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Is He Married To Claudia Diaz? Tennis Star Relationship Details Explored

In the previous year, professional tennis player Pablo Carreno wed his wife Claudia Diaz. Since the wedding, he has been looking and feeling fantastic.

In terms of his professional career, Carreno reached a high of world No. 10 in the ATP rankings in September of 2017. His best ranking in doubles is No. 17 in the world. After overcoming Novak Djokovic, the Spanish athlete took home the bronze medal in the singles competition at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Additionally, he was victorious in the 2019 Davis Cup.

Carreno is participating in the Canada Open 2022 at this same moment. On Sunday, August 14, 2022, he prevailed over the British tennis player Dan Evans and earned the victory.

Name : Pablo Carreno Busta

Age : 31

Birthday : 12 July 1991

Parents : Alfonso and María Antonia

Wife : Claudia Diaz Borrego

Siblings : Lucía and Alicia

Net Worth : USD 8 million

Pablo Carreno Busta’s Wife- Who Is Claudia Diaz?

In December of 2021, Pablo Carreno and Claudia Diaz, who is now his wife, tied the knot. They went on their first date about five years ago, and after getting to know each other extremely well, they made the decision to get married.

They had a little ceremony to exchange their vows at the La Riega Farm in Gijon, which is located in Spain. Due to COvid procedure, the ceremony had been attended by only a few of intimate friends and family members. Attendees included Carreno’s coach Samuel Lopez and Roberto Carballes, who played with Carreno on the Tour.

Pablo has posted a photo of the couple to Instagram, where it can be seen there. Many of his pals, such as Rafael Nadal, Marc Lopez, and Feliciano Lopez, as well as the official account for the Grand Slams, offered their congrats to him.

Claudia Diaz, who is married to Carreno, works as a tax consultant in Spain. She received her law degree from the University of Oviedo and graduated with honors. In addition, she holds a Master of Finance degree that she earned from the Cerem Business School in Madrid.

According to her profile on LinkedIn, Pablo’s wife is currently working for a company called Ferrer that is situated in Barcelona. Uriach, Pedrosa Lagos SA, PwC Espana, and Bufete Marn were among the companies she has previously worked for. In Barcelona, where she works as a tax counselor, she pulls in approximately 3,100 EUR every month.

Does Pablo Carreno And Busta Claudia Diaz Have Children?

Pablo Carreno and Claudia Diaz, who have been married for some time, do not intend to start a family in the near future. Both of them have reached the peak of their careers and are eager to ensure that they will have sufficient time for their offspring in the years to come.

Despite this, the couple has always made sure to spend adequate time with one another. Diaz frequently travels with her husband on his professional tours and attends his matches when she can. As can be seen on Carreno’s Instagram account, they go on date nights together.

When it comes to the members of Carreno’s family, we should mention that he was born to his parents, Alfonso and Maria Antonia. Lucia and Alicia are his sisters, and they are his siblings.

Carreno and his wife Claudia Diaz currently make their home in Barcelona, which is located in Spain. Carreno’s Instagram account, which has 142 thousand followers, is where their photographs can be viewed. His handle is pablo carreno_.

Pablo Carreno’s Girlfriends And Past Relationship

Pablo Carreno dated a number of stunning women before he wed Claudia Diaz, but none of them were as beautiful as Claudia. However, with the exception of his relationship with Claudia Diaz, the tennis player has not disclosed any specific information of his previous relationships.

At the Monte Carlo Master in 2021, Carreno and Stefano Travaglia squared off against one another. After the match, Carreno stated that she believes Travaglia’s girlfriend was the one who disrupted their game. The competition had come to a somewhat unfortunate conclusion.

Carreno was victorious in the match; but, once the match was over, the Spanish player exacted his revenge by accusing Travaglia’s girlfriend, who was watching from the stands, of interfering with the rallies by saying “si.”



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