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Mark Van Dongen Acid Attack: Is He In Coma Or Dead? What Happened To His Face?

2015 marked the year that Mark Van Dongen, a Dutch engineer, fell victim to an acid attack. He had endured terrible wounds, the likes of which no one could even conceive.

Berlinah Wallace, Dongen’s girlfriend, was found guilty of intentionally throwing an acidic substance at Bristol Crown Court. The case was heard in that court. But why did she make his life so miserable? Continue reading to learn everything that is below.

Mark Van Dongen Acid Attack: Is He In Coma Or Death?

Mark Van Dongen is dead. He took his own life fifteen days after he had been subjected to the gruesome acid attack.

The Vitriolage had caused the 29-year-old engineer to become paralysed from the neck down, and he had also suffered the loss of an eye, a leg, and an ear. He was in a coma for more than four months all together.

Dongen was put to death through the process of euthanasia, which is the practise of ending a patient’s life in order to alleviate their suffering. Following the approval of the application by three medical professionals, who determined that Mark met the criteria for “unbearable physical and psychological suffering,” Mark was granted the disability pension.

On January 3, 2017, he took his last breath inside a medical facility located in Belgium.

It was determined that Dongen’s girlfriend Berlinah Wallace was responsible for throwing sulphuric acid. While Mark was sleeping, she applied the substance to him by pouring it on top of him. In the end, Dongen dealt with a variety of mental and physical problems. In the end, he made the decision in 2017 to pass away by means of assisted suicide.

Wallace was a student in the fashion industry who hailed from South Africa. She had been diagnosed with HIV at the same time as Mark five years prior, and they both used the same dating website for HIV patients.

Photo Comparison of Mark Van Dongen’s Face, Before and After

Following the attack with the acid, the entirety of Mark Van Dongen’s face was burned. As can be seen in his photographs, approximately twenty-five percent of his body was obliterated. The damaged parts of his skin were removed surgically.

Dongen was finally able to observe his wounds upon arriving at the medical facility where he was being treated. He wailed and pleaded for his life, but he did not want to live.

Few of his photographs have been chosen for publication in the media because the majority of them contain content that is not appropriate for general consumption.

Because of Berlinah Wallace’s actions, his entire body, including his limbs, was rendered helpless from the neck down. Following the traumatic event, the Dutch engineer fell into a deep depression, and his mental health suffered as a direct result. The authorities claim that Wallace had carelessly thrown a tumbler containing sulfuric acid that was 98 percent pure.

Charges On Berlinah Wallace- Why Did She Attack Her Boyfriend?

Berlinah Wallace received a sentence of life in prison as a result of her conviction. It was the very first time that anyone had ever been given a life sentence for an acid attack.

According to the findings of the investigation, Mark was involved in a stormy relationship with Berlin. Multiple times, Wallace and Mark broke up, and Wallace received conflicting signals from Mark. Instead of reiterating their relationship that had lasted for five years, he returned to announce that he would be moving in with his new girlfriend, Violet Farquharson, who was 46 years old.

A legal action for blackmail and harassment against Wallace had been initiated by Dongen in the weeks leading up to the attack. He asserted that Wallace had made a threat to him and his new girlfriend.

It was established that Wallace was envious of Dongen and his new relationship, and in her anguish, she attempted to ruin her exes’ lives. Wallace’s jealousy was proven.

According to the findings of the investigation conducted by the police, she had been looking into sulfuric acid. According to the results of the investigation, Wallace’s web browser accessed more than 82 different websites. In addition to that, the student who studies fashion had purchased a bottle of acid from Amazon.

Berlinah Wallace was found guilty on all charges on May 23, 2018, based on the evidence that could be considered reliable.



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