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‘Hero’ lifeguard,Natalie Lucas, who’s 18 delivers baby after woman goes into labor in swimming pool

Natalie Lucas, a Colorado lifeguard who was just 18 years old at the time, gave birth to a baby after a lady went into labour while working at the swimming pool. On July 24, this event took occurred at a YMCA facility in Longmont, Colorado, where Lucas was worked as a lifeguard.

Tessa Rider told the Washington Post that she had been waiting for a very long time to go swimming with her husband, Matthew Jones, and that they had finally done so. The woman, who was 29 years old at the time, said that being in the water was one of the only things that provided relief from the excruciating pain she was experiencing as she awaited the arrival of her baby. “We were prepared for the arrival of the baby. We just did not know if it was going to be today, one week from now, or two weeks from now, “she explained it to the Post.

Rider acknowledged that she had been experiencing some mild contractions before to going for a swim, but she did not believe that these contractions were a reliable indication that her due date was approaching. Almost immediately after she entered the pool, her water broke. Matthew Jones, her husband, who was standing by the side of the pool, wasted no time in pulling out his phone and dialling emergency services. Then, all of a sudden, Rider had the impression that she needed to “push.” After that, she yelled at her husband and told him to get up their possessions and get in the vehicle with her as soon as possible.

Natalie Lucas, the guard who was working at the time, made a beeline towards Jones, who was conversing with the people who were responding to the incident. When he told Lucas that they were going to have a baby, she didn’t waste any time getting things ready for the new arrival. Lucas, who has worked as a lifeguard for the last three years, said that she could feel her adrenaline levels rising, despite the fact that she had never had any formal clinical training. Lucas yelled at some of the other swimmers, asking them to contact the emergency services as he communicated the issue to the staff through a walkie-talkie. She quickly grabbed a first aid kit and some towels and ran over to assist the couple who had been injured.

“Because maintaining composure is a requirement of my profession, I refrained from becoming too anxious or panicked. You can’t really dilly-dally or wait for someone else to show up, can you? You are the one who saves people’s lives; you are the lifeguard “remarked the teenaged protagonist. While Jones assisted the delivery of the baby, Lucas propped up the expecting mother’s head with his hand. After some time had passed, Rider gave birth to a healthy baby boy who was given the name Tobin “Toby” Thomas Rider.

Alongside the new parents and their infant son, lifeguard Natalie Lucas can be seen holding baby Toby (Tessa Rider and Matthew Jones)
Alongside the new parents and their infant son, lifeguard Natalie Lucas can be seen holding baby Toby (Tessa Rider and Matthew Jones)
“Her labour progressed so quickly that — with support from a Y lifeguard and Tessa’s husband, Matthew — this beautiful baby boy was delivered on the pool deck at the Y before EMS arrived,” the YMCA of Northern Colorado wrote in a post on Facebook. “Her labour progressed so quickly that — with support from a Y lifeguard and Tessa’s husband, Matthew.”

The new parents ensured that their little son, Rider, was as comfortable as possible as they awaited the arrival of the ambulance that would transport him to the hospital. When their younger brother was born, the couple’s two elder daughters, Lila, who was 6 years old and Abigail, who was 2 years old, were at church with their grandparents. As soon as they heard the news, the two went to meet the rest of their family at the hospital.

Despite the fact that Lucas admits that she has helped save a few children throughout the course of her work, she does not have any training as a nurse. After receiving her diploma from San Diego High School, Lucas plans to pursue a degree in criminology at San Diego State University. Her employer, although applauding Rider and Jones, pointed out that the acts that Lucas had taken were in no way “part of the work description.” [Case in point]

In a statement, the North Colorado YMCA stated the following: “In the event of an emergency, our lifeguards are trained to react, and Natalie demonstrated excellent response skills. When she recognised that Tessa was about to go into labour, she overcame the adrenaline rush and reacted with compassion, kindness, and determination.” The official continued by saying, “The health of Tessa and Toby was and remains of the utmost importance, and we are overjoyed that they are healthy and doing well.”

According to the Y, the newest member of the family has been given a membership to the fitness centre that is good for their whole lifetime. In addition, birthday greetings will be sent to Little Toby from Lucas. “I am overjoyed that the infant is doing well and that they have been blessed with a new member of their lovely family. It made me incredibly delighted to be able to assist them “The statement made by Lucas



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