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Is Payne County Jail holding AJ Ferrari? Charges Of Sexual Battery Have Been Made Against A Former Wrestler

A woman put AJ Ferrari in jail for sexual battery, so he is being held at Payne County court right now. As a freestyle wrestler, he was well-known.

AJ Ferrari is an Italian-American freestyle and folkstyle wrestler who competes at 92 kilograms and 197 pounds.

Ferrari won the NCAA Division I Folkstyle Wrestling National Championship and the Big 12 Conference Championship while he was at Oklahoma State University. Also, at the time he signed, Ferrari was the best high school wrestler in the country.

Ferrari quit the wrestling team at OSU when it came out that the local police were looking into him for sexual assault. On July 8, 2022, in Payne County District Court, Ferrari was charged with sexual battery.

Is Payne County Jail holding AJ Ferrari?

Yes, AJ Ferrari is being held at the Payne County jail because a woman says he sexually assaulted her. She took legal action against him.

A sexual battery case has been brought against AJ Ferrari, who used to wrestle for Oklahoma State. There is a warrant out for his arrest right now. There needs to be a surety bond of $25,000.

The complaint was brought to the Payne County District Court on Wednesday morning. Also, on July 5, a woman who said that Ferrari had sexually assaulted her asked the court for an urgent protective order.

The woman called the police to tell them about what had happened. The Stillwater Police Department said in a press release that the matter was being looked into by the Criminal Investigations Unit.

When the investigation was done, the Payne County District Attorney’s Office was asked if they wanted to press charges. In a statement at the time, SPD said, “SPD is committed to fully investigating these cases.”

Charges Of Sexual Battery Were Brought Against AJ Ferrari

After being arrested on sexual battery charges on Wednesday, AJ Ferrari is a hot topic on the web right now.

The arrest affidavit that SPD gave to the court includes the police interview with the person who said Ferrari was to blame. She also accused Ferrari of a lot of the same things in her emergency protection order, which is still mostly in place.

At the moment, there is only one count linked to the case. A first-time felony charge of sexual battery against an adult can get you up to 10 years in prison.

Ferrari’s lawyer, Derek Chance, says that his client has been helping the police and that the claims against him are not true.

Coach John Smith of the OSU wrestling team said that Ferrari would leave the team in the middle of July. The university did not say why he had to leave.

Find Out About AJ Ferrari’s Wife And Kids

Since AJ Ferrari is still young, he hasn’t gotten married yet, so he doesn’t have a wife.

Ashtin Marie Martinez is his girlfriend. But she also got a protective order against him, so most of her information is being kept secret for the time being.

Ferrari was born in Allen, Texas, but his family moved to Dallas, where he began wrestling. Ferrari and his family are proud to be Italian Americans and devoted Christians.

Ferrari was born and raised in Texas. He went to Allen High School, where he won the Cadet Fargo National Championship in freestyle wrestling, became the Walsh Jesuit Ironman champion, and won two Texas state championships.

Ferrari won a bronze medal at the 2018 Cadet World Championship before moving to New Jersey with his family. At 195 pounds, he was the best athlete in the country when he started at Blair Academy.



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