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Is Quando Rondo Friend Lul Pab Dead In LA Shooting? Who Shot Him? Watch Full Video

On August 19, 2022, in the city of Los Angeles, a shooting took the life of Lul Pab, a friend of the rap artist Quando Rondo.

Quando was also shot during that incident, although he escaped unharmed thanks to the protection of others. The hip-hop artist was sent to the emergency room where he was treated right away. He was emotionally wrecked as a result of witnessing the death of his comrade in front of his eyes. The rapper’s friends reached out to him via multiple channels and urged him to maintain his composure.

Lul was killed and Rondo was injured as a result of the vicious shooting in Georgia.

Is Quando Rondo Friend Lul Pab Dead In LA Shooting?

Yes, Lul Pab is dead. In Los Angeles, both Lul Pab and his friend Quando Rondo were victims of a shooting. Lul did not fare as well as Quando, who is now in a stable condition but ultimately did not survive.

It was alleged by Quando’s team that he was involved in a shooting on Friday, which ultimately led to the untimely death of another young guy. The Georgia rapper was not hurt in the shooting and is unharmed at this time.

Quando was in a state of shock after learning that his friend had been killed in the shooting. The footage allows us to hear him wailing in anguish as Lul passed away following the fatal shooting. Rondo has, in the past, been the subject of gunfire directed at him.

Quando Rondo

In May of 2021, he had a miraculous escape from injury when he was at a neighbouring convenience store during a “shower of gunfire.” It was assumed that someone had opened fire from across the street when he and his squad were taking a pit stop inside the business. According to TMZ, one member of Quando’s crew was injured and required medical attention at a nearby hospital; however, Quando himself was unscathed in the incident.

At this time, a similar tragedy befell another person, when Lul Pab passed away in a car accident while travelling with Quando Rondo. On Twitter, a number of users have speculated that Lul might still be alive if he had not been associated with Quando and the other people in his circle.

Is Anyone Arrested? Lul Pab’s Real Name

There is currently no information available regarding the arrest of the shooter(s). Quando was present during the tragic event that took the life of his close buddy Lul Pab, which took place in broad daylight. Lul was known by his stage name, and it has not been revealed what his real name is. Quando Rondo’s real name is Tyquian Terrel Browman, but Lul was known by his stage name.

While Quando Rondo and his companions were waiting at a gas station nearby, three assailants in a white automobile pulled up next to his black Cadillac Escalade and began firing their weapons.

Lul Pab, 23, was extracted from Quando’s vehicle and transported to the hospital, where medical professionals later confirmed that he had been pronounced dead. Everyone who uses social media has sent their most sincere condolences and paid honour to the young artist who passed away. People say that Lul Pab would still be alive if Quando hadn’t been there at the same time as them at the precise area.

In November of the year 2020, Quando Rondo rose to prominence as a result of his participation in the murder of King Von. Von was shot outside of the Monaco Hookah Lounge after a fight broke out between the crews of the Chicago rapper Quando Rondo and the crews of Quando Rondo’s rivals.

In addition to Von being transported to the hospital in serious condition and two other persons sustaining injuries, there were also two people who were killed in this incident. A few hours after the news broke, Von succumbed to his injuries and died from his injuries.

To bring you up to speed on the current state of affairs, Quando’s aunt has stated that her nephew is fine and in good shape at the moment. The police are actively searching for the people responsible for the shooting. When fresh information emerges from the investigation, we will provide it along with more facts.

Who Is Lul Pab? Quando Rondo Friend Shot and Killed

As was mentioned before, Lul Pab was shot and killed while sitting in the back of an SUV at a gas station in Los Angeles.

The news about the horrible shooting has been widely disseminated through a variety of different media outlets. This has caused a number of people to experience shock, and some people have shown more concern than others on the severity of the crime.

Lul Pab
Lul Pab

Quando is a well-known rapper from Georgia, but after witnessing the death of his comrade, he has become emotionally unstable. Rondo was assaulted again a year ago, but he managed to escape harm this time as well. After the passing of his close buddy, he expressed his grief in an Instagram post, writing that the tragedy had left him inconsolable and that he required some space to process his feelings of loss.

The Los Angeles Police Department has stated that there were three suspects riding in a car when it pulled up to the gas station and opened fire, taking the life of a victim who was inside an SUV. Lul was cognizant but unresponsive while the officers performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on the victim.

Pab was sent to the hospital right away, but unfortunately, it was too late for him to survive, and he took his final breath. In order to determine the motivation behind the crime, the detectives in charge of the investigation are currently questioning a number of witnesses, including Quando.

We are currently doing additional investigation into this situation, and in the days to come, we will give you with additional information regarding it.

Lulu Pab Age And Wiki Details

At the time of his death, it was estimated that Lul Pab had 23 years under his belt.

People have shown greater interest to know the specifics of him after hearing the news of his demise, which has been making headlines all over the internet. On August 19, he was brutally murdered by several gunshot wounds in the back of an SUV at a gas station close to the Beverly Center.

There is currently no additional information that can be obtained regarding the victim. The officers are investigating every possible factor that may have contributed to the incident. According to the statement given by Lieutenant John Radke of the Los Angeles Police Department, they do not know why or how this occurred.

Is Lul Pab Dead? Who Shot Him?

On August 20, 2022, as the rapper Quando Rondo and his companion Lul Pab were riding in a vehicle at a petrol station in Beverly Grove in the city of Los Angeles, they are believed to have been the target of gunfire. Lul Pab passed away as a result of his injuries sustained at the site, although Quandon Rondo is said to be physically okay.

However, he might need to have been distraught to lose his good friend in entrance of him as a result of a viral video that exhibits Quando screaming as the police take away his good friend’s physique from the automotive the place he was shot. The video reveals Quando screaming as a result of the police take away his good friend’s physique from the automotive.

Pab was injured when three people in a white car approached his family’s Escalade while they were at a petrol station nearby and began firing their weapons at them. After that, he was taken to the hospital, where doctors ultimately concluded that he was no longer capable of survival.

Although an investigation into the incident is still underway, the person who committed the shooting has not yet been located. The members of the rapper’s fanbase have reached the second stage of sorrow following his death.

Lulu Pab Instagram

He is available on instagram with around 15.8k followers though he is not very active on social media platforms

An Overview of Lul Pab’s Childhood, Family, and Age

Because we do not have any definite information regarding his date of delivery, it is difficult for us to search up any specific details about him right now. In addition, we haven’t heard anything about his mother and father in relation to his son being ineffective, therefore their identities have not been made public as of yet.

As a result of the fact that his private life is not well documented on the internet at the moment, it can be challenging to find detailed information about him online. Due to the fact that this is the case, we are unable to provide you with any up-to-date information regarding his life. When we have completed our investigation into him in greater detail, we will trade whatever that is connected to him.

Watch: Quando Rando and Lul Pab Death at Gas Station Video




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