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Felicia Taylor: Who is she? Ex-Host Check for CNN Charges and Reports: Why Was She Arrested?

You have probably become familiar with the name Felicia Taylor in the news over the past few days. This is the name that is generating an incredible amount of buzz all over the place. In this article, we will tell you everything there is to know about Felicia Taylor and explain why she is trending all over the place. Felicia Taylor is a retired Host and correspondent from the CNN media network. She is currently 57 years old.

Why Is She Being Taken Into Arrest?

Previous employment for Felicia Taylor was with CNN International World Business Today. Recently, Felicia was taken into custody by law enforcement officers after she was accused of hitting another vehicle with her white Mercedes and injuring the driver of the other vehicle. After hitting the other car, Felicia Taylor actually fled the scene of the accident before police arrived. The Palm Beach Police Department shared the news that the suspect had been arrested in connection with the hit-and-run incident. The other person who was driving a vehicle that was struck by Felicia has been identified as a young man who is 24 years old and was sitting in his black Ford when Felicia hit the rear bumper of his vehicle. Because of the traffic in front of him, the driver of the Ford car had to come to a stop in front of Felicia.

The driver has come forward to reveal that the hit from behind caused him to sustain multiple injuries. The victim driver disclosed that as a result of the hit to the rear of his vehicle, he steered into the steering wheel, and as a consequence, he sustained significant injuries. According to the additional information in the reports, Felicia Taylor ran away from the scene of the accident as soon as it happened. Instead of offering assistance to the person who had been injured, Felicia hastened to leave the scene of the incident. Felicia Taylor is a prominent figure in the public eye in the New York and Palm Beach areas. She quickly brought the officers who were on duty to a stop. It was clear enough that she had hit his white Mercedes because the front end was severely damaged.

Taylor admitted to the officials who had pulled her over that the accident was not a major event and that she was in a rush to get back to her house after they had stopped her. Felicia Taylor likewise deceived the law enforcement personnel by claiming that she had just arrived from the Colony Hotel. Despite the fact that the Colony hotel was closed on that particular day, she told the police that she was coming from the Colony hotel. She denied that she had consumed any drugs or alcohol before getting behind the wheel. Despite the fact that the law enforcement officials stated that she did not have an odor of alcohol about her, Felicia Taylor stated that the damage to her vehicle is her responsibility and that it is nobody else’s business that it is damaged. She also claimed that she did not stop after hitting the car because she did not believe the accident to be particularly serious and therefore did not feel the need to do so. She refuted each and every accusation. Despite the fact that Felicia was arrested by the officials of the police department and transported to the Palm Beach County jail, There, she was charged with reckless driving as well as fleeing the scene of an accident after it occurred. After some time, she was freed after posting a bond of $3000.



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