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Is Bad Bunny Being Unfaithful To Gabriela Berlingeri? Novia And New Partner

Several people on social media think that Gabriela Berlingeri, Bad Bunny’s girlfriend, has been cheating on him.

Because of this, Bad Bunny (Benito Antonio Martnez Ocasio), a Puerto Rican musician, has been in the news a lot. Even though neither side has given official proof, the internet seems to know what’s going on.

The claims that Gabriela cheated on Bad Bunny are not made up by random people on the internet. They are instead based on what another Puerto Rican musician said.

Bad Bunny and Gabriela Berlingeri: Is he cheating on her?

Bad Bunny was live on Instagram when many countries locked down because of COVID-19. He told everyone that he and his girlfriend, Gabriela, were going to spend their time alone together.

On the other hand, they also worked together. Gabriela helped him get some pictures and do other musical things. After that, Gabriela was seen wearing a diamond ring, which led to rumors that the two may have gotten engaged.

Almost as soon as this happened, rumors started to spread online that Gabriela had cheated on her boyfriend, Bad Bunny. El Dominio, a trap musician from Puerto Rico, went live on Instagram and said that Gabriela cheated on Bad Bunny with him a long time ago. This made the already-spreading rumors about the situation even worse.

The artist says that Gabriela and Benito were just getting to know each other when she cheated on him. It is said that this happened while they were still dating.

During the Instagram Live show he hosted, El Dominio made fun of Bad Bunny for taking his “seconds.” After that, he said that since the alleged affair, Bad Bunny had been messing with his career. He said that Bad Bunny and his production company were keeping people from working with him as videographers.

Bad Bunny and Berlingeri haven’t said anything about the claims. On the other hand, Bad Bunny’s fans have pushed back a lot on social media.

What Happened to Bad Bunny and Gabriela Berlingeri?

Since we haven’t heard much about them breaking up, we can’t really say anything about it.

People on social media have talked about Bad Bunny and Gabriela’s relationship after the rapper was said to have been caught on camera kissing a fan during one of his shows. Even though the video made a lot of people confused, a few people said that the Puerto Rican rapper explained his relationship with Gabriela.

In an Instagram video posted on July 3, the rapper said that he and Gabriela are best friends. Many people are upset about what the Puerto Rican said, which is different from what he told Rolling Stone in 2017. At that moment, he was very nice to Gabriela and said, “You know, we really do have great chemistry.”

Some of Bad Bunny’s recent tweets, like “April will be better than March,” “Normal,” and “Let the next come,” have led his fans to guess and wonder. Fans think that these tweets might have had something to do with Gabriela and Bad Bunny breaking up.

Gabriela doesn’t follow Bad Bunny on Instagram for any other reason, either. That should give you another hint about why they broke up. Bad Bunny’s tweets could also be a way to promote a new song or project he is working on.

They also keep posting pictures of each other on their own Instagram accounts. Because of this, the situation is very strange. The rapper Bad Bunny and his girlfriend have decided not to say anything about the rumors. Because of this, nothing has been proven to be true. Even though this is the case, it doesn’t look like they are no longer together. At this point, we can at least still hope for it. Let’s hope that we hear from them quickly about how they feel about the rumors.

Is Bad Bunny seeing someone new?

The Puerto Rican singer started an Instagram live session. During it, he said that the only thing they have in common is that they are best friends.

Bad Bunny told them that they could date whenever they wanted to. He then said that Berlingeri is a close friend of his.

“Gabriela Berlingeri and I are best friends, close friends, besties. No one knows we are the best of friends. We’re friends, so if she wants a boyfriend tomorrow, she can have one. We are best friends, so if I want a girlfriend, I can have one just like you.”

During the almost two-hour conversation, the celebrity said that he does not have a girlfriend. He also talked about other things, like his personal life and business.



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