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Is Via Veloso Related To Daniel Padilla? Filipino Actress Family And Biography Details

There is a familial connection between Via Veloso and Daniel Padilla; more specifically, Via Veloso is Daniel Padilla’s aunt. Daniel Padilla is a well-known actor in the Philippines.

The famous Filipino actress Via Veloso is Daniel Padilla’s aunt, and Daniel Padilla is her nephew. The mother of Daniel Padilla, Karla Estrada, is a very good friend of the actress Via. Via is a close friend of Karla Estrada. They have posted a number of photographs on their Instagram account that they took while traveling.

Actor and music artist Daniel Padilla, who hails from the Philippines, is a member of the band Parking 5. The 26th of April, 1995 found Daniel being brought into the world in Manila, Philippines. Actress Karla Estrada gave birth to him, and he is her son.

Is Via Veloso Related To Daniel Padilla?

Yes, Via Veloso is related to Daniel Padilla. Via Veloso is a well-known media personality from the Philippines who has achieved an impressive level of success in her field of work. She has appeared in a number of movies and programmes for the television medium.

It has been said that she is friends with the actress Karla Estrada, who is also from the Philippines. Karla has a son Daniel.

Daniel refers to Via as his aunt because she is a friend of his mother and they have known each other for a long time. Nevertheless, there is no evidence that they are linked by blood or that they have the same ancestry. However, there is no doubt in our minds that Via refers to Daniel Padilla as her nephew.

When her nephew Daniel was subjected to unfavorable criticism over his performance, Via took to Instagram to protect him in the face of this criticism.

Filipino Actress Via Veloso Biography

Via Veloso is a well-known Filipino actress who has performed a wide variety of characters in the films and television drama series produced by the Philippine Cinematic Industry. She is particularly prolific in terms of the number of roles she has portrayed.

According to her Facebook page, the actress celebrated her birthday on March 25th, 1980. Wikipedia, despite the fact that she is a well-known actress, does not appear to have a page devoted specifically to her biography.

The multitalented actress has already spent more than 25 years of her career working in the entertainment sector, during which time she has amassed a tremendous fanbase because to the extraordinarily high quality of the work that she has produced.

According to IMDb, she had her acting debut in the film Isla 2, which was released in 1996. In that film, she played a character with the same name as her. After gaining widespread praise for her performance as Isla, she was no longer required to reflect on her previous work in her career.

According to the website IMDb, she has appeared in more than fifty films and television shows in her career as an actress. Between the years 1990 and 1992, she received her education at St. Peter’s College in Ormoc City. Via completed her studies at Holy Infant College and received her diploma in the year 1996, as stated on her Facebook profile.

Via Veloso Family Details

Via Veloso was welcomed into the world in the Philippines by her doting parents. However, the identities of her parents remain a mystery, since the Filipino actress appears to be quite private about her family life. Her father and mother’s names have never been revealed.

She has an aunt who goes by the name Mercy Grace Giganto, and she has a cousin who goes by the name Shaira Gignato-Sibal, as can be seen on her Facebook profile. Although she was born in Tacloban City, she currently resides in Quezon City, Philippines, with her family. Tacloban City is her hometown.

Via identifies Karla Estrada as her “Momshie,” as said in a video that was released on YouTube by ABS-CBN Entertainment. In the Filipino language, the term “Momshie” translates to “grandmother.”

On her Facebook site, Via has posted a number of images that she has taken of her children. It is not known how many children the actress has, which is a really unfortunate situation. However, we are aware that she has a son named Nikola and a daughter named Athena Yap since she posts images of them on both her Instagram and her Facebook.



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