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Is She Found? Who Was Actress Boyfriend On The Date In LA?

Since Friday, August 12, 2022, the Australian actress Laura McCulloch has been reported missing. In an effort to locate her, a frenetic search has been ordered.

Movies such as “The Black Sheep Evelyn” and “The Nutcracker Arabian Dancer” helped establish the Victorian actress’s reputation. Since 2021, she has made her home in the United States of America.

Was Missing Laura Mcculloch Found? Actress Goes Missing In LA After A Date

The search for Laura McCulloch, who has not been seen in some time, has been intensified. She has not been seen in Los Angeles for close to a week now after going missing there.

The last time anyone saw McCulloch, he was on a date that had been set up on the internet. On the day that she was reported missing, she logged into her account on either Bumble or Tinder.

The actress who appeared in Victorian was most recently seen at a Japanese restaurant. After making plans to go out with an unknown person, she ended up going out with someone she knew.

Laura has not returned her calls and has not attended her yoga classes as of late. She maintained a consistent devotion to her fitness routine, but when she stopped returning her loved one’s calls and messages, they began an urgent search for her.

The investigation conducted by the police found that the actress had already removed her dating app from her phone.

At first, the Los Angeles Police Department did not believe that she was a missing person case. However, as of today, August 16, 2022, they are beginning to have suspicions about her disappearance. The authorities have immediately begun looking for her as soon as possible.

Who Was Actress Laura Mcculloch’s Boyfriend On The Date In LA?

Laura Mcculloch’s new lover was found through the use of a dating app. She had a date at a restaurant in Santa Monica, and she went there.

The owners of the restaurant declined to grant access to their CCTV footage to the customers since there had not been a report filed with the police. Since the complaint has been lodged, the footage will shortly show the stranger on the date.

After spending 2021 working in New York, Mcculloch had just recently relocated to Los Angeles. She has a number of talents, including acting, singing, producing, and writing.

In the year 2022, she had a role in the independent short film titled “Covid Support Group.” A performance of A Tale of Two Cities was given by the actress in the previous year at Bob Jones University in California.

Her previous roles include The Nutcracker, a film about ballet that was released in 2009, and The Black Sheep, an Australian film that was released in 2010.

Concern has been expressed by members of Laura Mcculloch’s family regarding her absence. They are trying to find her and have started a GoFundMe profile in order to generate money for the search.

According to Mcculloch’s sister, Clare McCulloch, the authorities first turned down their request to record her case. The upset sister reports that the Restaurant also refused to provide the video footage without first receiving a police report. Because of this, she made the decision to start a GoFundMe campaign in order to raise money for a private investigator.

In a post on Facebook, Laura’s distressed relatives expressed their concern by claiming that her behavior is “Very Out Of Character.” They showed each other the very last photograph that had been taken of the actress before she vanished. They wrote that she had been heard from the previous time before embarking on a meet-up arranged through Bumble or Tinder.

Laura’s vivacious and cheery personality has been praised by her relatives. On her date, she looked very stunning in a blue shirt, a red skirt, and tan shoes.

As of Tuesday night, the amount of money raised through Mcculloch’s GoFundMe profile was $835. The minimum amount of US Dollars 5,000 that needs to be raised is the target.



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