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Is it a True Story? Is It Filmed In A Specific Location? Who Are The Actors?

“A Dangerous Affair,” also known as “Her Obsession,” is a romantic thriller film that was produced by Lifetime and directed by Christie Will Wolf. The plot of the film centers on pilates instructor Amelie Didot. Amelie picks up and moves to a new city after her traumatic divorce in order to launch her own art studio. Amelie quickly finds herself in a passionate relationship with a British media mogul, journalist Pierce Dalton, as soon as her business begins to flourish. Pierce Dalton is a journalist. Despite this, Pierce’s ex-girlfriend Fran Gibbons is still fixated on him and is determined to get back together with the journalist no matter what it takes.

The movie that was broadcast on Lifetime has been praised by a number of viewers as a result of the talented performances given by its cast. While a lot of people were commenting on how realistic the movie was, other people couldn’t stop praising how visually appealing it was. Naturally, a lot of people are interested in learning whether or not the movie is based on a true story and where the scenes were shot. However, we are here to provide an answer to the same question!

Is There Any Truth to the Tale of A Dangerous Affair?

No, the plot of “A Dangerous Affair” is not derived from actual events. Christie Will Wolf, who also penned the screenplay and directed the film, is known for her previous works, which include “Where Your Heart Belongs” and “Christmas Time Is Here.” Despite the fact that it is based on a made-up story, the Lifetime movie does have some parallels to actual events. The major themes of the film, such as heartbreak, obsession, and romance, appear to have been inspired by real-life experiences. When one looks at the news, it is not difficult to find instances that are comparable to the story told in the film ‘A Dangerous Affair.’

Consider the situation of Taffari Celestine, who is from Tucson, in the state of Arizona. On June 19, 2022, it was reported that 24-year-old Celestine drove to Phoenix, Arizona, in order to confront his ex-girlfriend Danica Aiken, who was 29 years old at the time, as well as her new boyfriend, Eric Sands, who was 38 years old. After the conflict reached a boiling point, it appears that Celestine pulled out his gun and shot Sands, which ultimately resulted in Sands’s death. Aiken was then coerced into entering Celestine’s apartment, where she proceeded to kill both of them. After that, the man allegedly shot himself in the head with the same gun. Concerned about the altercation that had taken place in the front yard, a nearby resident called the police to report the incident. Because of what happened, Aiken’s daughter, who was 11 at the time, did not get to say goodbye to her mother.

These heartbreaking incidents paint a picture of how relationships and the grief that can result from them can sometimes have fatal consequences. Even though the incidents that take place in real life might not be as dramatic in nature as those that take place in the show ‘A Dangerous Affair,’ this does not lessen the trauma and tragedy that is caused by the situation. Overall, it is not difficult to connect many of the themes explored in the Lifetime movie to actual events.

Locations Used for Filming “A Dangerous Affair”

The majority of “A Dangerous Affair” was shot in Miami, Florida, and its surrounding areas. The primary photography for the film took place over the course of thirteen days in March of 2022. During the time that it was being made, the movie was known by its working title, “Her Obsession.” Let’s dig a little bit deeper into the specifics of the location where the movie was shot.

A significant portion of “A Dangerous Affair” was shot in the city of Miami, which is located in the state of Florida. During the filming of the movie, the filmmakers took advantage of the city’s breathtaking properties and backdrops. A lavish home complete with a picture-perfect swimming pool was used as a filming location on multiple occasions, making it a particularly memorable setting. It would appear that everyone involved in the production of Christie, which was directed by Will Wolf, had a good time during their time working on the film. On social media, a number of individuals who were involved in the production of the movie shared their satisfaction with the finished product and how much they valued the opportunity.

Because of its location on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, Miami has always been one of the most sought-after vacation spots. The location is well-known for the rich cultural variety as well as the vibrant beach life. The well-developed infrastructure of the city is another factor that contributes to the public’s favorability toward the location. The film industry can take advantage of Miami’s diverse backdrops, which include the city’s breathtaking skyline as well as its picturesque waterside locations. Over the course of its history, the city has been used as the setting for the filming of many well-known movies, including “Baywatch” and “Father of the Bride.”

Casting for “A Dangerous Affair”

Amélie Didot is played by the talented Aubree Bouché in the television series “A Dangerous Affair.” ‘Jay Shetty’ and ‘Lele Pons and Hannah Stocking’ are a couple of her other works that have been published. The actor who plays Pierce Dalton, Charlie Bewley, will also be appearing alongside the actress. It’s possible that you’re familiar with him thanks to his roles in “The Vampire Diaries” and “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.” In the role of Fran Gibbons, Karlee Eldridge brings the love triangle to its satisfying conclusion. Her other well-known films include ‘Moon Manor’ and ‘Brutal Bridesmaids,’ both of which she starred in. Tanya Christiansen, who plays Barbara Gershwin, Jevon White, who plays Kip Green, Jessie Camacho, who plays Dr. Kneifel, and Jason Y. Neuman, who plays Shawn, are a few of the other notable actors who appear in the film.



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