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Is She Married? SMH Journalist’s Family Life Explored

Latika Bourke continues to be in the public eye despite widespread speculation that she is already married to her longtime beau.

Latika Bourke is a well-known Australian journalist who has contributed to publications such as The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. In addition to that, she is famous for the book that she wrote and published under the title From India with Love.

The journalist has built a reputation in the public eye as one of the people who are very upbeat and optimistic, and she has wowed her admirers with her charisma. She has described her life experience as well as the struggles that she faced during her lifetime.

A significant number of her fans have cited her life as a source of inspiration and motivation. Not only this, but her followers have shown that they are eager to learn about the journalist’s romantic relationships as a result of her life story becoming widely known to the public.

Is Latika Bourke Married? Meet Journalist’s Husband

The journalist has chosen not to comment on the topic, despite the fact that there have been reports claiming that Latika Bourke is already married and has a spouse.

However, research into Latika’s history reveals that the journalist does not appear to have a history of marriage nor does it appear that she is now involved in a romantic engagement with any of her former wives.

She appears to be a person who enjoys having fun and is open to new experiences, but she has not yet informed her fans that she is engaged. Given this information, it’s possible that Bourke has never been married and does not currently have a husband.

Despite this, there is a possibility that she is making preparations for one in the not too distant future. For the time being, she appears to be preoccupied with her professional life and her schedule.

Despite this, she has never skipped a day of providing her followers, who are interested in learning more about their favorite journalist, with an update on her life status.

In the days ahead, there is a possibility that she would shock her supporters by revealing the happy news that she is getting married or something connected to that. They might have to hold out for a little while longer until then.

Does Latika Bourke Have Children With Her Partner?

Latika Bourke does not currently have any offspring of her own. On the other hand, it appears that she has been seeing her partner for more than a year at this point because she mentioned it on Instagram and wrote,

On Instagram, a user named “Richard Millington” wrote: “12 months since this moron had his heart insurrected on the best date of his life,” and tagged another user with the hashtag “rich millington.”

Journalist Latika Bourke

She also added something further at the conclusion, saying that it was fitting to spend their first anniversary on the last day of their trip to Thailand, adding that there will be many more trips in the future.

In 2019, she published a picture of herself with a newborn infant, which led her followers to believe, for a brief moment, that the baby was actually one of her own children. She elucidated the situation by stating in the caption of the picture, ”

“It seems that I can get along with Isco just as well as I can with his mother,” the speaker said.

A Brief Description of Latika Bourke’s Family

If you may want to know more about Latika, so we also cover other personal details.

On March 9, 1984, in the Indian state of Bihar, Latika Bourke was born to a mother who was only 14 years old at the time. She had been in this world for fewer than seven days when she was abandoned in Bettiah, Indiana, at a Catholic orphanage.

Penny and John Bourke adopted her when she was just eight months old and brought her to Australia in December 1984. This marked the beginning of her new family. Bathurst, New South Wales was where she made her home with her stepmother and stepfather.

When Latika was seven years old, she and her family relocated to the municipality of Bathurst and began living there.

Latika Bourke Net Worth And Salary As A Journalist

The range of estimates for Latika Bourke’s net worth is somewhere between one million and five million dollars. She is a journalist and novelist from Australia who works for The Sydney Morning Herald. She is from Australia.

Latika Bourke
Latika Bourke

She has not yet disclosed any information regarding her pay. However, due to her status as a well-known journalist, it is possible that she will make more than 80,000 Australian Dollars.

However, due to the fact that the journalist does not discuss her wealth or her income in a very open manner, the figure may not be accurate.

The Latika Bourke Estimated Net worth is $80K – USD $85k.

Latika Bourke Wiki, Biography, Age

Latika Bourke is a journalist and novelist who is based in Australia. Her writing has been published in The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, and she has previously had positions at 2UE and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. 2015 saw the publication of her book titled “From India with Love.”

Find out everything you need to know about Latika Bourke, including her biography, age, height, physical stats, dating life, family life, and job updates. Find out how much money Latika has in her net worth this year, as well as how she spends her money. Find out how she has amassed such wealth despite the fact that she is 49 years old. In addition, you should be familiar with her various social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and many others.

Fast Facts You Need To Know About Latika Bourke


In 2015, Bourke’s book titled “From India with Love” was released to the public. The book is about her journey of self-discovery. She has stated that she donates fifty percent of the income she receives from the sale of her book to charitable organizations that work with disadvantaged children in India.

Bourke made the announcement that she will be leaving her position at the Canberra Press Gallery and heading to London at the end of January 2016, which she did in December of 2015.


In June of 2010, Bourke was awarded the Walkley Award for Young Australian Journalist of the Year. He had entered three stories for consideration, one on Joe Hockey’s leadership aspirations in the Liberal party while they were in opposition, another on Nick Minchin’s campaign against an emissions trading scheme, and a third on Tony Abbott’s challenge of Malcolm Turnbull to become the leader of the opposition. Her award was bestowed upon her just a few short weeks after she became the focus of controversy after questioning the then-Prime Minister Kevin Rudd about issues pertaining to leadership within the Labor Party. Rudd had sidestepped the topic and instead commented on Bourke’s attire, which consisted of a white shirt, a grey tie, and a fedora hat.

The Australian Broadcasting Commission made the announcement in December 2010 that Bourke would be the organization’s first “social media reporter,” entrusted with reporting primarily through social media platforms. Bourke made the announcement that she would be moving on from the Australian Broadcasting Commission to Fairfax Media in 2014, but she would continue to work in the Canberra Press Gallery.


In 2007, while working as a reporter for 2UE, Bourke was subjected to verbal abuse and instructed to “cover up” while she waited to interview a Muslim cleric. The incident occurred on the job. She was seen standing in front of the Lakemba mosque dressed in a long trench coat, knee-high boots, and gloves.


Bourke attended Charles Sturt University for his journalistic education during the years 2002 and 2005. During that time, she gained experience in the broadcasting industry by volunteering her time at the radio station 2BS in Bathurst. There, she was responsible for writing, producing, reading, and hosting various programs. Before she received her degree in 2006, Bourke was hired by the radio station 2UE in Sydney to work as a reporter.


Latika Bourke is a journalist and novelist who was born in Australia on the 9th of March 1984. Her writing has been published in The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, and she has previously had positions at 2UE and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. 2015 saw the publication of her book titled “From India with Love.”

On March 9th, 1984 Latika Bourke was born in the Indian state of Bihar. Bourke, who had a mother who was just 14 years old when she gave birth to her, was placed in the care of nuns at a Catholic orphanage in Bettiah when she was less than a week old.

At the age of eight months, Bourke made his way to Australia in December 1984 to join his adoptive parents, Penny and John Bourke. Bourke spent her early formative years on a farm in the countryside outside Bathurst, New South Wales, which she shared with her family. When Bourke was seven years old, she and her family made the journey from the country to the Bathurst township.



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