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Guy Reffitt Wife & Family Reacts To Jan 6 Rioter’s Sentencing

Nicole Reffitt is the wife of Guy Reffitt, who is known for his involvement in the Capitol Riots.

Guy, a man aged 49, was charged with five felonies, including carrying a gun while a riot is in progress, hindering the progress of an official, entering or remaining in a prohibited area with a gun, obstructing cops while a riot is in progress, and obstructing justice. Other charges against Guy include entering or remaining in a prohibited area with a gun, and entering or remaining in a prohibited area with a gun. The individual is suspected of interfering with police officers who were protecting the building and of bringing a gun onto the grounds of the Capitol.

In addition to this, he is accused of obstructing justice as a result of the purported threats made against his children.

Who Precisely Is This Nicole Reffitt?

Nicole Reffitt is the wife of Guy Reffitt, who was convicted of taking a firearm into the United States Capitol during the riot that occurred on January 6 and was sentenced to more than seven years in jail for his actions.

After being accused of leading an uprising at the Capitol on January 6, 2021, the husband of Lady Reffitt has entered a guilty plea. According to Reffitt’s wife, Nicole, the Anti-Defamation League characterizes the Three Percenters as “anti-government zealots who are a part of the militia movement.”

A number of them, including Nicole and her son, went to the police and accused their Guardian of committing a felony by associating with “anti-government extremists who are a member of the militia movement.” The police took the information and arrested the Guardian for the crime he had committed.

After the verdict was read aloud, Nicole Reffitt reportedly could be heard yelling outside the court that it “went against every American.” You will be judged guilty despite the fact that you have rights under the First Amendment. Caution is something that should be exercised by Americans. According to the Associated Press, “This war has barely just begun.”

She is said to have shouted, “You are all in peril!” since she believed the government was using her husband as an example for others to follow.

The charges against Guy Reffitt

Guy Reffitt, a supporter of Donald Trump from Texas, was sentenced on Monday for a “terrorist enhancement” that would have resulted in a harsher jail term. Reffitt intended to storm the United States Capitol, which would have resulted in a heavier sentence.

A sentence of more than seven years in prison was handed down to Mr. Reffitt on Monday for possessing a pistol supporting “terrorist enhancement.” Guy Reffitt was the first defendant charged in the January 6 case to stand trial. Reffitt’s son had contacted the FBI a few weeks prior to the event, but he did not hear back from them until after the incident had taken place.

The government had a lot of evidence against Reffitt, including the testimony of his companion, who claimed that Reffitt was carrying zip ties and that the two of them had decided to carry weapons because they’d prefer to be “tried by a jury. of 12 than carried by six.” The government had a lot of evidence against Reffitt, including the testimony of his companion.

Guy Reffitt, who participated in the violence at the Capitol, is expected to be sentenced on Monday, and the Department of Justice is asking for a terrorist enhancement.

Jackson (the son) stated in his statement that he had contacted the FBI in the days preceding up to the rebellion to convey his concerns over his father.

Reffitt was depicted as a pivotal participant by the prosecution as a key figure in the riots that occurred in the Capitol. According to the prosecution, Reffitt was responsible for pushing a large number of protesters up the steps toward Capitol police who were stationed outside the doors, as well as encouraging others to keep going after being pepper sprayed.

Reffitt is accused of obstructing justice by threatening to hurt his two children if they told authorities that he was involved in the incident, as reported by the Associated Press (AP). This allegedly occurred after Reffitt was accused of threatening to hurt his children if they told authorities that he was involved in the incident.

When Reffitt returned to his Texas home after the incident, he allegedly told his two children, who were 18 and 16 years old at the time, that if they reported him to law enforcement, they would be “traitors” to him and that “traitors get shot.” The prosecution claims that Reffitt made this statement to his children.

Is The Death Penalty Being Applied To Guy Reffitt? All About Capitol Rioter

In March, a judge found Reffitt guilty on all five of the charges against him, including interfering with an official procedure and transporting a firearm to assist a civil disturbance. After charging the police line, he was eventually rendered impotent and was unable to enter the Capitol or use force in any situation.

Judge Dabney L. Friedrich imposed the following terms and conditions on Reffitt: 87 months in prison, three years of probation, $2,000 in restitution, and mandated participation in mental health counseling.

Chris Cuomo talks to Jackson Reffitt, a teenager from Texas who told the FBI about his father’s involvement in the event at the Capitol. Reffitt notified the FBI about his father’s involvement in the incident.

According to Friedrich, the conduct that Mr. Reffitt engaged in on and around January 6 do not fit within any conceivable definition of the word “patriot.” On the 16th of January, Reffitt was arrested at his home in the presence of his wife, daughter, and son. Jackson soon asserted that he had arrived at the conclusion that it was time for him to leave his home.

Reffitt said these words in an interview with ABC News in December while he was incarcerated. He was speaking from within the facility. “This has been heartbreaking for my family and me, especially for my children, my son — basically, every one of my family,” Reffitt said.

On the inside, he had a guilty conscience, but it was possible that it was only a sympathetic reaction to what he had done.



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