sonny Bill Williams’ global achievements. In the meantime, they want to know about his family and personal life. Here are a few details regarding the athlete’s siblings and relatives that we attempted to cover.

Williams converted to Islam in 2009, while playing for Toulon in France. He is the All Blacks’ first Muslim player and has talked openly about his beliefs.  In 2018, he went on an Umrah pilgrimage to Mecca and also visited Medina.  He holds dual citizenship in New Zealand and Samoa. In 2019, he issued a “tearful letter of condolence” for the Christchurch mosque massacre victims[256] and condemned China’s treatment of Uyghurs, saying, “It’s a sad day when we pick economic benefits over humanity.”  Williams has four children with Alana Raffie, whom he met in a shop.

Personal Details

Name – Sonny Bill Williams

Siblings –  3

1st Brothers – John Arthur Williams

2 sisters –  Niall and Denise Williams

Parents – John Williams and Lee

Alana Raffie, his wife

4 year olds ( Iman, Aisha, Zaid, and Essa)

Sonny Bill Williams.

Boyhood Memories of Sonny Bill Williams

Sonny Bill Williams, who was born on August 3, 1995, grew up with three siblings. He is the middle-born sibling. John Arthur Williams is the rugby player’s older brother. His two younger sisters, twins Niall and Denise, are younger than him.

Sonny Bill Williams and his siblings were nurtured in a working-class family in Auckland’s posh Mount Albert. They came from a low-income family. Nonetheless, the SBW family has more than one sports celebrity.

Williams’ autobiography contains numerous references to his family. Furthermore, he has spoken about his tragic childhood accident, which he believes inspired him to assist his country team win the World Cup.

Boxing Carrer

Sonny Bill Williams Facts
Nationality – New Zealand’s
Born on August 3, 1985 (age 37)
New Zealand’s Auckland, Stance
Orthodox Boxing track record
Total fights: 9 wins, 9 by KO,  Losses

Williams claims that his professional boxing career has made him a better athlete and more confident rugby player. Williams made his professional boxing debut on the undercard of close friend Anthony Mundine on May 27, 2009, defeating Garry Gurr by a technical knockout (TKO) in the second round in Brisbane.

On June 30, 2010, he defeated Ryan Hogan via TKO after only two minutes and 35 seconds. Williams regarded his preparation for the fight as “excellent off-season training” for his upcoming Canterbury rugby club debut.

The Turning Point in Sonny’s Life

Williams was four years old when he was in a tragic accident. He’d escaped with a nasty injury to the back of his leg .A teenage cook near Sonny’s house had panicked after burning a skillet, according to Sonny. The terrified cook hurled the scorching skillet into the backyard, where young Williams was playing. The hot fats from the pan eventually ran down the back of his legs.

The boiling fat eventually scorched his legs, inflicting serious burns. The incident also had a psychological impact on Sonny.

Neighbors heard his yells and rushed to water him down. Williams spent more than sixty days at Auckland City Hospital’s critical burns unit before being discharged and returning home in a wheelchair. His parents were not allowed to touch him since his skin grafts were so sensitive.


Williams became the first player in rugby league history to be signed as a worldwide ambassador for sportswear maker Adidas on May 5, 2014.

He is also the face of the apparel line Just Jeans and a BMW brand ambassador.  He has also had sponsorship relationships with companies such as Powerade and Rebel Sport. He was named 41st in SportsPro magazine’s 2014 list of the 50 most marketable sportsmen.

Williams acted as a UNICEF ambassador in December 2015, touring Lebanon alongside Mike McRoberts to raise awareness of the plight of Syrian refugee children.

His Older brother is John Arthur Williams.

Sonny Bill Williams’ older brother is John Arthur Williams. He is a well-known New Zealand celebrity family member.

Arthur and Sonny were raised in a large household of six in Auckland, New Zealand. But they were both adults who pursued the same job path. John began playing rugby union. Sonny, on the other hand, transitioned from rugby union to rugby league before moving on to heavyweight boxing.

John Arthur Williams’ age is considered to be between 38 and 40. The well-known boxer, currently 36 years old, was born on August 3rd, 1985, assuming he is Sonny Bill Williams’ older brother.

We have no influence on Arthur’s birth date details. Nonetheless, he is a proud Samoan New Zealander with Australian ancestors.

Sonny Bill Williams’ brother used to be a rugby player in College

John Arthur Williams is a former Rugby Union player. He previously played in the Phelan Shield for the New Lynn Stags. John Arthur appeared in the Phelan Shield grand final at Mt Smart Stadium in 2011. He has also competed in the Queensland Cup and the NSW Cup. He has also played for the New Lynn Stags versus Kurt and Cheung Muaiava.

Previously, John Arthur and his brother, Sonny Bill, shared a home in Christchurch. He left to pursue his career with the New Lynn Stags.

Get to Know About Sisters of John Arthur Williams and Sonny Bill Williams

Niall and Denise, John Arthur’s and Sonny Bill’s younger siblings, are a blessing for the rugby players. Niall, their youngest sister, played international touch football for New Zealand as well as rugby sevens. She was also chosen for the 2016 Summer Olympics, where the Kiwis finished second to Australia.

Niall won silver at the 2011 Touch Football World Cup after winning gold at the 2005 Youth World Cups. She was just nominated to the Ferns Seven squad for the Birmingham Commonwealth Games in 2022.

Meanwhile, Denise’s professional background remains a mystery. She does, however, appear on Instagram under the account @twinny dee. She is also a mother to two lovely children.

According to her Instagram photos, Niall is married to Tama Guthrie and they have two beautiful daughters, Tatum-Lee and Rema-Rae. @niall williams13 is her Instagram handle, and she has 46.5 thousand followers.

Sonny Bill Williams and John Arthur Williams’ Family Details

Parents Lee and John Williams gave birth to Sonny Bill Williams, his brother John Arthur, and two sisters.

Father John Williams, in particular, is of Samoan descent. He has lived in Auckland for the past five decades. Unlike his children, John prefers to live his life away from social media.

His mother worked in a certain field, while his father, John, was a successful rugby league player. Although his father was familiar with the sport, John and his siblings first learned about it from their mother.

Arthur, along with his siblings and sisters, was adored by his parents. Because of their exceptional parenting, all of the children have attained their life goals.

Lee Williams, Sonny and John’s mother, is half-New Zealander and half-Australian. She has raised her children to be smart, strong, and responsible. As Samoans, the majority of the William family has tribal tattoos on their body. Sonny and John, for example, have tribal tattooing on their right arm and chest. Similarly, their sisters have applied the ink nicely on their thighs and arms.

Samoans’ tattoos symbolize their island, community, and family. These are worn to protect one’s identity. Samoan tattoos are also a source of tremendous pride for the people.

Is Alana Raffie and Sonny Bill Williams Still a Married Couple?

Alana Raffie Williams, Sonny Bill’s loyal wife, married in 2013. In 2013, they made the decision to engage in conventional Muslim dating. The rugby player believes his wife is to blame for the most major change in his life.

In his autobiography, “You Can’t Stop The Sun From Shining,” Williams stated that AFL star Alana helped him leave his life of drug addiction and excessive partying.

Alana did not originally offer Williams with her phone number, according to Williams. However, after two weeks of perseverance, two people started dating. Despite the fact that they began dating with no romantic feelings, their love became stronger over time.

Alana Raffie, Sonny Bill Williams’ wife, is of South African descent. She follows Islam as her religion. Williams claims that his wife has assisted him in overcoming his partying lifestyle. Alana Raffie is 27 years old, and her husband is eight years her senior. She worked at the Sydney store before meeting Williams in 2013. Her school of choice was Westfield Sports High School.

According to The Daily Telegraph, Raffie used to work as a dancer in Brazilian nightclubs before becoming a Muslim. In 2017, she founded Slumber Bumba, a firm that leases out equipment. The organization supports busy parents in providing amazing memories for their children.

Sonny Bill Williams
Sonny Bill Williams

Sonny Bill Williams’ Kids

Sonny Bill Williams and his wife, Alana Raffie, have four children. His daughters are Iman and Aisha, while his sons are Zaid and Essa.

Williams’ sons have been very passionate about rugby since they were very little, according to The Mirrors. As a result, they have attracted the eye of South Africa’s southern hemisphere and may play in Cape Town.

Despite the fact that Williams will have significant influence over rugby in his family, his wife, Alana Raffie, of South African heritage, has won the battle for their boys’ allegiances.

Williams frequently posts photos of his children on his Instagram account. He has one million followers under the handle @sonnybillwilliams.

Estimated Net Worth Of Sonny Bill Williams In 2022

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Sonny Bill Williams has a net worth of USD 25 million. The rugby player made his riches through his successful rugby and boxing careers. He has signed contracts with a number of rugby unions and rugby league clubs during his professional career. However, he eventually switched to boxing, a more lucrative discipline.

The two-time Rugby World Cup champion has achieved greatness almost wherever he has gone in his career, leaving a tremendously successful sporting legacy behind him.

Despite having bank sponsorship deals, the rugby player does not have any sponsors on his shirt. After his dramatic rugby league departure, Sonny Bill resorted to boxing to pay off his $1 million debt, according to the Mirror.



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