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Jodie Jenkins – Danniella Westbrook Lookalike Daughter

Jodie Jenkins, who is 21 years old, was cast in EastEnders as a doppelganger after her mother, the actress Danniella Westbrook.

Due to the fact that she comes from a famous family, her picture has appeared on the front of tabloids ever since she was a young child.

She talked about the blowback that comes with having the privilege of famous parents, despite the fact that she had barely entered her 20s at the time.

It makes no difference if your last name is Obama or Danniella Westbrook; if you are in the spotlight, you are almost guaranteed to be teased about something.

She was able to maintain her composure even after her life was overrun by a tumult of photographers and people who followed her, which is evidenced by the fact that she is successful in spite of the situation. But she is fortunate to have a good brain on her shoulders.

Photos | What Is Jodie Jenkins Age?

Jodie Jenkins, the daughter of actress Danniella Westbrook, turned 21 this year and has not lost a bit of her beauty in the process. Because she was a tomboy when she was younger, she had a particularly close relationship with her father.

She discussed her American roots in an exclusive interview with Daily Star, citing the fact that she spent the majority of her childhood years with her businessman father Kevin Jenkins.

In the meantime, her mother was a star on the British television soap opera EastEnders, playing the role of Sam Mitchell.

Currently, she is justifying her decision to attend a public school by pointing out that her friends do not share her perspective on how money and social stratification work.

During the period that she spent attending a private school, she noticed that her buddy had a condescending attitude toward individuals who were unable to purchase luxury items or go on extravagant vacations. It upset her since she had come to the conclusion that these were not the types of people she desired to be around.

To their good fortune, she and her brother Kai, who is 25 years old, decided to share a room and split the costs associated with their trip.

Does Danniella Westbrook Lookalike Her Daughter Jodie Jenkins?

Jodie Jenkins and her mother, Danniella Westbrook, have a striking resemblance to one another, and the actress Jodie Jenkins, who is 48 years old, is happy to give photographic evidence of this.

Due to the fact that she prioritises her profession, the two of them did not have much of a relationship during the first year they were together. The cancer that developed in her mother’s womb was a terrible blow to the family, and they spent a lot of time in the hospital as a result.

She hadn’t talked to the person who gave her birth in over three years, but when the opportunity to make apologies presented itself, she pounced at the chance.

In spite of the fact that her job kept her busy, she was really grateful that she had her cell phone since it allowed her to stay informed about the state of her parent. She is able to state without equivocation that she has a strong relationship with both of her parents.

Who Is Jodie Jenkins Dating? Is There Someone Special in Her Life?

Because she is concentrating on making the most of her life as a single woman, Jodie Jenkins does not have a spouse or a boyfriend.

Her Instagram account, jodiebjenkins, has amassed more than 15,000 followers, making her a veritable influencer now that she is working with Daddy The Agency.

She is working with a talent agency that has offices all across New York and London with the hopes of breaking into the entertainment industry.

Aside from that, she places an emphasis on her education while simultaneously spreading the gospel of love and compassion.

Due to the fact that she does not want to find a partner in the near future, she will be travelling by herself over her summer break. It seems unlikely that she will air out her affairs given the history of a contentious divorce in her family. She has likely picked up sufficient life lessons from her parents to prevent her from making such a mistake.

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