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Is TikTok Star Addison Rae Christian? Backlash Over Holy Trinity Bikini

After she collaborated with Adidas, Addison Rae has been subjected to a barrage of criticism on various social media platforms. The internet celebrity who rose to fame on TikTok published a photograph on Instagram displaying the Praying’s Holy Trinity Bikini from the company. The swimwear was criticized by Internet users for seeming to mock Christianity.

The actress from “He’s All That” uploaded a picture to her Instagram account on Tuesday, August 3, showing her wearing a bikini top that cost $100 and had the words “Father” on one side and “Son” on the other. The only portion of the bikini that was seen in the social media image was the top. The word “Holy Spirit” is printed across the bottom of the bikini.

While Addison’s celebrity friends went crazy over her post, with comments like “home run” and “oh my god Addison” from Mark Hunter, also known as “The Cobrasnake,” and “oh my god Addison” from Tate McRae, others criticized the swimsuit and the social media star for representing the company. Addison is 21 years old.

Netizens react to Addison Rae’s Instagram post

The post that Addison Rae made on Instagram elicits responses from online users.
The internet does not seem to be too enthused with the partnership. Rae came under fire on the internet for advertising the brand, in addition to the influencer, who was criticized for the bikini she wore and the fact that she was seen wearing it. There were a lot of people who were upset with the cult favorite company because they made a bikini that made fun of Christianity.

Addison Rae is a Christian

The fact that the Louisiana native and Obsessed vocalist is a Christian does not seem to have been a barrier for her in taking on the role of brand ambassador for the band. In Shreveport, Louisiana, where she now resides, Rae received her education at the Calvary Baptist Academy.

In the family that Rae grew up in, her parents, Monty Lopez and Sheri Easterling, were devout Christians. Together with their three children, Addison, Lucas, and Enzo, the parents observed the religious tenets of their faith.

Rae has never addressed the topic of actively following a religion in the past, despite the fact that there are claims made by web sites claiming the singer-actress was born into a Christian household.

Rae is not the only notable person who have been seen wearing the iconic Adidas bikini. Recently, Christina Aguilera posted a photo on Instagram in which she was wearing a bikini that was translated from French to English as “Père,” “Fils,” and “Esprit Saint.” “A holy experience,” the singer wrote as the description for the video.

Addison Rae’s father Monty Lopez cheats on Sheri Easterling

Her family has been in the news recently, which comes as no surprise given that Addison Rae continues to dominate the conversation on the internet. It has been said that Monty Lopez, who is the father of Rae and is 46 years old, cheated on his wife with Renée Ash, who is 25 years old and an influencer. It is said that their romance lasted for a total of five months.

Ash stated her allegations in an interview that was conducted exclusively with Page Six. She said that she was under the impression that she was involved in a serious relationship with Lopez. During the time that they spent together, the couple went on a trip to Ibiza and discussed starting a family with each other.

An explosive story was published in which Ash expressed regret to Rae’s family for having an affair with Lopez. She said:

“Please accept my deepest apologies if whatever I have said has made the pain that he has already caused his family any worse. And I am sorry that he has damaged me to the extent that I felt we were in love despite the fact that he has done so.”

The influential person also said the following in the interview:

It’s not fair to Addison and Sheri, and it’s not fair to any of the other females he’s insulted, too. I have high hopes that shedding light on a guy who has gotten away with their influence in the profession for far too long may be accomplished by speaking my tale.

In addition to this, it was said that Monty Lopez touched the derriere of a young lady when she was at a club and that he hit on another young woman through video chat.

Sheri Easterling and Addison Rae have both removed themselves as followers of Jennifer Lopez on Instagram since that time.



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