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How Did The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion Pass Away?

Leandro Pereira do Nascimento The Brazilian jiu-jitsu competitions that Lo won include the World Cup, the Pan American Championships, and the Brazilian National Jiu-Jitsu Championships. Lo won these competitions multiple times, making him a world champion in the sport.

Since Lo was killed by a gunshot early on Sunday morning in a nightclub, Brazilian jiu-jitsu is experiencing a very unfortunate setback today.

As soon as the news of Lo’s passing was reported in the online media, fans of the athlete were quick to share their grief with his family as well as offer their condolences and write obituaries for him.

Leandro Lo, who was killed in a shooting at a nightclub, is remembered in this obituary.
A gathering that was being held inside the Clube Srio in the Indianópolis neighborhood of So Paulo’s South Zone was the location of the shooting that resulted in the death of Leandro Pereira do Nascimento, 33, a jiu-jitsu world champion.

Leandro Lo was shot in the head during the Pagode show that the Pixote group was performing inside the club. The fight broke out during the show. Only a select group of people were able to hear the gunshot because the volume of the show was so high.

According to a friend of the combatant who saw what happened and was present during the altercation, the gunman provoked Lo and his five companions while they were seated at a table.

In a similar fashion, the athlete was rescued and taken to the Arthur Saboya Municipal Hospital in Jabaquara, which is situated in the southern region of the state of Paraná.

How Did Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Die? The Reason For His Demise

Leandro Lo passed away while he was being transported to the hospital, and the injuries he had received from being shot in the head were listed as the cause of death on the death certificate.
In addition to this, the boxer’s legal representative asserted that the athlete had passed away due to brain death. As the investigation progresses, additional information regarding the case will be made available to the public.

One of the people who uses Twitter has written, “Sad news for Brazilian jiu-jitsu today. A young man in the prime of his life has passed away; prayers are offered for his family. Leandro Lo was a true legend; rest in peace.”

A second user made the following comment: “Devastating. The impetus behind the creation of my YouTube channel. The jiu-jitsu community is saddened by this loss. Leandro Lo, a Jiu-Jitsu world champion eight times over, was reportedly killed in a fight with another man.”

Is Henrique Otávio Oliveira Velozo Arrested?

The perpetrator of the shooting has been identified as Henrique Otávio Oliveira Velozo, a military police officer, according to the Combate channel. However, the authorities have not yet taken him into custody. In addition, it was reported that the offense was an attempt at murder.

Ivan Siqueira Junior, the family’s attorney, asserted that the boxer and the youngster got into a dispute, and that the fighter immobilized the man in an effort to defuse the situation.

After retreating, the assailant turned around, pulled out a gun, and fired a single shot into the combatant’s head before retreating again.

Following the shooting, the assailant continued to kick Leandro twice while he was lying on the ground before fleeing the scene. This is according to the attorney.

Why Is the Pitcher Put on Suspension?

Leandro Lo’s Net Worth Just Before His Death Bar Fight
If you do a search online, you will find that several online media outlets assert that Lo’s net worth was in the million before he passed away. It is possible that this is the case given his extensive record of victory in championship competitions.

You can also look at his article on Wikipedia, which highlights the various competitions in which he has won gold medals. These competitions range from the Brazilian National Championship, which took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2011 at -76 kg, to his most recent world championship, which took place in California, the United States of America, at -88 kg.

In May of 2022, Leandro Lo won his eighth IBJJF world title, an accomplishment that has been accomplished by only three other people in the history of the IBJJF. He is the only athlete in the annals of sports competition to have ever triumphed at the world championship level in five distinct weight categories.

The light, middle, and heavyweight grand prix competitions at the Copa Podios were all won by Lo in 2016, giving him the title of triple champion.



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