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How Old Is Ryan Seacrest Girlfriend? Everything We Know About The Model

As his current girlfriend Aubrey Paige shares the screen with his co-host Kelly, Ryan Seacrest cannot help but gush about her.

The TV host and his girlfriend have a highly publicized relationship, as they are frequently spotted spending time together on holidays and weekends. After beginning their romantic relationship in 2021, the couple has been together for nearly a year.

Ryan John Seacrest is a well-known American television personality and producer, whereas Aubrey Paige is a professional model.

How old is Aubrey Paige, the girlfriend of Ryan Seacrest?

1997 is the year of Aubrey Paige’s birth, so she is currently 24 years old. Although she was given the name Aubrey Paige Petcosky at birth, her most common moniker is Aubrey Paige.

In addition, she is a native American, born and raised in the United States. The model was born and raised in Binghamton, New York, before relocating to Austin, Texas. According to her LinkedIn page, Paige graduated in 2019 with an associate’s degree in fashion marketing from Austin Community College.

Paige immigrated to California shortly after graduating from Austin Community College. Consequently, the influencer now resides in Los Angeles, California.

Age of Ryan Seacrest: How Old Is He?

On the other hand, her boyfriend Ryan Seacrest was born on December 24, 1974 in Atlanta, Georgia. He is currently 47 years old. He is the son of attorney for real estate Gary Lee Seacrest and housewife Constance Marie (née Zullinger).

In addition, speaking of his family history, his grandfather, Henry Gene Skeen, was a major general in the American Army, and his father was a lieutenant. As opposed to playing with G.I. Ryan’s mother told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that he would always have a small microphone and perform house concerts while playing Joes or Cowboys and Indians.

Ryan’s current girlfriend, Aubrey, is 23 years younger than he is. Despite the 23-year age difference between Seacrest and Paige, the Live With Kelly and Ryan cohost has previously dated people half his age.

13 years separate ex-girlfriend Julianne Hough and ex-boyfriend Ryan Seacrest, who dated from 2010 to 2013. Before he began dating Paige, he dated chef Shayna Taylor, who is 17 years his junior, for eight years.

Aubrey Paige’s Career And Net Worth

Aubrey Paige is employed as a model professionally. Since Paige began modeling, several years have passed. According to her Instagram bio, she currently has a contract with Genetics Model Management. She possesses a towering stature and a flawlessly slender and toned physique.

Her first significant modeling campaign, according to the sources, was for Dick’s Sporting Goods. Additionally, Paige uploaded images from the campaign to Facebook in August 2021 and stated, “Being able to work for a company that was founded in my hometown of Binghamton, New York, means the world to me. Check it out in the DSG catalogue, stores, and online.”

Aubrey Paige Job

In regards to Aubrey Paige’s occupation, she is also an aspiring screenwriter in addition to being a professional model. In fact, she posted a picture of a script in March 2022 with the words “Written by Aubrey Paige Petcosky, Based on Real Events” deliberately written over the title.

In addition, she is a social media influencer who frequently collaborates with brands to promote their products. As a model and influencer, it is evident from Paige’s social media profiles that she places a high priority on health and fitness.

Consequently, the model has an entire Story Highlight devoted to “wellness,” which includes multiple Stories of her exercising and consuming nutritious food. On her TikTok profile, she has also posted several instructional and exercise videos. Even running with Ryan Seacrest is enjoyable for the model. In August of 2022, the couple was observed walking home from the gym in New York City.

What Is Aubrey Paige’s Boyfriend Ryan Net Worth?

According to Forbes, Ryan Seacrest, Aubery’s boyfriend, has a net worth of $ 60 million USD. For the daily gabfest, Seacrest earns over $10 million, and he is similarly compensated for hosting “Idol in America.” Furthermore, the majority of his income comes from the radio and television industries.

As previously stated, he is a well-respected media producer and personality who also serves as executive producer on Netflix shows such as “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and “Insatiable.”

In 2014, he collaborated with Macy’s to create the menswear label Ryan Seacrest Distinction, and he also offers the Polished for Men skincare line. In 2006, he became a co-host and executive producer for Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.

From 2004 to 2013, and again in 2016, Seacrest received Emmy Award nominations for his work on American Idol. He was also nominated for another Emmy in 2012 for producing Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, which he had won in 2010. In addition, Seacrest was nominated in 2018 for Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Host and Outstanding Talk Show Entertainment for Live with Kelly and Ryan.

How long has Ryan Seacrest been dating his girlfriend, Aubrey Paige?

Aubrey Paige and her boyfriend Ryan Seacrest were first spotted together during Memorial Day festivities in the Hamptons, New York, in May 2021, according to The Daily Mail. It appears that they have been dating for at least a year at this point.

Aubrey, despite being an Instagram influencer, made her Instagram account private after the news about Ryan became public. Prior to Memorial Day weekend, she had published images of herself hanging out at Ryan’s Beverly Hills home.

About a year ago, Ryan and his ex-girlfriend, chef and health influencer Shayna Taylor, 29, decided to end their seven-year relationship.

Relationship Chronology of Aubrey Paige and Ryan Seacrest

The Year 2021

Similar to their first public appearance, the couple vacationed in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, in early November, according to images obtained by the Daily Mail. On New Year’s Eve, Aubrey gushed on Instagram: “It’s safe to say that meeting the most wonderful dude was the best part of 2021.”

The Year 2022

The two were seen walking his dog in New York City on February 21, 2022. “I am really fond of her,” Ripa said of Paige on Live in April 2022.

Ryan has reportedly met Aubrey’s family, and they think he’s a wonderful man, according to a source close to the couple.

According to the source, Ryan is increasingly confident that he and Aubrey are long-term compatible. “He’s trying not to get too far ahead of himself; after all, it’s still early, but the fact that he was willing to wear a tuxedo on the red carpet was a significant development,” a source said.

In August 2022, the couple was photographed walking home together in New York City following a couple’s gym session.

Previous Relations of Ryan Seacrest

The Howard Stern Show reported in 2009 that Seacrest had a two-year on-and-off relationship with model Sara Jean Underwood. In April 2010, Seacrest began dating professional dancer, actress, and singer Julianne Hough, who competed on Dancing with the Stars.

In addition, it was revealed that their relationship ended on March 15, 2013. The couple dated for more than two years prior to their breakup. He returned to the University of Georgia on May 14, 2016, to counsel graduates and was awarded an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree.

In 2017, Seacrest began dating Shayna Taylor, a model. They announced their separation in the summer of 2020. His representative told Us in June 2020 that “Ryan and Shayna chose to end their love relationship amicably some time ago.” However, they remain close friends and each other’s closest supporters. They will always cherish the time they spent together.

Paige eventually moved on with Seacrest, but it took months before she met Ripa. During an April 2022 episode of their talk show, the All My Children actress referred to Paige’s girlfriend as “the most exciting guest” at her husband Mark Consuelos’ birthday party.

Aubrey Paige Instagram

Aubrey Paige has over sixty thousand followers on Instagram. Her Instagram handle is @aubreypaige_.

Ryan Seacrest’s Instagram

Ryan Seacrest has amassed a massive following on Instagram, with over 6 million followers. His Instagram account can be found at @ryanseacrest, and he has shared over 3,400 posts.



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