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How Did Richard Engel Son Henry Die? Death Cause Revealed- How Long Was The Child Sick?

Henry Engel, the son of Richard Engel, Chief Foreign Correspondent for NBC News, passed away when he was just six years old.

Finally, says Dada, Engel made his debut on the Today show in March with an impassioned essay about his first kid, Henry, who had been diagnosed with Rett Syndrome. This extremely rare inherited neurological condition causes severe deficits in both physical and mental function.

In addition to this, he stated, “After a long journey apart, I was singing “Good Morning” to Henry when he looked at me, locked my eyes, and whispered, as clear as any word.”

When their son was two years old and still unable to communicate or clap his hands, Engel and Forrest initially became suspicious that something was amiss with their child.

Obituary: Richard Engel Son Henry Death Cause Is Rett Syndrome

The devastating news that Engel’s son Henry had passed away due to Rett syndrome was delivered to the family. When we met him, he was just six years old.

The following was a tweet sent out by the chief foreign reporter for NBC News on Thursday morning: “Henry, our cherished son, passed away recently. His eyes were the most stunning shade of blue, and he had an easy smile and a chuckle that was infectious.”

Additionally, they wrote, “He was perpetually encircled by our love, and he showered that love upon us in abundance. Richard and Mary were married.” After seeing the post, a number of his followers and others he cared about expressed their condolences in the comments section for the child.

What Happened To Henry?

Richard and Mary Forrest, his wife, became aware that their son was having difficulty with his cognitive and physical abilities. Richard Forrest was the son of Richard Forrest. When their son Henry was just two years old, his parents received the news that he had Rett Syndrome.

According to the Mayo Clinic, Rett syndrome is a neurological illness that affects the development of the brain. However, the condition is not very frequent. The symptoms of this incurable disease include a gradual decline in both linguistic and motor abilities.

After that, Engel added it in a following tweet, “Researchers are using Henry’s cells in their efforts to help find a treatment for RETT Syndrome so that others won’t have to suffer through this dreadful sickness, and they are making incredible headway in this endeavor. In addition to that, they offered a connection to the Texas Children’s Hospital, which helped raise money for the condition.”

Henry’s Health And Illness Before Death

Henry received a diagnosis of Rett syndrome in the year 2017. In the year 2020, the journalist detailed how his condition had deteriorated as a result of the coronavirus lockdown, which had prevented him from attending school and consequently rendered him unable to move or speak.

It was recounted by Engel, “The children would go up to him and give him hugs and kisses, play with his hair, and offer him toys. Even though he didn’t always react in the way that they anticipated, they could tell by the happiness in his eyes that he enjoyed and appreciated it. Children who have been diagnosed with a disability often have eyes that convey the most emotion.”

The journalist made the revelation earlier this summer that Henry’s condition had worsened after he developed dystonia, which is defined as a movement disease by the Mayo Clinic as a condition in which your muscles contract involuntarily, creating repeated or twisting movements.

He made the following statement: “He was in the hospital for six weeks, but he’s now home and enjoying love from brother Theo.” However, Hanry died on Aug. 9, 2022.

Zoghbi claims that Henry has made an everlasting effect on the Duncan NRI team as well as their ongoing study about Rett syndrome. It was indicated by the physician that they would make every attempt to create therapies since they felt that this would be the best way to respect his life.



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