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How Rich Is Khalil Everage? Net Worth, Career & Wealth

Despite his youth, Khalil Everage should have a respectable net worth. This young American actor has also appeared in the television series Cobra Kai. The young actor is making progress in his efforts to create his mark on the film industry.

Chris is a recurrent figure of significance in Cobra Kai. Khalil Everage does his role. Initially, he joined Cobra Kai, but after discovering that the group’s ruthlessness was too much for him, he switched to Miyagi-Do Karate.

Khalil Everage will make his feature film debut as a co-lead opposite Anthony Anderson in the June 2019 premiere of the Netflix Original BEATS. Everage portrays “August Monroe,” a musical genius with agoraphobia whose path crosses with a fallen-from-grace former music manager (Anderson). The unlikely pair must unite to liberate each other from their respective demons. Chris Robinson directed and Robert Teitel produced the picture. Uzo Aduba, Emayatzy Corinealdi, Paul Walter Hauser, and hip-hop artists Dave East and Dreezy round out the cast.

Recent appearances include Season 2 of Lena Waithe’s critically acclaimed Showtime series THE CHI and a key recurring part in Season 2 of Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg’s YouTube Red mega hit COBRA KAI. Everage is a native Chicagoan and ChiArts graduate.

When he first joins Miyagi-Do, he has problems fitting in due to his previous adventures with the Cobra Kai. However, Chris’s relationships with the Miyagi-Do students grow stronger over time, and he finally becomes close friends with them as he rises through the ranks of the dojo.

However, his decision to leave Cobra Kai destroys his bond with Mitch, his closest buddy. This page will describe Khalil’s family, especially his deceased father.

Some Intersting Facts About Khalil Everage

Name Khalil Everage
Age 21
Net Worth UNDER $500K
Parents Dina And Khaldun Everage
Famous As Chris In Cobra Kai

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Khalil Everage Favorites

Hobbies : Singing

Favorite Vacation spot : Queensland

Favorite Colour :  White

khalil everage.

Khalil Everage’s Net Worth & Earnings

$500k is the estimated net worth of Khalil Everage. Since he is still quite young and has not appeared in many films and television programs, his net worth is increasing at a regular rate.

It is rumored that Cobra Kai’s key performers get approximately $100,000 every episode, however this may not be the case for Khalil, as very few persons were on the list and Everage was not among them. In 2019, Khalil first appeared on the red carpet.

Khalil has also experienced success with other projects, such as Beats. The young American actor has a prominent role in Beats. In Beats, Everage portrays August Monroe, a teenager who withdraws from society after witnessing the murder of his sister.

Khalil revealed in one of the podcasts that he currently resides in his own home. Since the actor is inactive on Instagram, it is unknown whether he has participated in any brand endorsements.

He walked his first red carpet of 2019 at the American Film Festival in Miami Beach for the international release of the film Chicago. The audience response to the film Beats was positive, and IMDB gave the film a rating of 6.5/10.

When Did Khalil Everage Make His Debut?

Khalil Everage was born on the South Side of Chicago on January 6, 2001. His birthdate was listed as June 1, 2001. Consequently, he will become 21 years old on January 1, 2022. His parents are Dina McReynolds and Khaldun Everage, and he was named after his father. Moreover, the infant was born in the United States and is of African-American descent. On the other hand, his religious views and practices are poorly understood.

While Khalil’s father is interested in business, his mother is the chief academic officer of the School Management Organization of Chicago. In this manner, he spent his childhood years close to his Howard University graduate older sister Khylah Imani Everage.

The young actor is extraordinarily skilled, and he also works very hard on his academics. After completing his high school studies at Chicago High School for the Arts, he obtained an honorable discharge. In order to enhance his education, he has enrolled in the Illinois-based ChiArts School in Chicago.

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Khalil Everage’s  Family & Siblings

Khalil Everage came from a loving and religious home. Their father used to take him and his siblings to church every Sunday.

Unfortunately, Khalil’s father has died away; he sang in the church choir and was an enthusiastic member of the congregation. Khalil comes from a musical family; his Grammy-nominated uncle Jonathan McReynolds is a gospel singer.

Khalil’s father was an avid sports enthusiast, and he taught his son everything he knew about athletics. Everage favored football the most. His entire family is quite spiritual, and his parents are churchgoers.

The church also honored Khalil’s father after his passing. The church declared that Khaldun’s life had an impact on their own. He was affiliated with various well-known groups, yet he served this church with humility and a true servant’s heart. He left an indelible mark on us and will be sorely missed.

His father was a former marine, his mother was an educator who worked for school management groups, and his children were not surrounded by hatred. His father was a former marine, his mother was a teacher who worked for school management organizations, his father enforced a strict standard of discipline in the home, and his children did not grow up in a hostile atmosphere.

Everage shares similarities with his “Beats” character, August. Everage comprehends August’s desire to flee the world around him. August is traumatized throughout the film after witnessing the murder of his sister by a gunman. In 2012, gun violence took the lives of Everage’s father, the renowned community outreach worker Khaldun Everage, and a number of his friends.

Khalil Everage’s Girlfriend

Khalil Everage, a young man who recently turned 21 years old, is unattached and seeking a partner to marry or become his girlfriend. He has not met anyone with whom he would like to go on a date. Due to the actor’s apparent preoccupation with advancing his career, it does not appear that he is considering personal or romantic problems.

In addition, he was not included in any of the man’s social activities. Consequently, attempting to predict what would occur in his inner life is akin to searching for a needle in a clump of grass. Current rumors, however, suggest that Indiana Massara and Khalil (Cobra Kai) will be joining the cast of his upcoming film “The Crusades.”

khalil everage movies
khalil everage movies

How did Khalil Everage Became Famous?

Khalil’s lifelong ambition was to appear on television so that people could recognize him. To achieve this objective, he would put on performances and impersonate various musicians. He has had a keen interest in performing ever since he was a small child. After that, his relatives and parents aided him in finding a career in the entertainment sector, which was his objective.

Khalil made his acting debut in 2018 with his performance as Shawn in the short film Karma. His acting potential was later widely recognized as a consequence of his participation in a number of films and television programs. He portrayed Little Big Man, August Monroe, and Chris, respectively, in the films The Chi, Beats, and Cobra Kai. In addition, Everage is currently occupied in the development of The Crusades, which keeps him occupied. Wikipedia Bio Of Khalil Everage

The film Beat marks Khalil Everage’s first major role. Previously, Everage attended Chicago High School, where he majored in painting.

He had a small role on “The Chi” and a recurring role on “Cobra Kai” on YouTube. Everage’s first major role, “Beats,” followed a lengthy audition process.

Patti K. Gill, an owner of Gill Talent Group who met Everage and his family at church, describes him as a natural performer with a “huge career” ahead.

“He has an easygoing, effortless demeanor. “Many times, children are timid, particularly when it comes to acting, but he had a very natural talent, and I feel that’s what caught the attention of the casting directors,” Gill added.

Everage and the “Beats” characters share similar origins. He was born into a musical household. Both of his parents were musicians.


  • The Crusades with Sean Shooting Stars with Sian Cotton (upcoming 2023)
  • Beats with August Monroe (2019)
  • Chris in Cobra Kai (25 episodes)

Some FAQs

How much money does Khalil Everage have?

Since he has not appeared in many films and television programs, his net worth is increasing at a typical rate. Based on his appearances in films and television programs, Khalil may have a net worth of roughly $500,000 at present.

Who Are the Family of Khalil Everage?

Khalil Everage came from a loving and religious home. Their father used to take him and his siblings to church every Sunday.

Has Khallil Everage Descended The Red Carpet?

Yes, Khalil first walked the red carpet in 2019 for the world premiere of the film Chicago.

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