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Is She Leaving WCYB-TV? New Job Details- Where Is She Going To Work?

After a significant amount of time spent employed by WCYB-TV, Olivia Bailey is already aware of her decision to part ways with the network. She has made the decision to relocate to a new city so that her husband can fulfill his military obligation.

She is currently pursuing her master’s degree at Emory & Henry College, which is located in Emory, Virginia. She is currently working toward a master’s degree in community and organizational leadership, which she views as another form of entertainment for herself.

She possesses a profound understanding of the sector. During the summer of 2013, she successfully completed a position as an intern with CNN Newsource in Atlanta, Georgia. In addition to that, it was the beginning of my career on the network side of the media and my first move away from my family.

She completed her internship with WCYB-TV/Fox Tri-Cities in Bristol, Virginia, while she was there. During her time as an intern, she was given the opportunity to gain experience in every department of the local newsroom.

Is Olivia Bailey Leaving WCYB-TV? Where Is She Going? New Job

Through her recent posts on Twitter, Olivia Bailey has revealed that she is resigning from her position at WCYB-TV. Her followers are interested in learning about her upcoming location as well as her new career.

After some of the happiest years of my life, she left her job at WCYB this week, marking the end of her tenure there. Having said that, she did mention that she planned to keep visiting these cities so that she could educate people about their local histories.

She also provided an explanation for her departure, stating that her husband had just recently reenlisted in the United States Marine Corps. In addition, at the end of this week, her family will be moving to the state of Massachusetts in order to begin a new duty station.

When she finally left WCYB, it was a Friday. Since she moved to the area, she has developed a deep affection for the people and places in SWVA and NETN. She will now have a second opportunity to serve in an exceptionally remarkable manner.

During her time as an intern at WCYB, Olivia was able to gain valuable experience in her chosen field. After that, she gained employment at CNN Newsource and CNN Wire in Atlanta during the year 2013. There, Olivia was introduced to her instructor, Jason Meucci.

Olivia Bailey Husband: Is She Married?

Olivia Bailey is a woman who has tied the knot, and she and her husband, Will Wampler, have been blessed with a wonderful family.

The news reporter also shared the information that her husband has recently joined the United States Marine Corps, and that she and her family are planning to relocate to Massachusetts so that her husband can begin his new duty station there.

In his Instagram bio, he has stated that he represents Southwest Virginia in the 4th House District of Virginia. This district includes the city of Charlottesville. Both the husband and the wife have a strong commitment to helping their local community.

You can find many pictures of Olivia and her boyfriend online and on her various social media accounts. In 2014, she tied the knot with her husband, and ever since then, the two of them have been cohabiting as husband and wife.

Her bearings have always been directed toward being of service to the community. She is confident that the work she does in the future will contribute to the celebration of the communities that have been created and maintained through the hard work of generations of families.

Olivia Bailey’s Salary And Net Worth From WCYB-TV

Because ECYB-TV offers a competitive salary to its staff members, Olivia Bailey must bring in a sizeable income and contribute significantly to her net worth through her work at the network.

WCYB employees make an average salary of $254,886 per year, with salaries ranging from $220,603 to $296,754 on a scale. Naturally, an employee’s pay will vary from position to position and division to division, as well as depending on the employee’s skill set.

In 2014, Olivia was an employee at the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley, where she worked alongside a team. In addition, while Olivia was in New York City, she worked very closely with the production crew that was led by Anthony Mason.

She conducted research and recorded interviews daily that were pertinent to the stories being covered at the time. In addition, she was in charge of Mason’s social media profiles during Saturday’s broadcast of CBS This Morning.

Olivia relocated back to Bristol to take on a permanent position with the WCYB team. Throughout the years, she has worked in the newsroom in a variety of capacities, from operating the teleprompter to her present role as a full-time morning anchor for News 5 Today.



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