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How Is Dominic Matteo Health Now? The Scottish Footballer Battle Against Brain Tumor

Dominic Matteo is a retired football player from Scotland. He played for a number of clubs around Europe, both as a midfielder and a defender.

The football player devoted his entire 17-year career to playing the game at the professional level. 1992 was the year that he made his debut in the professional football league; but, by the time he was 35 years old, he was forced to call it quits due to deteriorating health.

Matteo played for several different football clubs during the course of his career, including Liverpool, Leeds United, Sunderland, Stoke City, and Blackburn Rovers. After scoring an outstanding goal in the Champions League matchup against A.C. Milan, he received praise from football supporters everywhere.

He competed for England in the national games and earned the Under-21 title for B caps when he was there. Following that, the England Football Association asked him to join the main squad on two separate occasions. Due to the fact that the player was born in Dumfries, which is located in Scotland, he was selected to play for Scotland.

While playing for Scotland, he was awarded six caps and made his international debut in November 2009 against Australia. Matteo was forced to call it quits with his international career due to injury issues, but he continued his playing career with Leeds United.

Dominic Matteo Illness Update- How Is His Battle Against Brain Tumor?

In 2019, Dominic Matteo was given a diagnosis of an extremely rare form of malignant ependymoma brain tumor.

In 2019, a former footballer for Liverpool was forced to undergo the seven-hour procedure after a routine check-up resulted in a brain scan that revealed a big cancerous growth in the patient’s brain. He is fighting his way back to health after being diagnosed with the most dangerous form of brain tumor.

According to an interview with Matteo that was published in Mirror, he went from working to collapsing in a heap, and this terrified him because he didn’t know what was happening at the time. He was working on TV the day before the fall, and the very next day, he was fighting for his life to stay alive.

Following the operation that saved his life, he learned that he was one of only two people in all of Europe to have a sporadic form of brain cancer known as Anaplastic Ependymoma. Even though he was afflicted with a disease, he nonetheless established a charitable organization to assist those less fortunate than himself who were coping with conditions like to his own.

Dominic Matteo, who previously struggled with a brain tumor, is currently engaged in an ongoing struggle to win his war against this illness.

Matteo stated that he was still unable to read or write due to the fact that his eyesight was in such poor condition while discussing his fight against the fatal cancer. Neither of them are capable of driving through the streets. However, he is still able to communicate, and he described how it made him feel like a youngster once more.

In addition, the former footballer’s wife explained the problem by saying that he is still in the process of relearning how to write and read, but that he is having trouble spelling their son’s assignments at the age of eight.

In addition to this, Matteo is now active in charitable work. When asked about his motivations for getting engaged, he stated that he has always been the kind of guy who enjoys assisting other people. In addition, since since March of the year 2020, he and his staff have discovered a thirty percent rise in the number of persons searching for their assistance.

Dominic Matteo Family With Wife Jessica Matteo And Three Children

Jessica Matteo is a professional dancer and teaches ballet in Leeds. Her husband, Dominic Matteo, is married to him, and the couple has three children together.

Luxury Home Fragrance Collection is a business that is run by the spouse of a former football star. They sell things like scented candles and diffusers. In addition to her career, she places an equal amount of importance on her family, especially because she is the primary caregiver for Matteo during his battle with the brain tumor.

Dominic Matteo with his wife Jessica Matteo

According to the stories that were published in the Daily Mail, Jessica and Dominic had always been close to one another and made an effective team, but the diagnosis of the former player pushed them even closer together.

The happy couple has been given the gift of three children: a son, two daughters, and a son who is still living at home with them in Halifax. Both of the couple’s daughters reside in Manchester.

It would appear from the photographs that Matteo has been posting on his Instagram that the family is becoming closer to one another. Additionally, it is clear that the Matteo family enjoys spending time with one another as they frequently post about the good times they have together.

Dominic Matteo Career

Dominic Matteo made his first appearance for the “Reds” in the Premier League on October 23, 1993. He came on as a substitute for an injured John Barnes on the left wing during the match against Manchester City at Maine Road, which ended in a 1–1 tie. During the 1993–1994 season, he played a total of thirteen games for the team. He was loaned to Mick Buxton’s Sunderland in March 1995, however he only played in one First Division game for the “Black Cats.” That game was a loss to Barnsley by a score of 2-0 at Oakwell Stadium on March 24. Even though he had technically been an ineligible player against Barnsley, Sunderland were only issued a fine of £2,500 because his loan had not been registered in time, leaving him unable to play for Sunderland. Despite the fact that he had been unable to play for Sunderland, it became clear after the game that his loan had not been registered in time.

He scored two goals for Liverpool, the first coming in the Premier League game against Southampton, and the second coming in the FA Cup game against Huddersfield Town. Matteo was expected to become a first team regular after making what was undoubtedly his greatest impression during the 1999–2000 season at Anfield. However, he was traded to Leeds United in August of that year instead of fulfilling this expectation. He played 155 times for Liverpool and contributed two goals to the team’s scoring.

In August of 2000, he signed with Leeds United despite the fact that he was not cleared to play by the club’s medical staff. The following month, he made his debut with the team in a match that was part of the UEFA Champions League. The match was against A.C. Milan. During Leeds’ run in the Champions League in 2000–2001, in which the club made it all the way to the semifinals, he was one of the team’s most valuable players. Fans of Leeds remember him fondly, particularly for the goal he scored at the San Siro against Milan in the first group round, which meant that Leeds would move on to the next round. This goal was the deciding factor in whether or not Leeds would advance. He finished the Champions League season with two goals, the first of which came against Beşiktaş. He also scored earlier against another team.

Matteo was capped for England at the Under-21 and ‘B’ levels. He was also called up for England’s senior squad on two separate times but was never capped at that level. Having been born in Dumfries and having spent his childhood there, he was eventually selected to play for the Scotland national team. After that, he played for Scotland on six occasions, making his international debut in November of 2000 against Australia. Following a series of injuries, he decided to step away from international service in order to focus on his career with Leeds United.

In the summer of 2002, Rio Ferdinand made the transfer to Manchester United, and as a result, Matteo was promoted to the role of team captain. Despite Matteo’s two goals for Leeds during the 2003–04 season against Fulham and Wolverhampton Wanderers, Leeds was relegated at the end of the season.

Matteo signed a contract with Blackburn Rovers in July of 2004 for a period of three years. It was his first game for Blackburn, which ended in a 1–1 draw with West Bromwich Albion. In the FA Cup match against Colchester United, which Blackburn won 3–0, the player scored his first and only goal for the club.

Matteo made the switch to the Stoke City first team in the Championship on a free transfer in January of 2007. After agreeing to a temporary contract that would last until the summer, he appeared in a total of ten matches and scored one goal, which was against Derby County. Matteo continued to play for Stoke throughout the club’s pre-season campaign for 2007–08 despite the fact that he was no longer under contract with the club. On August 10, 2007, he was however presented with an offer of a new one-year deal from the club. During the campaign in which Stoke earned relegation back to the second tier of the English football league system, Tony Pulis appointed him as the team’s captain. Up to the end of October, Matteo participated in 13 games in the league. After that, he participated in just one more game before the end of the season, which was in November 2007. Because of injuries, this was his final game in his professional playing career.

Matteo had professional soccer careers with Liverpool, Sunderland, Leeds United, and Blackburn Rovers, in addition to Stoke City. His goal in the Champions League match against A.C. Milan is widely regarded as the highlight of his individual career. As his career progressed, he had an increasing number of injuries, which ultimately led to his decision to call it quits in 2009, when he was 35 years old. He was forced to declare bankruptcy in 2015 as a result of his struggles with gambling addiction.

The year 2011 saw the release of his book titled “In My Defence.” He mentioned in an interview that was conducted around the time that the book was made available to the public that he had enjoyed working with David O’Leary and Peter Ridsdale while he was at Leeds; “It was a pleasure to work with David. At Arsenal, he had been an outstanding central defender for the team. However, as things began to snowball out of control for us, he began to spend more time in his office. He was in no way a failure, and even if you were fifth now, you would not expect to be fired. He did not even come close to failing.”

Matteo made his return to Leeds United in May 2013, this time serving in the capacity of Football Ambassador for the club. After Massimo Cellino took over as owner of the company in the summer of 2014, he decided to step down from his role. Matteo had surgery to remove a brain tumor in November 2019, and by April 2020, his doctor determined that he had made a full recovery from the procedure.

Matteo revealed his gambling debts, which totaled over one million pounds, in both his memoirs and interviews conducted in conjunction with the book’s release. He remembers placing a bet of £200,000 on a single horse race, which, fortunately, was successful. 2015 was the year when Matteo was officially deemed bankrupt. His book also made numerous references to Matteo being a part of a drinking culture that was widespread at the time.



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