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Inside A Playboy Pastor’s Scandalous Personal Life As He Is Forced To Resign

David Stocker, 46, a clergyman who had been preaching at Florida’s Westchester district’s Brave Church since 2014, was terminated from his position in April. Miami, Florida is the location. The Peninsular Florida District Council of the Assemblies of God, which is the governing body of the church, came to this conclusion after finding him guilty of “gross sexual misconduct and immoral actions.” “. In addition to this, it is alleged that Stocker used the church’s credit card to pay for several of his extramarital affairs.

The council sued Stocker after he refused to step down and continued preaching despite being dismissed for violating the church’s bylaws. The shocking allegations are contained in a 307-page complaint that was filed by the council. The complaint was filed against Stocker. The pastor was investigated after an angry woman parishioner, allegedly his first fling, reported him to the council in a scathing email in January. She revealed the sexual relationship by providing “hundreds” of photographs, videos, and text messages exposing the affair.

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According to legal papers filed in Miami-Dade Circuit Court, the woman, whose name is being protected by the council, was devastated after she discovered that Stocker was cheating on her with two other worshippers and was still in a relationship with one of them. The papers were cited by DailyMail. The woman’s name is being protected by the council. The middle-aged mother claimed that she and Stocker had sex on their first date as part of their “whirlwind romance,” and that they got their names tattooed on their necks along with the date on which they met. She also claimed that they got their names tattooed on their necks along with the date on which they met. In addition to this, she asserted that Stocker was frequently drunk, even when he was in public places. In 2014, Stocker and his then-wife Christina became members of the Brave Church community.

When the council informed Stocker via letter on April 15 that he had been fired as a result of the investigation, he was taken aback. However, he did not stop giving sermons at the large church with the white paint on the walls. After being informed by the council of its decision to launch its legal bid, he did not leave for another job for another five weeks. After the action was taken, the council filed a claim for damages against Brave Church and its directors Eliada Rivera, Yarilend Taboada, Josephine Lejuez, and Nivia Pena, alleging that they hid Stocker’s “misconduct” and allowed him to keep his position. Stocker was the executive pastor at the time.

In addition to this, the organization was ordered to reclaim ownership of the church building immediately. The council, also known as PenFlorida, has finally come to an agreement with the church and the directors, but the particulars of the deal are unknown. Due to the fact that the case against Stocker is still being heard in court, it is not clear what this means for him. According to records kept by the Miami-Dade property appraiser, it was discovered by DailyMail that the house in Miami where Stocker lives is owned by Brave Church of Miami Inc. This suggests that there is still some kind of connection between Stocker and the organization, despite the fact that legal action is still being pursued against Stocker.

According to the 307-page complaint that was filed on May 24, 2019, Stocker and “mistress number one” connected via Instagram in April of this year. In the complaint, it stated that “Woman #1 admitted her sexual encounters with Stocker on their first date, which took place on April 7, 2019, in a written statement that she gave to PenFlorida on January 17, 2022. The statement was included in her confession that she and Stocker went on their first date. Woman #1 disclosed that Stocker was involved in a sexual relationship with at least two other women from the congregation, and she indicated that on at least two occasions, Stocker used church funds for his personal use. Woman #1 also disclosed that Stocker used church funds for his own benefit on at least two occasions. According to the lawsuit, the woman gave “hundreds of text messages, photographs, and videos evidencing the affair and Stocker’s indiscretions.”

The documentation went on to state, “Approximately four months into their relationship, Woman #1 discovered that Stocker was paying particular attention to another woman from the congregation (Woman #2).” While Stocker was still legally married to his then-wife, he had in fact been romantically involved with Woman #2 the entire time he had been involved with her. This occurred while Stocker was still involved with Woman #2.”

“In the meantime, around July of 2020, Woman #1 confirmed that Stocker was cheating on her with a third woman who she will refer to as Woman #3. After becoming aware of this information, Woman #1 severed her romantic ties with Stocker, although they later reconciled and continued seeing each other on and off for the following year “it added.

In December of 2021, Woman #1’s former husband, David Marotta, accused Woman #1’s current boyfriend, Stocker, of stalking Woman #1. Marotta filed a petition with the domestic violence division of the Miami-Dade County Circuit Court for a protection order against Stocker. The petition stated that Stocker had “threatened harm to the petitioner” when he arrived at his RV and that “On December 15, 2021 the respondent showed up at the petitioner’s home bagging (banging on the windows),” it continued to read. The petition also claimed that Stocker had “threatened harm to the petitioner” when he arrived at his RV. “The petitioner called the police, and when the officer arrived, while they were speaking to the petitioner’s ex-wife, the respondent walked around the RV and walked to the petitioner, where he said, ‘you don’t know who you’re scr**ing with ill (sic) destroy your life.” I am connected to a large number of influential people.” A judge eventually ruled that there was an insufficient amount of evidence to proceed with the case.



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