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Ideology incel is what? Investigating meaning and its application to the murder of Bianca Devins

Ideology incel is what? Investigating meaning and its application to the murder of Bianca Devins

The forthcoming episode of CBS 48 Hours, scheduled to air on Saturday, August 13, 2022, will center on the terrible murder of Bianca Devins. Brandon Clark, the friend who killed the 17-year-old girl, later shared pictures of her lifeless body on social media.

Several trolls sent Devins’ family memes generated from the photos along with nasty and insulting words after the pictures went popular on numerous sites. The individuals who posted these images are allegedly members of a group of men known online as incels.

Continue reading to learn more about incel ideology and how it related to the slaying of Bianca Devins.

Explaining Incel ideology

Famous behavioral scientist Steven Crimando discussed the notorious online male subculture known as incels with CBS News. The name “incel” comes from the phrase “involuntary celibates.” Men who are 21 or older and have not engaged in any sexual activity for more than six months, while having the urge to do so, fall into this category, according to CBS News.

Attractive men are referred to as “chads” and attractive women as “stacys” by Incels. The notorious online community is frequently charged with disseminating racist, sexist, and misogynistic ideas as well as online propaganda.

Bianca Devins, a 17-year-old girl whose murder went viral on social media last summer, was killed. Brandon Clark has admitted responsibility to the crime.

Along with other things, the incel philosophy is defined by hate of women, selfishness, and masculine entitlement. Women’s rights and feminism are fiercely opposed by them. According to reports, a number of incels exhibit suicidal thoughts and symptoms of sadness.

Some incels have used violence in the past, despite the fact that not all of them are damaging or dangerous, according to CBS News. Men with beliefs that are akin to the incel philosophy have conducted a number of mass killings across North America.

After killing Bianca Devins, Brandon Clark uploaded images of her corpse to social media, which quickly gained popularity. Steven Crimando asserts that members of the incel community were responsible for sharing the images with Devins’ family members along with abusive remarks accusing her of being responsible for what transpired.

So, it’s no longer accessible online. Through Discord, a man followed and killed a 17-year-old woman. He shared images of this gruesome event on Instagram.

This is what Steven Crimando, a behavioral scientist, refers to as “psychological terrorism.” He claimed to CBS News that other incels on various platforms praised Clark, while the image of the adolescent girl was altered online to advance incel ideology. However, according to CBS News, Clark did not identify as an incel.

In Queens, New York, on July 13, 2019, 17-year-old Bianca Devins attended a Nicole Dollanganger concert with Brandon Clark, whom she had met online, according to Rolling Stone magazine. Authorities said that she met another of her friends there and they shared a kiss. That evening, a heated argument between Clark and Devins eventually broke out. On Discord the following morning, Clark posted a picture of Devins’ dead body. Her dead body was shown in more Instagram posts.

Later, Clark called 911, reported having committed a “murder-suicide,” and provided his address. When the police arrived, they discovered him having his throat slit. At the location, they also found Devins’ body.

Clark was able to recover from his wounds, but he was later accused of second-degree murder, to which he first entered a not guilty plea. He reportedly amended his plea to guilty in February 2020 and received a final sentence of 25 years to life in prison.



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