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How Did Nicole Hazen (Diamondbacks GM Mike Hazen Wife) Die? Death Cause- Where Is Her Husband Today?

The Arizona Diamondbacks are in mourning following the loss of Nicole Hazen, who fought a courageous battle against brain cancer. Mike Hazen was the general manager, and Nicole Hazen was his wife.

Middle school students were lucky to have Nicole as their teacher. She had a way of forming strong bonds with individuals, most notably with the players on the Diamondbacks and their wives.

The Hazen family made the following statement: “We would not have been able to go down this road alongside her without the kindness and generosity of our community,” the family said.

Obituary: Nicole Hazen Brain Cancer And Death Cause

On Thursday, Nicole Hazen lost her battle with cancer at the age of 45. According to a report by azcentral, the cause of death was complications resulting from glioblastoma, a particularly aggressive form of brain cancer.

When Hazen began having seizures in the summer of 2020, doctors were able to determine that she was suffering from an aggressive tumour in the front left region of her brain.

In the end, it was determined that the cause was glioblastoma, a malignant brain tumour that is aggressive and cannot be cured.

Even after she began undergoing surgery and other forms of treatment, she remained employed as an English teacher at St. Francis Xavier in Phoenix until the school year 2021 came to a close.

Upon learning that she had glioblastoma, Nicole established the Nicole Hazen Fund for Hope, whose primary mission was to provide financial support for glioblastoma research and treatment.

Nicole Hazen And Mike Hazen Kids Charlie, John, Teddy, Sam

During the time that Mike Hazen was working for the Indians as the associate farm director, he and Nicole Marie Ferrara became acquainted with one another.

Charlie, John, Sam, and Teddy were the couple Hazen’s four kids from a previous relationship.

Following the birth of their first child after their marriage, Nicole resigned from her position as a teacher. After Mike was hired by the Red Sox, his family ultimately decided to uproot their lives and move to Boston.

Mike, the woman’s husband, said that she would “do anything for the kids” and that she would “do anything for her kids.”

During the time that they were in Boston, they were blessed with three more children. She eventually went back to teaching after the family moved to Arizona in the fall of 2016, after the move had been completed. She decided to take a position at St. Francis Xavier University, which was the educational institution that the Hazen boys went to.

Nicole Hazen Net Worth Before Death

Nicole Hazen was a well-known figure in the community due to the fact that she was married to Mike Hazen, the general manager of the Arizona Diamondbacks. At the time of her passing, it is believed that she had a net worth of at least one million dollars.

Nonetheless, the precise sum of her earnings has not yet been made public at this time. According to the report on, Mike, on the other hand, has approximately $8.35 million in his possession.

Her fighting spirit was on display in every step of her courageous journey, as well as in her efforts to have an impact on medical research and treatment, while also providing individuals who have been given a diagnosis comparable to hers with hope for the future.

She was a mother, a wife, and an educator who encouraged good character, and she devoted each and every day of her life to serving the needs of other people.

Where Is Nicole Hazen Husband Mike Hazen?

Mike Hazen, Nicole Hazen’s husband, can be found in Phoenix, Arizona at the present time. He currently holds the positions of executive vice president and general manager for the Arizona Diamondbacks in Major League Baseball.

Mike claims that the sport of baseball has always been the focal point of Nicole’s life. It was said by him that throughout the entire event, she ate, slept, and drank baseball with us.

Within the confines of Fenway Park lies a place reserved especially for the Hazen family.

He asserted that even in more recent times, if you so much as mentioned Merrill Kelly’s outstanding pitching outings with the Diamondbacks, she would “break out in a tremendous smile.”

Mike, the man she was married to, and their children, Charlie, John, Teddy, and Sam, are the ones who will carry on after Nicole’s passing.



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