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Kristin Smart’s ex-roommate, Crystal Teschendorf claims police took her lightly, when she reported teen missing

Paul Flores, age 45, and his father Ruben Flores, age 81, have been charged with Smart’s murder, despite the fact that her corpse has not been located.

Crystal clear in SALINAS, California Calvin Teschendorf, who had been Kristin Smart’s previous dorm roommate, testified in the murder trial of the 19-year-old and said that the authorities dismissed Kristin’s early worries over her fellow CalPoly student. Teschendorf took the witness during the prosecution of Smart. Teschendorf allegedly provided her evidence on Monday, August 1, 2022, and said that she phoned the police twice when Smart did not return to her hostel two days after attending a party on May 24, 1996. The statement was apparently given on the date of Monday, August 1.

According to the findings, Teschendorf said that she had made her first contact with the officers from the law enforcement agency on May 26, 1996, which was a Sunday, and that she had done so once again the following Tuesday. “We had discussed the many reasons why she may not have returned to the dormitories, and we came up with a few hypotheses. “We had a sense that something was off about it,” she said.

The former roommate said that the police did not take her complaint seriously until the second time that she contacted them, at which point a report of the missing person was made. She also said that just before she and Smart parted ways, she was experiencing a “wonderful mood.” But Teschendorf pointed out that things began to feel unusual when she first found “Smart’s keys and personal belongings that she normally took everywhere were still in the room,” according to a report in The Daily Mail. Teschendorf was referring to the fact that Smart normally took her keys and personal belongings with her everywhere she went.

In addition, she said that while she and the victim did not have a particularly close relationship, the young lady always made it a practise to inform her if she did not intend to return to the dormitory for the night. It was confirmed that Smart had passed away in the year 2002. Even though her corpse has not been found, Paul Flores, who is 45 years old, and his father Ruben, who is 81 years old, have been suspected of being responsible for her disappearance. Both of the accused are now being tried in court. On May 25, 1996, the prosecution claims that Paul killed Smart as he was attempting to rape her in his dorm room at CalPoly, and that his father assisted in concealing the corpse of the deceased woman.

On Monday, July 18, the trial for the murder of Kristen Smart in 1996 got underway. The most important suspect was taken into custody the previous year. (Credits: Paul Flores (L), Kristin Smart (inset), and Ruben Flores (R)/(San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office)
(From left to right) Ruben Flores, Kristin Smart, and Paul Flores, all of the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office
During this time, a website that was created in Smart’s memory levelled accusations that campus police were not conducting an adequate investigation into the crime. According to the document, “She was kidnapped by another student (suspect Paul Rueben Flores) on the campus of Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo at 2 in the morning.” The Campus Police Department did not respond in a proper way and did not make timely contact with the local law enforcement agency.

The anguish and sorrow endured by Smart’s family is described further on the website. The following is what it says: “There are not enough words in the vocabulary to convey the grief of our loss and the anguish we suffer every day that we live without answers and without Kristin.” Kristin deserved a great deal more than she got from the first law enforcement organisations who investigated her case. Thankfully, we now have law enforcement authorities who are not just active but also involved and devoted to working for Kristin. When exploring fresh leads at the same time as attempting to reassemble evidence from 24 years ago, it is a work that is difficult, infuriating, and never-ending.”

“We long for the day when we will be able to put her to rest in the company of our family and everyone who has loved and battled for her throughout her life. According to the website, “Our aim is that her life, although being silenced, will continue to have value and purpose by assisting other young women in realising their dreams.”



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