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Is Singer Rita Faye Still Alive? Performing Singer And Smiley Wilson Daughter Details To Know

Rita Faye Wilson is a musician and singer who performs country music. She is 77 years old and hails from Texas in the United States. She was only seven years old when she launched her career as a musician. Despite what some people may have heard, Rita, or Little Rita Faye as she is sometimes referred to, is still very much alive today. Because there is no indication of her passing online, we can assume that the singer is still active in the world today.

I’m a Problem Child / Mister Lightnin’ Bug (1953), I Want Santa Claus for Christmas / There Really Is a Santa Claus (1954), We’ve Got Some Dreaming to Do / You’re in My Heart (1957), and Hideaway Honey / Promise Me Anything (1968), to name just a few of the songs on which the country music superstar Rita can be heard, were all released in the same year.

Given the length of time that has passed since the singer’s last album release, one can only assume that she is no longer active in the music industry. In spite of this, her son is carrying on the family’s musical legacy.

Is Rita Faye Wilson still alive after all these years?

On the internet, there is currently no information to support the assertion that the musician has passed away. The momentum of the Internet is likely to be thrown off by the passing of Rita, who held a prominent position in the music industry. However, this is not the case because, contrary to the rumours that circulated about her passing, she is still alive.

Even though the singer is 77 years old, there is no cause for alarm because she is still very much with us. People must have assumed that Wilson had passed away due to her advanced age and her prolonged absence from the music industry; however, this is an entirely false assumption. Despite the fact that Rita Faye has only been releasing songs for a relatively short period of time, probably since 1970, she continued to perform cover songs up until about ten years ago (reference time 2022) on YouTube.

Regarding Rita Faye’s whereabouts, there is very little to no information available on the internet at this time. In the 1950s, she was a phenomenal star in the world of country music, and after she wed singer-songwriter Earl Sinks, Rita’s reputation as a performer as a singer skyrocketed even further.

Rita Faye Wikipedia

The singer who is known for her work on the albums Bonaparte’s Retreat and Out at the Pool was born on November 5, 1944 in Whitesboro, Texas, in the United States. It should come as no surprise that the fact that she comes from a musical family is an asset to her career as a performer. Smiley Wilson is a name that may be familiar to you. It is true that Rita Wilson comes from a musical family. Her father, Smiley Wilson, is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist, and her mother, Kitty (Carson) Wilson, also comes from a musical background.

When Rita was just three weeks old, her parents took her to the radio to participate in an interview that they had scheduled. This gave Rita the opportunity to make one of the earliest radio appearances ever. When she was a child, she frequently took the stage alongside her parents. At the age of four, Rita made her debut in the world of music on a programme called the Louisiana Hayride. When she was seven, she performed on the Grand Ole Opry. When she was just seven years old, she went into the studio with MGM to record her first album.

I Fell Out of a Christmas Tree, We’ve Got Some Dreaming to Do, Smiley & Kitty, I Want Santa Claus for Christmas, I Love You More and More (, and many more of Rita’s songs were released by MGM Records. Rita was signed to MGM Records. Additionally, she worked with Capitol Records to produce her songs, some of which include Salt And Pepper/Don’t You Come Back At All, Nothing Else To Lose, and Tiny Teardrops.

Rita released a total of 20 singles and extended plays through a combination of her work with both agencies. In addition, she has a record titled Rita Faye’s Autoharp that was produced in collaboration with Capitol Records and is one of her discographies. In addition to this, she has a feature credit for the film The Girl From Tobacco Row, which was released in 1966.

Where Is Rita Faye Wilson Now?

In due time, Rita tied the knot with her partner Earl Sinks and became the mother of their son Brandon Earl Sinks. Everyone in that group is involved in the music industry. Rita was married to her husband for more than half a century before the latter passed away in 2017.

According to the information provided by various sources, she currently resides in Goodlettsville with her son Brandon Earl Sinks, which is the same city in which she spent over half of her life with her late husband, Earl Sinks. It is likely that Jellybeans And Gumdrops, which was released in 1970, was the final piece of music that Rita contributed to the world. It appears that she has called it quits with her career in music since that time. On the other hand, her son Brandon Sinks continues to upload her older musical works to his amateur YouTube channel, which currently has 57 subscribers.



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