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Is She Gay? Meet Her Partner On Instagram

According to the content of Sedona Prince’s TikTok videos, she is an out and proud lesbian and is currently in a relationship with her girlfriend Rylee Leglue.

It is anticipated that Sedona Prince, a well-known basketball player from the United States, will emerge as one of the early stars of the NCCA tournament. Her position on the women’s basketball team for the Oregon Ducks is that of a forward.

Her TikTok account, which is called Sedona, has helped her become a well-known social media personality. On her TikTok channel, where she frequently shares comedic and dance videos about her life as a basketball player, she has more than three million followers.

Is Prince Sedona Gay? Her Sexuality Revealed

Prince Sedona is not ashamed to be a lesbian and proudly identifies as gay. During a live interview on Instagram, she discussed how during her freshman year she came to the realization that she was a lesbian. Her sexual orientation was revealed.

Sedona came to terms with the fact that she was homosexual during the first year of her high school career; however, she did not come out publicly until she started attending college. She admitted that it had been challenging for her to come out and become the person she desired to be.

During the National Council For Curriculum And Assessment Basketball Tournament, Sedona posted a video on social media that compared the men’s and women’s weight rooms. The video quickly gained widespread attention and went viral. The video showed that the women’s training room had a more limited selection of exercise machines compared to the men’s training area, which had a wider variety of machines.

The NCCA vice-president for women’s basketball mentioned that the organization was working on upgrading resources at the practice court as the video gained more and more attention. This comes as the video has been getting a lot of attention.

Who Is the Girlfriend of the Sedona Prince?

Rylee Leglue is Sedona Prince’s girlfriend at the moment. On her TikTok profile, Rylee has more than 765 followers, which indicates that she is also a content creator. In the past, Sedona would refer to her girlfriend as her closest friend whenever they were together.

It has been reported that the two of them have been dating for a number of years now. On the other hand, the details of their initial encounter have not been made public. Despite this, the two individuals are frequently observed together in a romantic relationship on a variety of occasions.

On April 4, 2021, Sedona published a video in which she referred to her homosexual partner as her closest friend. On the other hand, two days later, she posted a video online in which she revealed Rylee to be her girlfriend.

Despite this, Sedona Prince and Rylee LeGlue broke up in fewer than five months after they began dating each other. On July 31 of this year, Sedona posted a video to her TikTok handle in which she and her ex-boyfriend announced that they were no longer together.

Sedona Prince Age

Sedona Prince, the daughter of James and Tambra Prince, was born on May 12, 2000 in the city of Hemet, located in the state of California. Liberty Hill, Texas served as the setting for her upbringing by her parents. Prince was raised by her parents and started playing basketball at a young age. Her parents were responsible for her upbringing.

The well-known basketball player didn’t start playing the game until she was in the fourth grade. She went to school at Liberty Hill High School and then went on to play college basketball in the state of Texas.

At the age of 22, Sedona is a member of the Oregon Ducks collegiate athletic team, which competes in the Pac-12 conference. She previously competed for the Texas Longhorns, who were members of the Big 12 Conference.

Sedona Prince Height & Body Measurements

The imposing height of Sedona Prince is 6 feet 7 inches (2.01 meters), and her weight is 195 pounds (88 kilograms). The size 13 shoes are what she typically wears.

Sedona disclosed her height to be 6 feet, seven inches in one of her most recent TikTok uploads. She also mentioned that her girlfriend Rylee is not very tall, as she is only 4 feet, nine inches tall.

The couple is having a great time participating in a variety of activities together, such as couple lifting challenges. Raylee, on the other hand, was unable to lift the basketball player in almost all of the challenges, whereas Sedona had no trouble quickly lifting her girlfriend.



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