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How Did Kurtis Colamonico Die? Death Cause of Skateboarding Star- What Happened To Him?

Kurtis Colamonico, a well-known skateboarder from the United States, went dead on Monday, August 22, 2022. He was regarded throughout the industry as a prominent promoter of the sport.

Colamonico was well-known for his popular podcast entitled “All I Need Skate.” At the El Dorado skatepark, where he did stunts and instructed a lot of young skateboarders, he was a well-known face.

Skateboarding Star Kurtis Colamonico Passed Away At Age 33

Unfortunately, Kurtis Colamonico passed away at the tender age of 33 years. The tragic news of his passing has been verified on both Facebook and Twitter.

Long memorials to the skateboarder have been made online by a number of Colamonico’s admirers. They have communicated their deepest condolences to each member of his family. KevinROMAR, a fellow skateboarder and friend of Kurtis’, was the first person to confirm the tragic news. KevinROMAR stated on Twitter:

“This one sucks, I was just on the phone with you too guy dang – RIP to a true human and one heck of a skater #KurtisColamonico,” one user wrote on Instagram.

After learning of the tragedy, the Twitter account @ItsLuRocK sent the following message: “RIP to the homie Kurtis Colamonico.” When our lives collided in any way, we had nothing but pleasant exchanges with one another. The man had a great deal of love for his son. Good dude. The unfortunate news came to light today.

Henry Bletsch, another friend of Kurtis’ and co-skater, has also shared his anguish on Facebook, expressing how much he misses him. The words “R.I.P. Kurtis Colamonico” have been written by him. Many thanks for being an ongoing source of motivation throughout the years.

What Happened To Kurtis Colamonico? Death Cause

Kurtis Colamonico passed away for reasons that have not been disclosed. His family has not issued a statement regarding his passing in any official capacity.

Fans have hypothesized that Colamonico suffered a stroke or was involved in an accident before passing away. We are unable to provide any further information regarding his passing until we receive further instruction.

Colamonico maintained a strong bond with his children, all of whom had a passion for skating. He has been an inspiration to a great number of children, and some of those children have gone on to compete in many international events.

Kurtis’s standard line was always something along the lines of, “It honestly inspires me to inspire the youth.” My objective is to boost children’s self-assurance while also providing them with positive outlets and activities in their everyday lives that they may turn to whenever they need a lift. I have always had the ambition to become a teacher, but it is a blessing that I am able to share my love with young people so that they can continue to grow in a constructive way while having a good time and making new friends. I adore the children!’

Who Is Kurtis Colamonico?

1989 was the year when Colamonico entered the world. He saw skateboarding as his life’s work and has been active in the sport for the better part of the past quarter century.

Young Colamonico was motivated to join in sports by the people who lived next door to his grandma. It was at that time when his granny gave him a Josh Casper Blind skateboard as a present. Christian Hosoi, Daewon Song, Andrew Reynolds, Chad Fernandez, and Geoff Rally were among the people he looked up to and regarded his idols. Moreover, his favorite skateboarding video is ‘Trilogy’.

Skateboarding Star Kurtis Colamonico

Colamonico was reportedly sponsored by Hosoi Skateboards, Diamond Supply Co., Furnace Skate shop, Adidas flow, Grizzly Griptape, Bones Bearings, Skate Kids, Keen Ramps, and S-One Helmets, as stated by Skate Kids.

Colamonico used a skateboard with a size 8 deck, 149 trucks, and 50mm wheels for his riding style. Backside tailslides and 360 flips were some of his favorite tricks to perform.

Skater Kurtis Colamonico Cause Of Death

Recently, and for reasons that have not been made clear, Kurtis passed away. Kevin Romar, a user of Twitter, was the first person to reveal the information on the social media platform. He tweeted his condolences and included a picture of Kurtis in the post.

Additional condolence messages came in for Kurtis and his family from a number of other people.

However, there has been no further information regarding his passing since it was reported. The skater’s abilities will never be forgotten about.

The Colamonico family has been silent during this entire ordeal. According to another user of Twitter, Kurtis was taken from us much too soon, and he still had a great deal of potential for this life.

Family Members Of Kurtis Colamonico: Who Are They?

Kurtis lived for 33 years before he went away. His family has been a tremendous source of encouragement and support for all of his skating-related ambitions and pursuits ever since he was a young child.

He could never adequately express his gratitude to his family for having faith in him.

Skateboarding was extraordinarily significant to Colamonico, who regarded it as his primary mode of transportation through life. He took great pride in his role as a coach for skateboarders.

Some of the companies who sponsored him include Hosoi Skateboards, Diamond Supply Co., Furnace Skate Shop, Adidas Flow, Grizzly Griptape, Bones Bearings, Skate Kids, and Keen Ramps, as well as S-One Helmets.

Skating was Kurtis’ passion for the first 25 years of his life. Before he began working with younger skateboarders, he first established himself as one of the best skateboarders in the world.

Never Ever Quit – Kurtis Colamonico

Kurtis Colamonico, a professional skateboarder as well as a successful businessman, joins Adam and Joe in this episode to explore the significance of maintaining a never-give-up mentality when pursuing one’s aspirations. Kurtis tells his tale from various phases of his career, as well as what inspires him to have a vision for the future as the founder of We Are Skate Kids. [Case in point:]

Make it a point to learn more about Kurtis and his business at, and be sure to follow him on social media at @kurtiscolamonico.

What are your thoughts on…?

What motivates you to pursue your life vision?

What challenges did you have to face in order to achieve your goals?

What kind of an impact are you hoping to have?

Kurtis Colamonico History

2009 Alli Dew Tour, Salt Lake City, UT – Park: 8th

2009 Alli Dew Tour, Portland, OR – Park: 9th

2008 LG Action Sports World Championships, Seattle, WA – Street: 5th

2008 Etnies GvR, Lake Forest, CA – Regular Team: 9th

2008 AST Dew Tour, Salt Lake City, UT – Park: 10th

2008 AST Dew Tour, Portland, OR – Park: 5th

2007 AST Dew Tour Overall Standing – Park: 7th

2007 AST Dew Tour, Cleveland, OH – Park: 4th

2007 AST Dew Tour, Baltimore, MD – Park: 7th



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